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  1. Already put private suggestions forward for that but it can be both. IMO
  2. Those Chinese…they over reacted. Really? You couldn’t make it up.
  3. And I agree with you 100% and letting them mix and behave well towards each other forming a base for future fan behaviour
  4. Those were my thoughts also. i had in mind either elderly fans or the unemployed or young people.
  5. He wont Having said that I like the idea of being able to help some folks come to games where cost prevents them from doing so. I suggested a similar idea several years ago but was told that there was no mechanism for doing so.
  6. Have complete the survey and will await the results.
  7. I have also suggested this before. The answer is, apparently, that we can’t do that as we cannot share the stand without sharing the pie stall and toilet facilities where fans would have to mix! I know we are talking family stand, family groups and under 12s.
  8. Those same people now have an opportunity to put their money where there mouth was. Will they?
  9. https://www.stmirren.com/fans-news/4451-premier-sports-cup-fixtures-2022-23
  10. Ah…..you couldn’t make it up! The Ukraine National Anthem will now be led by Smokie. I’ll be there to watch.
  11. It’s always nice to get a surprise or two. Nothing wrong with our recruitment so far as far as I can see though.
  12. But……just asking. Will you be there and have you learned the Ukrainian National Anthem ?
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