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  1. I keep missing him, I must do better. Adam Ant tomorrow.... it was a gift.
  2. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to John Gaughan a couple of time’s and he has always been excellent. I’ve only seen Bill Leckie once and it was at a BB display where he was the guest of honour at his old Brigade, was really good with all the boys and you could see the genuine affection and respect that he had for the leaders many of whom were there when he was a boy. His books are excellent too. Well done on the fund raising.
  3. Kathryn Joseph for me on Saturday at the city halls.
  4. ....... and the last few posts absolutely capture why the decline of the site has accelerated in recent times. I could continue to address the nonsense above but there is little point. If anyone is interested there is plenty about it on the various family stand threads. I had lurked for a while to see if things had improved, they haven’t.
  5. Baz, we have gone through this far too many times before, at no point have I accused those individuals of being liars, you even agreed that I hadn’t. You may think that baiting people by by posting inaccurate or misrepresentative information about them is big and clever but in reality it isn’t and just drives people away. If that is your aim then keep up the good work. I’d rather have an active forum where reasonable discussion can flourish at the moment at the moment this isn’t proving possible here and some posters need to take a long hard look at themselves.
  6. Baz, you were the first to reference me in this thread, I’m not bitter I’m just downtrodden by your rubbish. if at some point you prove me wrong I might feel bitter but I think disappointed in myself is the more likely reaction. I’m sure the irony of your recent posts won’t be lost on the few that still choose to read you.
  7. ....and here we go again.... I lurked for a while after your nonsense chased me and many others away, but as soon as the school holidays come round up you pop again. I’m out for a while, it looks like you need me more than I need you.
  8. No point in looking backwards. If they rear their heads again I’m sure you will be able to work it out pretty quickly. Onwards and Upwards as my old school motto said.
  9. In my view the blame for the current dip in the forum can be laid firmly at the door of one or two posters who absolutely ruined any reasoned debate or comment. Their inaccurate posts and the immediate calling of anyone that disagreed with them as liars just sucked the life out of all reasonable people. Their apparent need to respond to every comment posted without actually contributing positively to the debate certainly discouraged me from posting. It will just be a dip and soon the more well balanced and reasonable posters will return.
  10. Due to a variety of factors I’ve managed to miss the last 3 gigs that I had tickets for, Martin Stephenson, Twilight Sad and Pixies.
  11. It looks like he tries to avoid standing on the Hamilton players leg and takes a step backwards into the guys face.
  12. Hamilton seem to have two styles of play, the shitfest one we saw yesterday and the more expansive one that they used against Hearts. They are able to adapt their style to pick up points here and there. At the moment we only seem to be effective playing counter attack and being a one trick pony it won’t take teams long to work us out. There is some quality in the squad and we shouldn’t end up in as bad a position as last year, my worry is that I don’t think St Johnstone, Hearts and Hibs will continue to be as bad as they currently are and getting points on the board while they flounder is important.
  13. I’m not offended I’m questioning. Don’t misunderstand me I had no problem observing it but I do question why there was felt a need or desire for there to be one at a St Mirren v Hamilton game. Deciding to do it for someone with no connection to the club devalues it for those that we choose to honour.
  14. And the amount of coverage was because it was a former OF player hence it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and institutional that the OF and their former players should be treated as if they are a national treasure.
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