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  1. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Livingston 25th August 18

    In fairness, a couple of security guards in the team might help! [emoji38]
  2. BuddieinEK

    Safety Of Our Fans

    Errrr.... It was the very last time this applied! Unbelievable you try to defend this. Alistair Campbell would be proud.
  3. BuddieinEK

    Jai Quitongo

    and poor decision making... ...
  4. BuddieinEK

    Jai Quitongo

    Hyppolite is a better player and a better prospect and we released him!
  5. BuddieinEK

    Old Firm fan allocation poll

    Add in lost revenue from dissatisfied fans and the lost potential income from an increased fanbase through incentivising them, and the figures are even more questionable.
  6. BuddieinEK

    Rangers extra seating

    Oh the irony. When the announcement was first made that rangers fans were to be allocated the family stand, I complained that priority should have been given to trying to build our own support first. NO attempt was made to build on last season's achievement and subsequent feel good factor. None whatsoever. I said that if people don't bring kids because of the atmosphere, increasing the source of the vile bigotry and hateful chants was going to solve nothing. I felt then and still do that the only way to turn things around and ensure we continue to build our own fan base was to incentivise our own fans, including families, to fill as much of the stadium as possible. Of course, I was shot down in flames and told that the income from sevco fans will buy us a player, which is far more important! Oh the irony!
  7. BuddieinEK

    Rangers extra seating

    No idea. I wasn't at the game.
  8. BuddieinEK

    Rangers extra seating

    I contacted the police before the last match when the rangers were given the family stand. I asked about segregation and safety and was assured that it wasn't an issue!
  9. BuddieinEK

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    Sponge Balls, Square Pants?
  10. BuddieinEK

    Stubbsy Says...........

    JR is quite simply THE most articulate person in football. EVERY word is measured and has a purpose and yet it flows as if just off the top of his head. That is an incredible gift and yes, we were spoiled. I'm still adjusting to AS interviews but have to keep reminding myself that he is the norm and JR was the exception.
  11. BuddieinEK

    Stubbsy Says...........

    "Going to yer Ibroxes, yer Celtic Parks, Pitoddrie, Tynecastles" How come poor Aberdeen only have one stadium whilst the other three have multiple stadiums of the same name? [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji12]
  12. BuddieinEK

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

  13. BuddieinEK

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Defenders ball all the way. He was flat footed and asleep. Only signalled to Sammy when he saw the forward nipping in front of him.
  14. BuddieinEK

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    I think Ross is well worth holding on to. Mehmet and Yardley were "late developers" who turned out ok. With players who have pace like Smith and Mullen, somebody with Stewart's ball control is a major asset up front. In games when we are under pressure, he is an "out". Wotk on his physicality and we could have a revelation on our hands.
  15. BuddieinEK

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    We worked wonders with Dummett who couldn't defend when he arrived at first. Same again please.