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  1. One simply has to ask….Is Arbroath Man paid to deflect?….it seems to be a special skill. The issue remains .Will JN fall in his sword, be kicked out or remain?
  2. I no longer go to either Ibrox or Parkhead but I’ll be dammed if I will stop going to our ground for any team or support. There were moments yesterday when the “old songs “ came out and damage to the stadium is inexcusable. There were some signs of improvement though as McGrath was clapped when being carried past the North Stand by a number of away fans. I’d love to see the Family Stand reserved for Saint Mirren fans or, in the absence of that, shared with families from away teams , whether OF or not. I’d also like to see that Missing 1000 turn up at the ground and help out shout our visitors.
  3. I don’t hold with Bigotry of any sort and I am by nature a moderate but this man chose to take up the position and as such be held up to scrutiny. Fan or no fan. Perhaps he might have considered saying no.
  4. Sadly. RBS top management have not covered themselves in glory. Pre The Shred it was a pretty ethical organisation.
  5. As always, looking forward to it although the journey there and back might be longer or more complicated for some due to COP26. Expect another highly competitive game. Just as much as I expect our game against Motherwell to be on Wednesday.
  6. Excellent description but don’t expect any change in behaviour. A cyber bully or attempts to be. Lots of noise, little content.
  7. Don’t waste your time SIE Not worth the effort.
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