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  1. DumboBud

    Music Gigs

    The Kathryn Joseph gig at the tramway was stunning although very short at just on an hour. One question though, if you were 7ft tall and had the biggest head in the world why would you stand right at the front at a gig.
  2. DumboBud

    Stubbs can go now

    ....and this is exactly where fan ownership falls down. The board run the club not the fans.
  3. DumboBud

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Best we’ve got...... but that is the problem it is the best we’ve got.
  4. DumboBud

    Transfer Window Countdown

    So is this thread now counting down to the January window when we can try and ship out all the guys that came in during the summer?
  5. DumboBud

    Transfer Window Countdown

    There will be a flurry of guys being released / mutual consented tomorrow and I expect we will pick up a couple over the next week or so. Not filled with much optimism here
  6. Unfortunately if, and it is an if at this stage, the police had requested the info and said it was for the prevention or detection of crime then the club would need to hand over the personal details. As I stated though I would be very disappointed if the club when approached by the police didn’t at the very least offer to set up a 3 way meeting so that everyone was fully aware of their rights and obligations, to ensure the safety of the members of the W7 group and to ensure that they didn’t inadvertently step over a line that could leave them open to arrest or being thrown out a ground. Unfortunately due to what the W7 group do they are potentially making themselves a target for the nutters in other supports and while Police Scotland should be targeting the nutters elsewhere, they should also be looking to ensure the safety of our fans.
  7. The Police have the power to get personal information from the Club for the prevention and detection of crime, I’m assuming that this legal gateway they will have used to get the info, having said that if it was just a general chat then it would, in my opinion, been more appropriate for the club to arrange a meeting with the W7 group, the police and the SLO. That way the conversation could have taken place, been properly minuted and actions agreed between the parties with the minimum of personal information been given to the Police. My son has a ticket for W7 and when we got promoted I warned him that the methods of Policing would be radically different this year and things that they were able to do last season would be looked at differently this season.
  8. DumboBud

    First Team Squad

    Ross Stewart (striker) is also away.
  9. DumboBud

    Personal Car Registration Numbers.

    Saw one in Clydebank today with a Union Flag on it W4TP G.
  10. DumboBud

    Rangers extra seating

    I wasn’t at Ibrox on Sunday, but my son was, I told him prior to the game exactly what would happen and how he and the rest of the fans would be treated. To be honest he thought I was exaggerating but when he returned home he told me that I was right. This stuff has has been getting swept under the carpet by the clubs SFA and media for years. If we don’t stand up at some point then it will continue. My views on chucking families out of the ground to let more OF fans in are well known, perhaps if the board had announced their decision on this now some of the happy clappers would have not been quite so blind and vociferous in their support for a stupid decision that undermines all the hard work undertaken to encourage families back. Worth remembering that many of the W7 guys are among the first generation of Saints fans to come out of the family stand and without the ground work laid by getting them in as youngsters the W7 section would be no where near as successful as it is. Time to revisit the decision to give the family stand over to the OF or at least Sevco and make public exactly the reason for the change of mind.
  11. I’ve been asked a question about a butchers at the west end called Slaters possibly around about George St / Maxwellton street. If anyone knows anything about this I’d appreciate a PM.
  12. DumboBud

    Music Gigs

    Just got tickets for Martin Stephenson and the Daintees 30th Anniversary tour of Gladstone Humour and Blue at Oran Mor in November. We play Sevco that day so at least there will be something to look forward to.
  13. DumboBud

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Enjoyed the game, ok performance, still a lot of work to be done. I was lucky that at my end of the family stand the queue to get in was minimal but I admit I was,and still am, confused by the new scanner, took a bit of time to work out what to do. A heads up from the club before hand would have been helpful. Given that they emailed me matchday info on Friday, including a short instruction would have been useful. Or alternatively switching to the new scanner for the cup games to give them a try at a lower attended game.
  14. DumboBud

    John McGinn

    At least one person on here proving that a little knowledge makes them think that they know a lot while simultaneously proving to everyone else that they actually know nothing. Nobody knows they full terms of the agreement apart from those involved in it, everything else is just conjecture and no spurious spouting about legislation will change that.
  15. DumboBud

    John McGinn

    We would get Scott Allan every third game.