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  1. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Can see us sneaking this one 1-2 McShane & Reilly
  2. St Mirren song

    Seen this on YouTube by a Saints fan
  3. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Whisper going around that Kyle Magennis might be back on the bench today
  4. Great support of a 20 year old boy settling into first team football for the first time in his career I actually think the big man has been quite useful so far. Very raw, granted, but I think he'll become a good player for us.
  5. First Division Champions 2006 DVD

    I uploaded 'The Bubble Didnae Burst' a few years back, can the favour be returned for this gem?
  6. I remember the 05/06 season DVD 'First Division Champions' was uploaded on The Sideboard on here a few years back, I had it on DVD but can't find it or online either. Is anyone kind enough to provide the video here? What a season
  7. Chairman's Update

    I love it
  8. Comprehensive. Thought we never really got out of first gear and could've/should've scored a few more. Also promising to see Gavin Reilly continue his form, and Sutton getting get on the scoresheet.
  9. Lewis Morgan

    Might be wrong but is our deadline day not midnight Friday?
  10. To a man, we were terrific today. Hope Liam Smith isn't out for long because he was running the show with Morgan down the right hand side; could be a big player for us this season.
  11. Where is the....

    Perhaps he deserves some recognition considering the levels of abuse he's been subjected to recently? Top class again today from the big man, as were the whole team.
  12. He's had one on the table for well over a year now. All we can do just now is hope we can hold onto him past the transfer deadline.
  13. Didn't make the game today, what was the shape prior to the sending off? Irvine/Buchanan/Eckersley centre half with Stelios and Liam Smith either side of midfield? Where did Morgan fit in?