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  1. Just St Johnstone being linked?
  2. Is this the first time we've beaten Aberdeen in the league since Gareth Wardlaw scored a winner at Pittodrie in Danny Lennon's first season? ETA: Great result!!
  3. He took an absolute roasting on several occasions for me. All about opinions I suppose.
  4. Is it just me who thinks Muzek was hopeless? Thought Erhahon outperformed him at LB last season. eta: young Ethan struggled but still was better than an “experienced” Muzek.
  5. Was hoping he would turn out to be a good player for us. We had absolutely no obligation to pay for the surgery. It's a shame for the boy, but it's important to make bold decisions and cut ties when appropriate at a club our size.
  6. Yep, really impressed with McLoughlin today. As for the incessantly needless above that epitomises everything that is wrong with B&WA these days - see if he's playing well for us, who gives a f**k if he was recommended by Gus/Goodwin/Alex Rae.
  7. Joking, surely? The two of them are on the verge of tears every time we make a legitimate tackle.
  8. Him and Gary Mac have strolled it so far.
  9. The boy Durmus loves a stepover.
  10. It was tactical 🤣 Nobody will sign tomorrow either!
  11. Nothing's going to happen until at least Thursday.
  12. Fake Instagram account - id be surprised if anyone is announced today.
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