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  1. Hearing fee agreed (including sell on %) for Calum Waters from Killie.
  2. Main is fine as backup. Don’t understand the outcry over the signing. Was excellent at Motherwell as a target man - I think their fans are quite salty as he left them to join Aberdeen, where he was consistently deployed in a role that doesn’t suit his style of play. He scored twice at Hampden against Motherwell in the Scottish Cup semi a couple of years ago, if only we had that threat v Livingston/St Johnstone this year. I think he will be good in the role that JG is trying to shoehorn Erwin into. That said, his goal scoring record is poor but if he can bring Brophy/Dennis alive in the last half hour of games I’ll be happy.
  3. I’m not so sure, I always liked him at Hearts and Raith so think he would’ve been handy for us. Obviously didn’t score as many goals but was always a threat without being the focal point of the team like he was at Hamilton. That said, I think we fortunately have a superior player in McGrath and Callachan likely thought he wouldn’t get in our team ahead of him if we were actually interested in signing him.
  4. I agree - we are streets ahead of them even with the injury situation we've a much better squad to choose from and a more tactically adept manager. Home win.
  5. 3 year deal undisclosed fee. Welcome back, Calum!
  6. He held the ball up brilliantly against Celtic in the corner when we were in an extremely perilous position with them flooding players forward searching for the equaliser, also does an effective job winning the ball deep in the pitch even when he's the lone striker, wouldn't classify that as "sauntering from middle to front without affecting anything". He does that on a regular basis whereas we have other strikers that will hang about up front waiting on things to happen for them. Don't understand the "almost no goal threat either". He has the best goal/game ratio of any of our strikers apart from maybe Dennis but he hasn't played anywhere near enough to form a proper opinion on. My initial thoughts on Dennis FWIW is that he's a good penalty box striker that can make intelligent runs but again - not seen enough of him to warrant getting rid of a tried and trusted attacker like Obika. We need an Obika type if we are ever going to get anything out of Brophy. His link up play is better than a lot of people give him credit for. He's 30, that's a good age for a striker. Certainly has another few years left in him, its not as if pace was ever one of his assets if that's what you're getting at?
  7. Also like the look of Connor Shields, Killie appear to be favourites but surely they wont sign a player without a manager? James Fowler appears to be calling the shots there but would expect us to be in a better position to get him.
  8. For me, Obika is our most effective striker and played a very important part of our success this season. It would be madness to let him go at this stage. I expect Brophy to become our number one striker when he gets up to speed but I can't see him being involved in more goals than Obika does. Dennis is still a bit of an unknown quantity but has showed some promise in the last couple of games but I would definitely be concerned if we were going ahead without that option.
  9. That would be ideal. Lack of pace is always a fear for me in the full back positions but Tait and Fraser have been fine. Some left foot for set pieces too. Do you think there’s a chance of this one going through?
  10. I think Mulgrew would still be okay at this level. Adequate cover for Shaughnessy/McCarthy but not sure he would be keen on sitting on the bench unless we intend on changing shape. Definitely don't think he's got the legs to be a midfielder anymore.
  11. Infinitely better than the commentary from last week.
  12. Best player on the pitch so far.
  13. Another bizarre post. He's going back to a club he's played for before and where he is comfortable, they are going for promotion this season and are being quite heavily backed. Wouldn't be surprised to see them marching up a couple of leagues in the same mould as Lincoln City who are looking likely to be in the Championship next season. Who else in the squad are you referring to that's from the non league or fourth tier? Dennis? Don't think we have anyone else. Plus, Morias was recruited from Northampton who are in League One. I'm not saying Morias is a great player - swapping Morias to help us fund Brophy is excellent business but just making things up to try to back up your point is unfair.
  14. Jose Mourinho couldn’t judge a player in five minutes watching a player never mind a random football supporter. Morias has done us a turn overall and a lot better than some of the other strikers we’ve had previously. Don’t understand the utter seethe he causes within the support, he’s an explosive player who’s helped us a lot over his time here. I think his poor finishing masks over all that.
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