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  1. That would be ideal. Lack of pace is always a fear for me in the full back positions but Tait and Fraser have been fine. Some left foot for set pieces too. Do you think there’s a chance of this one going through?
  2. I think Mulgrew would still be okay at this level. Adequate cover for Shaughnessy/McCarthy but not sure he would be keen on sitting on the bench unless we intend on changing shape. Definitely don't think he's got the legs to be a midfielder anymore.
  3. Infinitely better than the commentary from last week.
  4. Best player on the pitch so far.
  5. RossCSmfc


    Another bizarre post. He's going back to a club he's played for before and where he is comfortable, they are going for promotion this season and are being quite heavily backed. Wouldn't be surprised to see them marching up a couple of leagues in the same mould as Lincoln City who are looking likely to be in the Championship next season. Who else in the squad are you referring to that's from the non league or fourth tier? Dennis? Don't think we have anyone else. Plus, Morias was recruited from Northampton who are in League One. I'm not saying Morias is a great player - swapping Morias to help us fund Brophy is excellent business but just making things up to try to back up your point is unfair.
  6. RossCSmfc


    Jose Mourinho couldn’t judge a player in five minutes watching a player never mind a random football supporter. Morias has done us a turn overall and a lot better than some of the other strikers we’ve had previously. Don’t understand the utter seethe he causes within the support, he’s an explosive player who’s helped us a lot over his time here. I think his poor finishing masks over all that.
  7. Weird comparison. Reilly played in the Championship for us whereas the aforementioned played in the Premiership. Not only was Reilly deployed in a much more attack minded formation, a huge chunk of those 22 goals came against the likes of Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale, Hearts Reserves and lower league teams like Stranraer and Arbroath. A goal is a goal but you can't have it both ways (Brophy also wins a fair number of penalties before he scores them, very good trait to have).
  8. Gavin Reilly is a bit of a cult hero for his short stint with us but in all honesty, he's a lower half Championship striker, maybe even league one these days. Decent enough finisher in the 6 yard area but not much else. Brophy, on the other hand is a proven striker at Premiership level, very busy and a nuisance for other teams and chips in with a few goals too. There's absolutely no comparison. What I'm excited about is having a striker who's able to have a dig from range, I think Obika is a good striker for us but needs to learn to hit a powerful shot from outside the box now and then (the rest of the team are also guilty of this bar MacPherson and Morias). Obika and Brophy could end up being a really good partnership. Hope we can get the deal done this month rather than waiting until the end of the season. I also won't believe the PCA is complete until he's pictured with the scarf above the head and conducting a socially distanced handshake with Goody 🤘
  9. I think you were slaughtered because you'd abused him so heavily before he even kicked a ball for us, very shite. Wind your neck in.
  10. Its a case of who's not been dreadful. Then there isn't a case to be had!
  11. Connolly off thankfully, he's been dreadful.
  12. Really need fresh legs up front, ideally Dennis.
  13. I'm convinced he's genuinely about to start crying at a some of these decisions.
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