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  1. Letting him go will raise a six figure sum that will help increase the wage bill by nearly 20%. I wonder where we heard that sort of nonsense before. 🤔
  2. The Grit Orchestra at Barrowlands last night were fantastic, love what they have done with Martyn Bennett’s stuff. The stage had to be extended to accommodate them all and Greg Lawson is great at introducing the pieces, I didn’t realise that he knew Martyn.
  3. Watching deep water fell on C4 set in a fictional Scottish village, recognised some scenes from Kilbarchan
  4. The board apologists will tell you that moving seat is no big deal, the reality is this idea is getting close to the logical conclusion of those who argue that at least 3 times a year the board should maximise the bigot pound ahead of our fans. I sense this post could act as some kind of weird bat signal ...... here come the discredited claims of 10% increases, six figure sums yada, yada yada.
  5. There is an awful lot of revisionism going on in many people’s minds here.
  6. We must move in different circles, I don’t know anyone that thought not renewing his contract was the wrong decision. However the wrong decision was who we replaced him with. Danny’s final season was unbelievably poor to watch. Everyone I know thought it was time for a change.
  7. Aye, he's still got the voice even after all these years. Terrific performance, even with only one good hip.
  8. 2020 beginning to shape up nicely, The Grit Orchestra doing Martyn Bennet stuff at Barrowlands as part of Celtic connections in January Twilight Sad at the Barrowlands in April, my first quadrophonic gig Nick Cave and the Bad seeds at Hydro in May.
  9. Remember and write your letter to Santa.
  10. Six figure sum........ 10% increase...... Santa ..... 40 new hospitals......all things some people believe in.
  11. Looks like I picked the wrong couple of days to pop my head in to see if things had got better.
  12. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie on the 20th at Barrowlands followed by the Silencers at SWG3 the next night. I’m too old for two nights out in a row.
  13. Thank goodness we were able to get an extra six figure sum and a 10% increase in the wage budget from the old firm. Or were we being fiscally responsible all along, I didn’t get the memo so I’m not entirely sure of the party line.
  14. I keep missing him, I must do better. Adam Ant tomorrow.... it was a gift.
  15. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to John Gaughan a couple of time’s and he has always been excellent. I’ve only seen Bill Leckie once and it was at a BB display where he was the guest of honour at his old Brigade, was really good with all the boys and you could see the genuine affection and respect that he had for the leaders many of whom were there when he was a boy. His books are excellent too. Well done on the fund raising.
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