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  1. Disgrace

    Good to see they have acknowledged the issues and that they have identified areas that they can improve upon for next time. Disappointed they hadn't anticipated them in advance but I don't think we could have expected anything more at this stage. It also looks like the SLO's have stepped up and played exactly the sort of role that I would expect. Time to move on.
  2. QoS Game

    Is it Willie Collum's or Craig Thomson's turn to referee Saints this week?
  3. Disgrace

    Perhaps this is something that our supporters liaison officers should be taking forward.
  4. Disgrace

    I got to the ground at 2.25, which is far earlier than I would normally try to get to the ground. Indeed the bus dropped us at the end of the queue. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect to be in my seat within 10 mins of arriving at a ground over 30 mins before KO. If they had organised things well they may have managed to get away with it but a significant amount of the tickets that were being sold didn't actually work the turnstiles and that then added to the delays. During the time I was in the queue I would estimate 1 in 5 people had trouble with their tickets. There are always people that turn up at 5 to KO and expect to get in the game, I don't have a great deal of sympathy for them, but our bus was one of the first to leave at 1 pm, I'm glad I didn't get one of the ones that left at half 1.
  5. Disgrace

    I arrived off the north end bus at 2.25, between queuing up to get in and then food I sat in my seat just before the delayed KO. Difficult to understand how they managed to get it so wrong.
  6. Watering the pitch

    Morgan has changed his boots at half time in the last few games including the Scotland game this week...... I didn't notice but the eagle eyed 10 year old that sits next to me said in the first half that he would change at half time. Kids these days......
  7. Great strip

    You look at the line ups and there aren't many Celtic players that you would want in your team. What a side we had then.
  8. Craig Thomson

    Can't really comment on the red card because it was at the opposite side and I didn't have a great view but a number of the decisions were baffling and inconsistent. He did well pulling the play back for the free kick that we scored the second for after no advantage was possible, but overall I think he seemed to look at most decisions on the assumption that is should be against saints. In many ways he gave me the impression that he was ready to chuck it and didn't really care.
  9. I was worried about Buchanan before the game but he pulled out a man of the match performance today, talked the defence through the game until the sending off and put in so many blocks and won virtually everything in the air at both ends of the park.
  10. Buchanan had a stinker last time we played Livi and was bullied all game by Mullen, including leading up to their goal, I fear this could be the difference between the teams again.
  11. Morton v Saints 12 August

    From my position it was difficult to tell what the right decision was but I'm certain both the ref and the linesman changed their minds after Duffy and his benched reaction. We didn't react quick enough and lost a stupid goal from a position that we really should have been able to defend.
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Turning point was Duffy going mental at Collum for a throw in, he changes his mind and they take a quick throw leading to a foot race between Baird and Quitongo which results in the penalty. In the last 10 mins Collum tried to even things up by giving us loads of nothing free kicks so if you look at the papers tomorrow it will look like each team got a similar amount of decisions. The second penalty Jack knows he can't make a challenge and the Morton player looked to go down. We weren't good enough but without the two penalties and the sending off I think Morton would have huffed and puffed all day.
  13. Music Gigs

    Arghhh, I think this clashes with RM Hubbert at the Art Centre as part of the spree.
  14. Music Gigs

    Only stellios scoring at the wee Dublin end looked more fantastic
  15. Music Gigs

    Pixies at Kelvingrove for me, it is like watching a gig from the wee Dublin end.