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    Already scored more than he had on target for us.
  2. It looks like a fair decision given the circumstances. Systemic failures and failures of leadership and management. Looks like an example of having the paperwork and policies but not actually carrying out the actions.
  3. Recently on loan at Orange County according to the statement, does that mean he needs to quarantine?
  4. I thought Stevie Clark mainly played left back for us, Tommy Wilson keeping him out of his best position. The more things change the more they stay the same, we have rarely in recent years had a proper left back.
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/test-trace-staff-swoop-paisley-22536407
  6. We were using Chrome on a laptop and it worked perfectly until Saints managed to make a mess of kick off/ taking the knee. It then frozen for about 4 minutes. While this was going on I logged on on my iPhone, (we have two ST’s in our house) this worked for a few minutes and then froze too. Attempts to log back in using an iPhone, a Samsung phone and Chrome were met with a variety of errors from an internal server error to a white screen with a strange symbol in it, to the page loading but a message that there were no events. These errors appeared across all the platforms at various times. I’m relatively relaxed about it at the moment and there is a bit of time before the next broadcast but these are things that need to be resolved. I was surprised that the test event was just a test log in and to be honest I wasn’t actually informed about it so it was well after 6 pm on the test day that I tried to and was successful in logging in. It is difficult times for everyone just now but I will be expecting it to be better next time.
  7. Missed the first 38 minutes after getting kicked out just at kick off, had been on from the start of the pre match chat. The website contact us form pre populates the fields which is usually helpful but when you press send it tells you that the user name that it pre populated is too long! When we got logged back in the sound was duplicated so we heard commentary to go with the picture and then about 5 seconds later the same commentary came through again. I realise that these things will get better over time but there is definitely room for improvement.
  8. Cheers, that was remarkably straight forward, even for me.
  9. I got the test email on Monday saying don’t do anything, haven’t had anything else since. I assume there is a further message that I’m missing.
  10. DumboBud

    Paisley Pubs

    I can’t recall the full range but they certainly had Best and GuInness available
  11. DumboBud

    Paisley Pubs

    I was in Telfords today, first pint out since lockdown. We were in the beer garden really well looked after and as I tip toe myself out of hibernation it was a good and reassuring experience.
  12. I ordered mine but apparently because I’m in the family stand it won’t be there for the games against the old firm.
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