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  1. Monthly savings Accounts I think Albion but thanks. Please correct me if I am wrong. Lump sum accounts with immediate access haven’t been too hot. Will be interesting to see what comes on offer. Some non high street banks (with guarantees) such as Shawbroook were offering reasonable rates for 1 or 2 year ties. Coincidentally the guy in charge there was CEO of the Yorkshire BS. Decent guy. Met him a number of years ago when he was on his way up at YBS. More concerned at present in the fall in value of the FTSIE 100/250 in the past six months or so but there might also be investment opportunities there if it starts to look like the fall is bottoming out. Important for those with shares and/or with non salary related pensions. Some benefit next spring if the triple lock is reconfirmed with Pensioners likely to get an around 10% rise.
  2. I will suggest that the BBC and Bank of England contact you for advice. Until then , I will take their word that inflation will peak in October/November at around 11%. Meanwhile short term dips occurred but it will rise significantly.
  3. Inflation has not dropped. It is rising more slowly. It Will peak at about 11% Next month or two Bank of England today
  4. But…….if we do the double and beat them……what then?
  5. Inflation still rising but has slowed. Expected to peak in November before falling. In recession. Might now get 1-2% on savings. Might be worth moving money out of my current account but my accountants bill will rise as he accounts for the tax. NHS - At the bottom, I hope. On the way back up.
  6. Interest rates up. Inflation still rising. In recession. In a proxy war. Long NHS waiting times. Is this as good as it gets?
  7. Even his daughter asked him what he was doing! He pointed to his early training.
  8. Have a great day chaps and may the Queen rest in peace despite the fact that I am not a monarchist. All that divine rights stuff. I’m off. I leave you in the incapable hands of Slarti.
  9. Well said. But, only one of us is taking it at all seriously. Back to your cocktails on the hotel terrace for you!
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