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  1. The “saving “ grace is that we have had a good record recently in our recruitment where goalkeepers are concerned
  2. My favourite non saints stadium song
  3. Good question but need to know who we are likely to keep first.
  4. Saturday wasn’t a great day for my son who supports St Mirren (season ticket) and Spurs. (Former season ticket). Worse still he was a guest in corporate hospitality at St James Park! His teams leaked 7 goals.
  5. Darn it. I didn’t try it as I thought it was only on Celtic TV.
  6. He seems to be starting to fulfil some of his early promise
  7. Lots of SMFC oriented folks around. I have to admit that I prefer content posted by people going to or who have been at the games whilst realising that some posters may not be financially, health wise or have carer duties that prevent them from going. Help a Buddy is a great idea
  8. Flying Lizards/Money https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=flying+lizards+money+youtube&view=detail&mid=B27CCED928DD12978C44B27CCED928DD12978C44&FORM=VIRE
  9. Always better to be at a game for sure. Especially over the last couple of seasons. VAR is, IMO, a mixed blessing in that it is useful for very close offside decisions. However, the rule on handball is still open to much interpretation by different officials. An ex senior ref on radio recently read out the rule which appears to say simply that any handball in the box, whether accidental or not, should result in a penalty. I would still like more communication to the crowd on what is being looked at. I would rather the correct decision was made rather than a quick one. Re Motherwell game. We have our tickets and will be there. Often games full of incident and I expect this one to be no different. COYS
  10. Always a game where a lot happens. Both sides need the points. Another ride in the St Mirren Rollercoaster of season 23/24. Only 3 out our six can make it.
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