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  1. I'll probably get slated by younger fans... but Hugh Murray. Loved Shuggy but more for his application than skill. Whoever mentioned Norrie McWhirter... He was far too talented to be considered a journeyman player. Julian Broddle.
  2. HoS is easily ignored, as is all of his aliases! The Baztard who wears you down with pettiness not so much. He genuinely is single keyboardly in risk of ruining the forum.
  3. Facebook is probably first choice for the under 20's. Personally, I use Facebook a lot, but have 95% of my Saints talk in here. Only off-putting thing in here at present is the repetitive nonsensical shite of one poster who insists on having the last word! I admit I tried to reason with him and got caught up in his childish games. I apologise. That one person does more harm to the forum than a dozen Shull's!
  4. £27 For the millionth time, stop exaggerating!
  5. You want attitude? Brass Against covering Rage Against! The album is amazing and live, just wow!
  6. If anyone is free and interested, Former Felsons frontman Dean Owens is performing in aid of EK Dementia Carers Group on Friday 25th October... Two weeks tonight. The gig is in The Space on the corner of London Road and Bain Street. Doors 7pm. Gig 7.30pm. Curfew 10pm. Entry for a donation to the charity. Suggested £10 The artist and venue are giving their services for free so all donations go to dementia care. BYOB. corkage applies. Message me for more details.
  7. Blackpool not winning cost me a fiver! [emoji25]
  8. Suits me... I've got a tenner on it! [emoji850]
  9. Fair comment. There is a case for arguing that Clunie achieved more than Fergie and as such, is our best manager ever! I just feel the euphoria created around the club as a whole was pretty special with the two I mention.
  10. Compare cup wins. Compare league wins. Compare impact on club. Compare galvanising effect. Fergie IS and always will be the boss... but as Saints managers go, I still believe Jack Ross is the best since.
  11. Achievement wise, they are comparable in terms of where we were when they arrived and when they left. Also in terms of galvanising the whole club and making the fans feel part of something special.
  12. But that's almost exactly what Fergie did with Aberdeen except our Chairman got wind and fired him. Why is one revered, the other vilified?
  13. Nope. Budge gave him his jotters.
  14. He won't be back at the Jambos as long as Ann Budge is still there.
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