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  1. Everyone just rippingit with these “emergency” loans now?
  2. The "five figure sum" suggests the Morgan transfer is a done deal.
  3. Dundee's conduct over this whole non-story now has to be looked in to.
  4. How much was an adult west stand ST last season? I don't remember.
  5. His strength was always keeping his ego in check. He wasn't stubborn like the previous manager and was fully able to accept and make changes when he had made a blunder. That has to be respected if nothing else.
  6. Lennon badly underestimated the league in his first season and credit to him, he recognised that and binned his duds ASAP., He then brought in a significantly higher quality of player in his second year and did well for us. His final season he signed an absolute pile of shite.
  7. The mistake was never getting rid of DL. It was replacing him with TC. If, at that time, Saints fans new the choice was more DL or switch to TC then I'm fairly confident that the majority would have stuck with Danny.
  8. Those challenges on Gordon early on were ridiculous. How the referee failed to produce a yellow I'll never know. And the Quinn booking is the worst decision I've seen this season.
  9. Gallacher, Irvine, Naysmith, McAllister, Quinn, Morgan and Shankland were all outstanding. In fact, nobody had a bad game, but those were the stand outs. What a difference Quinn makes to us. It's vital that we keep him fit for the rest of the season. Young McAllister is going to be a brilliant player. He's been superb in his handful of starts recently. Get the contract negotiations going now!
  10. Found his level then. He can do a job for us next season.
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