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  1. We don't have to sell financially but if he wants to go, then I can only see this going one way, unless we tie JR down to a new contract too. Lewis is a level headed boy however, I think he'll want to stay as much as we want him to.
  2. He's still in Cyprus at the moment, but his agent, Alex McLaughlin was at SMP last night...
  3. f**king hell, you'd think he'd learned from his brother's mistakes.. Heid down, son or you'll be headed straight in the same direction!!
  4. Why are so many people suggesting Magennis will move to central midfield? Speculation or has anything been confirmed?
  5. Stevie Mallan's identical twin? Central midfielder, too!
  6. Possibly more for the 20s team to start, but we've signed ex Dunfermline, Celtic & Hearts midfielder Evan Horne (18).
  7. Langfield is doing a great job with Billy and they clearly have a good understanding and relationship, don't understand the flak Langfield is taking. I'd be happy for him to stay on as coach & signing someone to compete with Billy for the number 1 jersey. Anyway, any highlights up yet?!
  8. Would be a massive bonus if he made the bench tonight, no idea on his current status though. Going by Div on Twitter, he could be involved tonight!
  9. As I've said in the matchday thread the abuse Baird was getting was totally uncalled for. It's much harder being a young defender than it is a midfielder in the position we're in. Yes, Jack had a poor game but we were certainly not doing him any favours from the stands. He has ability and the physical attributes of a good defender, I think he'll develop into a good player for us.
  10. Stunned at the level of abuse aimed at young Jack Baird today. Made a couple of potentially costly errors but the bile that was slabbering out of some of our supporters' mouths was totally uncalled for. All in all, another point on board and absolutely delighted to get off the bottom. Tuesday night will be our biggest test of the season mentally. I believe we have a stronger squad man for man than Morton now and if we play like we have been recently we'll be fine.
  11. Nothing official yet but JR said in his post match interview it's likely to be a serious one, with him missing the rest of the season. Was taken straight to hospital in an ambulance and there are rumours of a broken ankle Ayr are dirty bastards, at it all day today under the clear instruction from McCall on the touchline..
  12. Another good option. Think Stephen McGinn has dropped off slightly the last couple of games..
  13. Stevie Mallan and Lord Farquaad.
  14. Thought I wouldn't be making this game, as I was waiting two weeks for the tickets to be delivered. Gave the ticket office the benefit of the doubt, as these tickets have been selling fast and at a high volume in the last few days.. So I gave them a phone yesterday and it turned out they had sent my tickets to my old address, despite me leaving a note on the order, deleting my old delivery address on the ticket website platform and calling them beforehand as well as changing it on the website prior to my order as I know a lot of people have been having problems with the ticketing website. They told me that it was my fault and they "sent it to the address on their system" and couldn't do anything about it as they'd already sent the tickets out: I'd have to buy more tickets. Sent a wee note through the door on my old flat just in the off chance that they hadn't chucked it in the bin at some point in the last two weeks, which would've been fair enough. A couple of Saints supporters answered the door and said they'd hoped I'd appear and knew they were tickets as it was the same style envelope and handwriting as theirs! COME ON YOU SAINTS!!!!!!!!
  15. Paul Gallacher and Peter Barlow!!