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  1. Swiss_Saint

    Speculation Thread

    https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/655056/dundee-united-leading-the-race-for-dunfermlines-nicky-clark/ If we are in the SPL and Dundee Utd can still offer him a better financial package they really are a team about to implode from debt, its nuts (if we were even interested)
  2. At times JR seems to be all out attack if they can score we will score 3 football which has worked in the main with very few hiccups. teams that are big and strong have fared better when they try and spoil expansive football like ours and JR has seemed reluctant to switch style during games although I believe a large part of that is due to not having the players to compete physical to physical. With a larger budget and a championship team most of JR's football would still be barcelonaesque attacking but you would probably have the money to have an option B although I did think Sutton could have allowed us to at least attempt plan B perhaps mixing it with A to keep the other team spinning. All in all a great manager to have, entertaining football and committed passionate players spurred on by him helping the fans be the same. SS
  3. Hopefully you are disappointed ITFCBlue and he does not sign If he does you are getting a potentially great manager
  4. Swiss_Saint

    One Town, Which Team?

    The main thing I take from the herald piece is "Scott is yet to reveal his masterplan but insists at the heart of any decision-making will be the supporters’ best interests." Cannot see where he has broken that, plus unlike Rangers trotting out gimmick after gimmick to get fans to buy season tickets Saints have been open and honest about the plans for seating to give our team the best possible chance of competing at the level we all hope they can. So far from nailing Scott how about instead we applaud him and everyone at Saints for taking us from the brink of the 1st division to Champions of the championship in just over a season. If his and his cohorts decisions keep on as they are doing its a very good time to be a Bud, many of us have been here for the many many downs with several amazing but short lived ups. SS
  5. Swiss_Saint

    Ticket needed

    dont think many Morton fans will turn up to see us to lift the trophy before battering them (I hope on the second part)
  6. Swiss_Saint

    Open top Bus and Party

    87 is still very fuzzy after the players on the balcony of the townhall, but what I do remember of it was great.
  7. Fantastic mate will take it, do you get into the bar? I could pick it up there or else arrange my dad to pick it up earlier, whatever suits you is good for me SS
  8. Next request then, anyone got a Hazmat suit to borrow?
  9. Ticket office has no tickets so back to anyone on here hearing of anything and passing it on please. SS
  10. Longshot I know but as someone in work has taken pity on me and agreed to swap Saturday if anyone hears of a spare ticket for sale for Morton can you ping me as I can now travel up from Liverpool. I will try the ticket office later. SS
  11. Swiss_Saint

    Carillion collapse

    Public procurement is a joke with too much emphasis on the cost and not enough on the quality for that cost, very "never mind the quality feel the width" until it all comes crashing down as the service cannot be delivered or a very poor one is. Not just carillion or virgin, there is also TATA (TCS) at the DBS in England and many other examples.
  12. Swiss_Saint


    The main argument is you cannot change the constitution, except that it is itself an amendment to said constitution. If they could only put all the NRA nutters in one place and let them have a big shootout it would be positive Darwinism The answer to guns is never more guns but when even Asda (ok Walmart) in the USA sells Pink glittery AR15 type weapons how can the country not be fecked
  13. So he does not get to form his own team, some other group decide who to buy and he has to try and meld them into the team??? That sucks
  14. Swiss_Saint

    Take me out TV programme

    Initially simply pointing out the other thread was enough without the sarcasm then I would have simply said oops sorry......................
  15. Swiss_Saint

    Take me out TV programme

    New enough, never realised your job was the thread police , glad you take your job so seriously