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  1. DumboBud

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Did we really pay money for that centre half? Thought Flynn looked like a different player when McShane went off. P McGinn did ok going forward and Mullen and Stewart were massive upgrades on Cooke and Kellermann. Still early days but I think it underlines we need more depth.
  2. DumboBud

    Speculation Thread

    Our new signing will be on a different scale.
  3. I will hold my hands up, I thought the team selection was brutal but they put in a performance. Still think we are short up front and need some depth but overall encouraging.
  4. DumboBud

    Speculation Thread

    I think we’re going down a different track.
  5. Not wanting to sound like Elvis but this is even more brutal than I feared. That team would struggle against any championship side.
  6. DumboBud

    4 told they can leave

    Bye Myles, thanks for your contribution, I remember that time you.......... nope sorry can’t think of anything. Hoping AS can pull something out of the bag, or that he, Rice and Jackson are world class coaches and can vastly improve everyone that is left because at the moment we are looking very light on quality and depth, even if the current new guys all turn out to be great.
  7. DumboBud

    John McGinn

    We would get Scott Allan every third game
  8. DumboBud

    Music Gigs

    I was also at that Tom Waits gig. Fantastic gig and everyone had to supply proof of identity to try and stop the touts.
  9. DumboBud

    Alan's first signings

    Looks like the ‘ throw the kids out to let the bigots in’ dividend has been spent now. I wonder what Darlington will do with it? Offer saints fans free entry when we are playing the OF? Hope this guy turns out to be worth it.
  10. DumboBud

    O2 ABC greatest memories

    Had a few good nights there, notable memories were Breeders, Complete Stone Roses, and Wedding Present. At the Breeders gig my brother asked me to be his best man and one of the wedding Present gigs was just after the Manchester bombing and they stopped mid set for a minutes silence. At another wedding present gig there but in a small hall there was a really pished guy stumbling about annoying everyone and before the gig he kept telling everyone that he was only there to hear Kennedy. When they started the gig with the familiar ding ding ding ding intro to Kennedy a huge cheer went up, I keep telling myself it was in celebration that the pished guy would go home after the first song.
  11. DumboBud

    Music Gigs

    Kathryn Joseph at the tramway in September next up for me at the moment.
  12. DumboBud

    Speculation Thread

    The border between Glasgow and Renfrewshire ran through a number of shops at Braehead when it was originally constructed, but a number of years ago, probably about 10 the line was changed and all of the Braehead development including Krispy Creme, the retail park, Sainsbury’s, Dobbies, the steam wheeler, the hotel and even the Harmony Row football pitches are now in Renfrewshire.
  13. DumboBud

    Music Gigs

    Didn’t stay for all their set, they seemed like a poor Fleetwood Mac tribute band for the couple of songs I stayed for.
  14. DumboBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Did Neilson play in the same Hearts team as our U 20s coach McManus?
  15. DumboBud

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Ian Murray or Alex Rae for me, they both did their best to ensure that we wouldn’t be in the Championship.