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  1. I had forgotten about Paul McLaughlin but did Barry Smith ever actually play for us?
  2. Do you think we could get a St Mirren 11 from Foxbar? I can only think of: Norrie, Gary Peebles and Danny McGill.
  3. This could have all been avoided if Mrs Kearney had bought him football manager for his Christmas, then he could have played at it whenever he wanted.
  4. For a Foxbar boy that is a terrible thing to say. The second best saints player to come out of the scheme only behind Norrie.
  5. Even when we do have facts on here it doesn’t stop some posting shite...... I wonder who will be in full agreement with whatever the board decide 🙄
  6. I’ve just had a peek at a few previous posts and I’m hurt that it isn’t just me that Baz accuses of calling GLS a liar without basis I thought that was a special thing we shared. I feel cheated on.
  7. Baz, that is now the third time you have mid-quoted me, I am now beginning to think it is deliberate. If you folllow the quote above back you will clearly see that it is in response to my assertion that the six figure sum was nonsense and has been debunked many times. It is also rather strange you think that if I don’t know if the player budget has gone up 10% then I’m accusing someone of lying. What makes up the player budget? Is it salaries only? Bonuses? National Insurance? Pension Contributions? Have you ever stood back to think about this and critically analyse what your being told to allow yourself to form an opinion. All of these could be said to be reasonable to include or exclude in a budget for players. They are all costs associated with employment and are other than bonuses a direct factor of the weekly wage. Now forgive me if I find difficulty in deciding whether a sub six figure sum would amount to 10% of this or part of this or not. If it is 10% then our player budget would have been under £1m prior to the decision to not have a family stand for OF games. If you consider that that is me calling someone a liar then it is a strange world you inhabit. But nevertheless thanks for conceding in a backhanded way that I haven’t at any point called him a liar. The real debate here is about whether it is worth having a family stand for the OF games. The current ST holders could be accommodated in either of the two stands for any game and the club could decide to close the family stand completely, but they didn’t, this suggests that there is an intrinsic value in having this that the club believe is worth losing for the amount of income generated by 3 lots of OF fans in it. I and others think the loss of that intrinsic value is not worth it, particularly over the longer term where the message being sent out is families not welcome 3x per season. That is a reasonable debate and discussion to have, particularly surrounding the lack of any initiative to get the stand full this year other than sticking STs on sale. What isn’t a reasonable and constructive discussion is what you dragged me into about your warped sense of what accusing someone of lying is.
  8. Baz, this is really tiresome. Competence and integrity are entirely different things, you wouldn’t call someone that is incompetent a liar. Well maybe you would as it is your go to word these days. And for the record I don’t accept your hypothesis that it either incompetence or lack of integrity, you do have a love or trying to label things in the most pejorative way possible and attempt to turn things into black or white. I suppose your statement that I’m nit picking over a few thousand pounds will be as close as I get to you conceding that it isn’t a six figure sum. I wonder how you did your calculations! As for a figure for VAT I think 20% is a nice round figure but maybe it is different in your world. You have also misquoted me again about the question ‘ do you really believe that’ to misquote me once is careless, to do it a second time after it was pointed out to you makes me think that you have an agenda that the facts can’t get in the way of. Apparently you have no issue with fans being opposed to the decision - this and other threads, and the way you suggest that any examination of the facts means that the competence or honesty of the board / club is brought into question definitely tells a different story. You still haven’t shown anything that points to me calling GLS a liar at any time, yet still persist in trying to connect me to using that label and that I believe is indefensible. At one point I thought a reasonable discussion on the merits of this could take place, but your tactics have won, let’s close down discussion and all be happy clappers.
  9. It is quite simple how I can hold the view that the six figure sum is incorrect while not and never have accused GLS of lying as you keep stating I am. I will take you through this slowly: The club announced that the south stand ST’s wouldn’t include the OF games before the start of sales of ST. Part of the information given out at that time was that it would produce a six figure increase in revenue. At that time there were some known facts to both the club and the supporters. These were: The capacity of the stand, the match ticket prices, the ST ticket prices and the fact VAT is due on ticket sales. There were a number of unknowns: How many STs would be sold for the south stand at a rate lower than if it included all games, how many ST holders would take up the offer of a reduced price substitute ticket for the OF games, how many games would take place against the OF, how many OF supporters would buy tickets for the South Stand and what proportion of these would be concessions. Neither the Board nor any fans could know definitively the answer to any of these questions. So everything at that point was an estimate What I did was look at a best case scenario for these with the exception of only including 3 not 4 games against the OF and found that the resulting outcome was such that it would mean of if any of the best case scenarios didn’t play out then a six figure sum couldn’t be achieved. Does that mean I believe that GLS lied? No it means that the estimates that were done, by whoever, were in my opinion extremely optimistic, and very unlikely to be achievable. But uncannily enough it is exactly like the weather example where the weather person estimates that it will rain tomorrow but I disagree and think it will be dry. Nobody is lying in that scenario. Hopefully you will now agree that I am not and haven’t accused GLS of lying. This isn’t a black and white right or wrong issue, it is more subtle and nuanced than that, please stop trying to turn it into liars v truth tellers.
  10. When you falsely accuse me of calling someone a liar that is an attack. When someone posts on here saying that they disagree with a club decision, that isn’t necessarily an attack, that can be a spark for debate and discussion. When that spark for debate is responded to by escalating immediately into, you are calling someone a liar that isn’t helpful for anyone.
  11. Baz, I’ve tried my best to reduce the heat in this and not throw about names but take a breath man. You are allowed to put your head up and think before you post. The whole debate kicked off with the announcement that a six figure sum would be realised by not having a family stand for the OF games. To try and deny this makes me worry for you. The weather forecaster thinks it will rain tomorrow..... I think it unlikely....... I’m not accusing them of lying! As you said yourself above, I stopped short of calling him a liar, that was deliberate, I view the use of that term very seriously and if I were to use it, it would be only after careful consideration and when it could be fully justified. You however, seem determined to try and attach the term to anything I’ve posted. That isn’t on. You seem determined to look at everything as an attack. It is posts like the one quoted above that only seem intent on discouraging healthy, debate. Not everything is an attack that need to be defended.
  12. The six figure claim, was right at the start when the decision was announced, and it certainly wasn’t an ‘up to’ figure as you state above, or else it could have been £1 and the statement would have been accurate! You now inserting the words ‘up to’ is revisionism in the extreme The 10% claim, I think is unlikely but without knowing the player budget before and after it is difficult to know what to believe and certainly not enough for me to claim it was a lie. Your post isn’t exactly the apology that I’m due. Do you now accept that I haven’t called GLS a liar - not a difficult question.
  13. Baz stop and think for a moment please for your own sake. If you want to go back a few posts to quote me then look at what is being responded to when using the quote. The quote above was where you rejected my assertion that the six figure increase had been debunked. Again a club statement not a GLS one. The £130k figure was quoted by some posters earlier in the thread, again not GLS. I know that you believe that some people have an anti GLS stance, and tbh it is probably one of the few things that I agree with you on, but don’t try and polarise this into a pro and anti GLS discussion and put me in the anti GLS crew. This decision and its potential consequences are far more important than whether or not we generally support/ like/trust the club owner. At the moment I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that these are honest mistakes or misrepresentations by you about me but the more you do it the more I’m beginning to think there may be something more sinister or personal behind it.
  14. Yep and I didn’t refer his to his statement about the 10% increase. As we both know I have no knowledge of what the budget was before or after so didn’t reference it. Now, do you want to take a step back from the allegation that I’ve called GLS a liar?
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