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  1. I ordered mine but apparently because I’m in the family stand it won’t be there for the games against the old firm.
  2. Kyle can go into be a cracking player but for a fan of my generation to see Norrie referenced in the same thread is difficult. Norrie was destined for a far higher level than St Mirren.
  3. Baz seems to have found someone on P&B that will give him the time of day just now which would explain why he isn’t on the leaderboard here. Looks like it might’ve the perfect time to comeback
  4. I was trying not to open up old wounds Shull. I managed to get it sorted, closing down the browser and going back into the site worked. It would be great if we had a decent on line ticket site. That’s two donations to the club and any games we get to attend will be a bonus. Knowing my luck the only two home games with fans next year will be against the OF!
  5. Anyone else had bother renewing for the family stand? Renewed Juniors for W7 no bother but won’t let me renew for my existing seat in the family stand.
  6. I’ve just seen a video of him in the commons today, it is like the scene near the start of all pandemic films where the first person suddenly falls ill.
  7. Tuesday Parliament stops being virtual and all MPs need to return to work........ Wednesday a Government Minister is ill at the dispatch box and is now isolating with suspected COVID. That contract tracing call will be interesting...... maybe he should have just used his ‘Great British common sense’.
  8. So we learned that after a member of his household became ill and he thought it might be Covid he self isolated at: a London home Downing Street a car a Durham home a forest a hospital car park a castle a riverbank another forest And an A1 service station During a global pandemic parents of a child getting ill Isn’t exceptional it is what is expected
  9. I’m in the family stand. Back row to the left of the goal, was also in the back row of the equivalent stand at Love St almost the same position. Many of the people around me have been there since we moved ground indeed a few also sat close at Love St. We started with about 7 of us, a few have dropped away over time and a few of us have had kids that have now joined us, indeed my son came with us from age 4 to about 14 when the noise of W7 and his pals was more fun than going with his dad.
  10. Couldn’t have put it better myself, hopefully he is also echoing the chairman’s thoughts.
  11. Maybe the family stand would be the ideal location for it for all league games? As for the further suggestion of it being for families of all teams, I think it is an idea worth exploring, I’m not totally convinced it would work, but I’d be in favour of trialling it.
  12. There should be a designated family area for all games. You would have thought that this would have been a given but apparently not.
  13. Letting him go will raise a six figure sum that will help increase the wage bill by nearly 20%. I wonder where we heard that sort of nonsense before. 🤔
  14. The Grit Orchestra at Barrowlands last night were fantastic, love what they have done with Martyn Bennett’s stuff. The stage had to be extended to accommodate them all and Greg Lawson is great at introducing the pieces, I didn’t realise that he knew Martyn.
  15. Watching deep water fell on C4 set in a fictional Scottish village, recognised some scenes from Kilbarchan
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