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  1. Phil has been playing Dirty Old Town before kick off the last few months. Anyone else think we should come up altered lyrics and have it as our own?
  2. Like many on here, I only knew Tam to say hello to. When I was in my teens I started using the North End bus. As the years rolled on I got to know the guys more and more. Tam and Ian at the centre. Tam was infectious, you couldn't help but laugh when he stoated on the bus, 3 minutes late with his paper, juice and sweets, getting pelters from the rest. He was a rare breed, home and away without fail. Watching his son pull on the black and white jersey is what every father dreams of. We've lost a leader. Still can't get my head around the news. So so sad RIP Buddie
  3. Top guy. Seen him regularly on the Langs bus. Home and Away man all his days. Wish we had more of his type.
  4. A case of peroni? You'd be cheaper going to the game
  5. 1500 initial I think. Not sure what that old stand holds. I can see us taking 2,000 if available
  6. 600 tickets sold when I went down this morning. They fully expect our section to be sold out by Friday
  7. Amen to that. Just about brought the tears flooding back with that post. Absolutely brilliant
  8. He absolutely ripped Hibs to shreds in that position. The team in general had a poor game at the weekend, and Adam was no different. I fully expect him to be played outside right on Wednesday, and it to be a complete success.
  9. Bet365 have a price for Hibs tomorrow. It must be true....
  10. There's an old somerfield or morrisons car park about 5 minutes from the stadium, most folk use that
  11. Big day for England. 4 batsmen left, full days batting needed. Looks like the rain could help them out though. Hopefully
  12. Popped into the shop and this is what the dome is like
  13. Australia won the toss and opted to bat first. 26-0 6.5 overs.
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