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  1. Gary Dicker

    Looks a good signing on paper, happy with this. Definitely an area we need cover in.
  2. Marian Kello

    Yasss. Great news.
  3. Marian Kello

    Aye and an Arab mate at work. Probably/hopefully horseshit.
  4. Gary O'connor

    Fat mess should be nowhere near the top flight, would be a terrible signing.
  5. Marian Kello

    Rumours of Dundee Utd sniffing around.
  6. The Referendum Thread

    The facts and the figures are indeed clear. There is a minimum of 1.5 trillion pound worth of oil still to be extracted from the North Sea. Still to hear one good reason why we should let Westminster squander this as they have done with the revenues from the last 40 years. As Larry Elliot the Guardian’s economics editor (a publication that is no friend to the Yes Campaign) wrote: “An entire era [of North Sea oil] can be summed up in three words: discovered, extracted, squandered”.
  7. The Referendum Thread

    Yes, the North Sea O&G industry I'd really dying on it's arse. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2013/11/15/major-north-sea-oil-investment-approved/ What a terrible affliction for Scotland.
  8. The Referendum Thread

  9. Cheesy In Crutches

    Hopefully a quick recovery, the last thing we need at the moment is a smaller squad to choose from. Also probably means a deserved dropping for Goody is not on the cards.
  10. Sammy was the best keeper we've had fit years and a vital cog. Perhaps as some have said Danny underestimates the importance of a top class GK, which Sammy is imo. Still, even with Buffon in goal we would have got beat yesterday and in Inverness.
  11. Hardly a rant was it? Pretty thoughtful analysis imo. Numbers yes, quality not so sure. We stayed up before playing John Potter for a whole season FFS.
  12. Div, are you sure it was Danny who wouldn't sanction a higher wage for Sammy and not the BoD? Good post from the OP. I'm definitely more clapper than wetter, I wasn't sure getting rid of Gus was the right thing to do at the time, so possibly I am too conservative. Still think some of the verbals dished out yesterday were beyond the pale.
  13. The Manager

    The critics used to say I wouldn't make it. They're not laughing now. Thought that was pretty good.
  14. The Manager

    How does Danny's win percentage compare to Gus? I'm normally a back em rather then sack em kinda guy, but think the tipping point may have been reached with the last two away games against teams of similar stature. I'm not sure a new gaffer would provide a miracle solution to our problems but at least it would remove the air of negativity starting to envelop our club. I understand punters have a right to voice their complaints, but I believe this should be saved for HT/FT, getting on the players backs and abusing Danny for 90 mins as some where doing yesterday doesn't help anyone. Can't help but think shades of '88.