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  1. Anyone think Robinson won’t be under pressure come the end of August at the latest?
  2. Slightly surprised to see Greive there as I thought he might have had an extra week off after the World Cup play offs. Having said that a proper pre-season could help bring him on this season
  3. Flaming Lips a few weeks ago the Barrowlands were fantastic and very uplifting. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie last Friday also at the Barrowlands were great too, they are playing Rock n Rollas in Paisley later in the year.
  4. I did see him in Paisley yesterday but not convinced he will be a signing.
  5. I think Fitzy said on the radio a few weeks ago that he had been recalled but league rules prevented him from being in our squad for the rest of the season.
  6. He has shown nothing positive since he came in. Go now.
  7. Difficult to imagine Brown or Naismith being worse, or indeed anyone else. The question isn’t will we get enough points to survive it’s whether we already have enough we are unlikely to get many more under Robinson.
  8. If we don’t win any of the next three games we are as well chucking it.
  9. Not being as bad as Brown or Naismith isn’t really a selling point. Especially when the only way they could have been worse would to have not scored a last minute winner against Dundee or to have conceded even more goals than we have.
  10. Robinson took over a team in a position to put pressure on the third placed team. Now after 1 win since he started we are out the cup and worried about the relegation play offs. Difficult to see anything positive that he has done so far.
  11. I’m not suggesting that beating Hearts was the turning point but it shows how far a how quickly we have fallen since this clown took over.
  12. I think when we played hearts if we had won we were within about 4-5 points of them now we are crapping ourselves over St Johnstone. Robinson has a lot to answer for. If he had managed to win 2 of the games he had in charge we would either be top six or in the SC semi. Stubbs without the charm and personality.
  13. Twilight sad at Barrowlands last Friday was as good as ever, despite a couple of enforced line up changes. Also it took place almost 2years to the day from the original date.
  14. The danger is that we now have an unhappy player in the camp that won’t be there next season. Unless this is resolved in the few days I can’t see it being a good thing.
  15. These were demolished on my wedding day, the traffic chaos meant I arrived after the bride.
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