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  1. Bell would be a decent backup option IMO.
  2. Would hope we go with someone more experienced again. Would like Ferdinand to stay in a player/coach capacity, if possible but we still look quite overstaffed on the coaching side compared to other teams..
  3. Williamson is an excellent player - think he’s had some injuries to deal with this season but by a long way Dunfermline’s best player. Wouldnt mind us having a look.
  4. Is he? I thought that he just wasn’t risked on the plastic pitch.
  5. Pass marks for Muzek, Baird, Popescu, Dreyer and Flynn. The rest didn’t really turn up. Apart from Hladky - what a f**king hero.
  6. Haven’t been to accies for years - anyone know what parking is like near the stadium?
  7. Have a f**king go, FFS! Cooke and Nazon on for Jackson and MacPherson, please.
  8. Hate being negative but apart from the last couple games, this is deja vu. Packed out midfield and isolated striker, hoping for the best. Get one of those central midfielders off for the duck and have a go before the next one goes in.
  9. Stupidity from Jackson. Get that f**king ball smashed in a situation like this - no excuse for messing about in this situation.
  10. Some people just can't accept how far Bairdy has come over the last few seasons. Congrats Jack, well deserved
  11. Sow I don’t think we’re quite done this evening after all..
  12. Think he’s just referring to Muzek getting his international clearance.
  13. Rice will have seen so many changes in the last few weeks that it will barely even make a difference.
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