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  1. THIS IS PURELY MYSELF IT IS RAISING THE POINT Do any fans know of any away grounds where people with a car and are holders of a blue badge are charged for entry, whilst the disable person and carer are at the game, or is just at St.Mirrens 20/21 stadium.
  2. Is Stellios still under contract with us? or is he a player like Andy Webster, prior to us signing him by Murray, hanging out to the last minute for a better deal or that another club comes in for him. If the latter(Stellios) is the road he is going down, then a date for him signing for us should be tabled, who knows perhaps Jack Ross has already done this. He is a player I do hope signs but I think he thinks he is actually better than he is.
  3. When we win today, it will feel like I am i Tenerife without the sun. Don't swallow to much[emoji41]
  4. Correct. Initially I did but checked BBC website
  5. I take we will have a good support for the Ayr United game and as much I so want Stmirrren to win. every time we have a good support we loose here is hoping this is not one of these games.
  6. A win in this game is a must but in all the decades I,ve been suppo
  7. It's a game that's really important, not only do we need​ it a draw is no use. so you cannot expec
  8. Disagree with you about Langfield being shite, sure he made some howlers, but many a time he kept us in games..
  9. Let's take one game at a time and stay in the championship this season and start thinking about winning the championship next season
  10. Until it's mathematically impossible for us to go down it's still possible that we could stay up. As like many of us Saints supporters all we can do is back Saints with as much support as we can muster. JR, The BODs, and the players will not let us down.
  11. I agree with you 100% as will the vast majority of St.Mirren fans, but surely you can understand the frustration that is shown by St.Mirren fans most weeks. On another subject not unrelated I think Jack Ross is the right manager for us, sadly some of the players he has at his disposal are only with the buddies for whatever money they can gleam from the club as their careers are all but over. It does no good whatsoever to name those players as at certain stages of the season we will have to utilize them. Finally Gordon Scott and SMISA are doing a good job and I wish them well in their en devours.
  12. As a member of SMDSA a huge round of applause goes to those responsible for the raised platform for wheelchair users in particular John Clark and Iain Laurie albeit it would be remiss of me not to mention the contractors and club chairman Gordon Scott, CEO Tony Fitzpatrick and St.Mirren Administration Manager Lynn Watson combined with SMISA, the Fans Council and many many able bodied St.Mirren Supporters. With the platform built and in use for about 1 month its on wards and upwards to shelters at 2 corners of the ground.
  13. I would not have thought we need a player for that position. In my book he is similar to McMullen who after a reasonable start with us, but after getting injured against Falkirk at home he went downhill and we soon got rid. If we are to improve,and we will, even if it takes going down yet again. Storie appears on paper to be a good signing. because Quinn is not the answer. Thank goodness these decisions are down to the manager.
  14. Is the game definitely going ahead? and is any pitch inspection going ahead?
  15. I could not be bothered going last night but would have gone to the postponed game on Saturday, despite us still playing crap. If this instills any confidence into the team I will be surprised but will delighted if we do. In one hand I pity Jack Ross trying his best to get an inept team like us, on the other hand I do not pity him, he knew what he was taking on and that little money would be available in the transfer market come January, so was it a courtesy car and wage who knows, Unless a miracle happens and we do climb up to the top 4 which is probably a non-starter all we can realistically hope for is to avoid relegation. I agree with Gordon Scott to an extent "the revolving door for managers stops" but just how long do we watch dwindling crowds before a change of managers. In my opinion it will be the remainder of this season and probably next season if he avoids relegation this season. Whatever the outcome I can confidently say I will always support St.Mirren.
  16. A lot of thanks go to the St.Mirren BOD, John Clark (SMDSA CHAIRMAN), Ian Laurie(SMDSA SECRETARY) (MAUREEN GUNN, SMDSAVOLUNTEER ADMIN) and others far to many to mention, for funding and building the raised platform for the Disabled. The work does not stop their. The next project will be the 2 shelters at ground level. The raised platform is truly magnificent and whilst it provides much needed cover for the disabled, it also provides a grandstand view of the ground. All we need now is the team to get back to winning ways. Whilst the football is crap at the moment and has been for over 3 years, like all St.Mirren supporters I hope and pray we do not get relegated again. COYS NB THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ARE MY OWN.
  17. I totally agree with you Doakes, you cannot possibly judge a manager on a couple of games. The only thing I am wondering was why he took the job at the point when I am gathering he knew their was little to nothing he could do and such leaves himself open to the questions, "Was it for the money" "When will we realize when we get Managers from Dumbarton they prove to be duff", however I do not believe any of my own theories. Jack Ross believed their was a way of making St.Mirren good again, I hope he manages it, because one things for sure, he will not be given much time, he could start with a win this week against his old club Dumbarton. Whatever the outcome I,ll still be their. NB The board including Gordon Scott as chairman and the SMISA members are in no way to blame.
  18. Agreed. I have been a St.Mirren supporter for over 58 years and cannot believe the utter dross that for 3 plus years I have watched and will continue to do so in the hope it will be a decent St.Mirren team I see 1 year. I and many others have stated before that the players need to think about the way they are playing. Jack Ross must have been insane to take the job as St.Mirren manager. Still he has got one record of his short time in that its 17 years since Morton beat us in a competitive game.
  19. This board I have trust in, they know that anyone brought in as manager at present can only tweak at aspects on how we play,at least until January, and hopefully get the players we have give a 100% in their play, but whoever they bring in is bound to be a gamble. Do we employ Jack Ross a relatively inexperienced manger who probably would want to bring in Jim Goodwin as assistant manager, both men are committed to the St.Mirren cause or do we bring in Gus McPherson a manager, a relatively experienced manager who gambled and lost big time with the signing of Camara, his disputes with Brian Caldwell which led to the club loosing extra wages on Camara. If it comes down too Ross or McPherson as manager both of whom I am are basing on high gossip I personally would opt for McPherson, his no nonsense style of management is currently what the players we have need "A RIGHT GOOD KICK UP THE ARSE"
  20. I think it would be pure folly to have a new manager in place for the Falkik game.I would much rather the new manager was appointed after this BOD had taken their time and get the right man according to them. Its their first major decision and no doubt a great deal of consideration will be needed..As Gordon said "no revolving door"
  21. http://www.stmirren.com/news/club/club-news/190-update-from-the-chairman First class. This gives some communication by the club to the supporters. I was particularity glad to read the official view on the raised platform for the disabled people. Stuart Dickson wrote " I know SMiSA's Chairman is an SNP MSP and I wonder if this has been marketed in much the same way - ie very disparate ideas on the SMiSA committee and amongst the football board of directors and that not outlining them publicly saves from the fall out that might ensue?" Stuart is entitled to his opinion as much as me and I think he is wrong in his comparison. My own view is St.Mirren Football Club appear to be in a situation where things on and off the pitch will improve.. We are very lucky to have Gordon Scott as Chairman of the board an astute business man and avid St.Mirren man, both SMISA members as well and having 2 other St.Mirren men through and through.Having George Adams as chairman of SMISA was a stroke of genius, he was not only well known as an SNP MSP, his commitment to St.Mirren his willingness to talk to individuals and groups and another St.Mirren man within the club, with an agenda of helping St.Mirren however he could. We all know that the managers we have had and some players still at the club have proved less than useless. They were more interested than the money they are getting rather than showing commitment to St.Mirren I have great faith in the board we have and like many a St.Mirren fan predict we soon will be back to the top nonchalance.
  22. Billy Davies as manager would give a much needed lift to the club.
  23. Apparently Billy Davies is being interviewed for the vacant managers job at this moment. This just a rumor whether their is any truth to it who knows.
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