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  1. THIS IS PURELY MYSELF IT IS RAISING THE POINT Do any fans know of any away grounds where people with a car and are holders of a blue badge are charged for entry, whilst the disable person and carer are at the game, or is just at St.Mirrens 20/21 stadium.
  2. Is Stellios still under contract with us? or is he a player like Andy Webster, prior to us signing him by Murray, hanging out to the last minute for a better deal or that another club comes in for him. If the latter(Stellios) is the road he is going down, then a date for him signing for us should be tabled, who knows perhaps Jack Ross has already done this. He is a player I do hope signs but I think he thinks he is actually better than he is.
  3. When we win today, it will feel like I am i Tenerife without the sun. Don't swallow to much[emoji41]
  4. Correct. Initially I did but checked BBC website
  5. I take we will have a good support for the Ayr United game and as much I so want Stmirrren to win. every time we have a good support we loose here is hoping this is not one of these games.
  6. A win in this game is a must but in all the decades I,ve been suppo
  7. It's a game that's really important, not only do we need​ it a draw is no use. so you cannot expec
  8. Disagree with you about Langfield being shite, sure he made some howlers, but many a time he kept us in games..
  9. Let's take one game at a time and stay in the championship this season and start thinking about winning the championship next season
  10. Until it's mathematically impossible for us to go down it's still possible that we could stay up. As like many of us Saints supporters all we can do is back Saints with as much support as we can muster. JR, The BODs, and the players will not let us down.
  11. I agree with you 100% as will the vast majority of St.Mirren fans, but surely you can understand the frustration that is shown by St.Mirren fans most weeks. On another subject not unrelated I think Jack Ross is the right manager for us, sadly some of the players he has at his disposal are only with the buddies for whatever money they can gleam from the club as their careers are all but over. It does no good whatsoever to name those players as at certain stages of the season we will have to utilize them. Finally Gordon Scott and SMISA are doing a good job and I wish them well in their en devours.
  12. As a member of SMDSA a huge round of applause goes to those responsible for the raised platform for wheelchair users in particular John Clark and Iain Laurie albeit it would be remiss of me not to mention the contractors and club chairman Gordon Scott, CEO Tony Fitzpatrick and St.Mirren Administration Manager Lynn Watson combined with SMISA, the Fans Council and many many able bodied St.Mirren Supporters. With the platform built and in use for about 1 month its on wards and upwards to shelters at 2 corners of the ground.
  13. I would not have thought we need a player for that position. In my book he is similar to McMullen who after a reasonable start with us, but after getting injured against Falkirk at home he went downhill and we soon got rid. If we are to improve,and we will, even if it takes going down yet again. Storie appears on paper to be a good signing. because Quinn is not the answer. Thank goodness these decisions are down to the manager.
  14. Is the game definitely going ahead? and is any pitch inspection going ahead?
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