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  1. DumboBud

    January Arrivals

    It was great to see it live. Comedy of errors from both teams.
  2. Many thanks. Pretty much as I recalled it, even the Alloa players header back across goal was a mistake as it was a free header with an empty net. Everything that happened thereafter was hilarious.
  3. I was at the Alloa Morton game. Alloa created their own problems in the first half by trying to over play the ball and getting caught in possession. They were unlucky not to get a pen at the end of the first half. Second half they had the wind behind them and it got stronger. They managed to get the midfield running beyond the strikers and looked very good. Not convinced there was much in the penalty that they got but the keeper rushed out and allowed the ref to make the decision. From then on it only looked like one winner. The second goal was bizarre with bad mistakes by both teams contributing, I do hope it has been caught on camera. Alloa will be tough and even though they are a part time team they seem to be better in the second half of games. Was a good day out and spotted a few fellow buds.
  4. DumboBud

    January Exits

    No matter what league we are in it is difficult to imagine him returning ready to step into the team after playing at that level for another half season. On the plus side if we can manage to get someone to take him off our hands then we should be ok to off load the others too.
  5. DumboBud

    January Exits

    If I remember correctly, Hibs couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the development fee for McGinn so ended up buying him from us at a fee below the level of the development fee but with a sell on clause included.
  6. DumboBud

    January Exits

    Perhaps Stubbs will look to recruit these guys again once he is back in management......... there is a big difference between them being told you are free to find a new club and them actually leaving. We could be stuck with them for a while yet.
  7. DumboBud

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    The table didn’t show the wage structure it showed what they thought was the average. It gave no indication of the highest wage or the lowest.
  8. DumboBud

    Stick or twist in January?

    According to a prolific forum poster and Board apologist we should empty the biscuit tin, check down the back of the sofa and spend every penny so that we can maximise our income.
  9. DumboBud

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    But we are better home than away St Mirren 1 - 3 Aberdeen.
  10. DumboBud

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Rodgers won’t be playing next week.
  11. There does seem to be an obsession by some with the increased income from being in the top league without recognising that money also flows outwards. As a wise man once said turnover is vanity profit is sanity.
  12. It is called sustainability, not spending every windfall as soon as you get it when you have long term commitments. I have neither the patience nor the crayons to help you out here.
  13. Next years accounts will show whether there was a real contingency or whether the contingency was actually Hibs selling McGinn. I certainly have a feeling which is the more likely.
  14. So the fact that AS happened shows that the board have a strategy to prevent an event like the appointment of AS happening. Did you just jump the shark?