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  1. Perhaps SMISA can use the 3 month spend to upgrade it!
  2. I hope the meeting with the club and police goes better than this thread. There are some issues of real concern regarding the way our fans are being treated, principally by the police but also by stewards. I was also in the ‘if you do nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to worry about camp’ but some things that have happened to our fans particularly the younger ones are in my opinion completely out of order. This issue is far bigger than one individual fan his conduct and how he is treated, by concentrating on this the thread is entirely missing what the real purpose of the tripartite meeting should be. Some of the patronising and condescending comments put on this thread do the posters no favours at all and only show they are ready to rush to judge.
  3. I wouldn’t have a problem with it being within the family stand, but I think a few more people might object to the stand being given to the OF if that was the case.
  4. I’m not convinced the club have a huge influence on the details for the stewards. I imagine it will be a case of the club employ a company to steward games in line with the law/ regulations and the club won’t have a chance to influence the nuances of exactly how that is played out.
  5. They maybe daft boys but I think it is unfair trying to single out Josh. There are a few bad apples but he is far from the top of the pile.
  6. I’ve liked your post but I don’t think the club have been actively trying to put an end to it. I think there is an assumption by the police that W7 is a bad thing and this along with a few hangers on have changed the atmosphere. Things that the group were able to do last year are now clamped down on by police and stewards along with heavy handed policing can quite understandably lead to a feeling of persecution. Especially in the context of us bending over for the OF and the general sense on entitlement that their fans have, then top that off with the police view of get them in and out of the area as quickly and without any fuss leads to OF fans getting away with stuff that our fans and everyday citizens wouldn’t.
  7. I thought the forum was curiously quiet on this. I do know that the W7 guys have been unfairly targeted by the police over the last couple of weeks. I beieve there was an incident at Motherwell away a few weeks ago that the police are investigating that has led to the W7 guys being targeted with details taken by the police. Having said that there have been some saints fans (not necessarily W7 guys) resides at 7am and arrested over incidents in Motherwell and Kilmarnock.
  8. Not at all, we were 1500 fans down, every stand was quieter. Is it any wonder that the family stand was quiet at between £25 and £30 for an adult and a child. Yes the stand had very few in it but these are the fans that have been treated badly by the board is it any wonder they choose not to follow blindly. The 1500 no shows today are not exclusive to the family stand or else it would be sold out every game. Where were the missing ones from W1 to W7 or from the main Stand? Do these fans not deserve the same criticism as the south stand ones?
  9. I hope not I’ve got the Twilight Sad gig and an appointment with several beers before it. But then I sit in the south stand so according to East Lothian Saint I’m not allowed to miss any games or it removes my right to complain about the treatment of the family stand customers.
  10. This seems like a very weird obsession with those that sit in the south stand or today didn’t sit in it. I know for a fact that many of those that disagree with the Boards OF stance also sit elsewhere. We were 1500 down on our normal support today, every stand was quieter. The W7 area that many think has been the heartbeat of the club recently was quieter than usual today and from my 5 spare seats in the south stand were comprehensively out sung by united all day. We had a new signing with loads of premier league experience that was by far the worst player on the park and hooked at half time but you’d rather mention bits of plastic that got dusty because nobody was sitting on them in the stand who’s regular users were treated like crap by the board so that they could squeeze more OF fans in. I know we are all frustrated by our current position but get a grip.
  11. We are going down before Dundee but they are staying down with the Morton
  12. I sit in the West and if we looked quiet your end was desolate. Very poor turn out compared to most weeks I agree but no need to try and dig up those that disagree with the short sighted decision for old firm games. There has been a marked drop off within the support overall and in the south stand if the parent decides not to go then generally it is a couple of empty seats that result from that decision. Whereas in the rest of the ground if one person decides not to go then it is only one empty seat.
  13. The north stand was sold out! I presume you meant the south. I am one of the ones that moaned about bending over for the bigot brothers for very little financial gain ( as proven many times less than the quoted six figure benefit to the club) but I was there as were the usual people around me. The crowd was a good 1500 home fans down so it wasn’t just the south that was quieter than normal. Here is hoping that we have a gentleman’s agreement with Aberdeen not to play Tansey against them.
  14. The number of mid week league games that the club has undoubtedly have an impact on hospitality. I don’t think the fixture list has been kind to the club in this regard. Of the 8 midweek league games we will have pre split 6 have been at home. Indeed the only Saturday league game we have left at home is Dundee on 30th March.
  15. It is straight from the Trump playbook. When you’ve got a problem explaining something say something else ridiculous and people talk about that rather than the real issue that is straight in front of him. He did exactly the same in the Aberdeen game at the start of the season with his claims of bias against Rangers going on for years after Morelos was sent off.
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