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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Arabs 2-0 up on Well and also missed a penalty. Will put them up to 7th... For now!
  3. Morton v Airdrie Tue/Fri Gus v Murray. Backing Gus in the battle of the ex Saints gaffers. [emoji41]
  4. Taking Tait off totally through us off balance. Strange sub. [emoji26]
  5. What the hell was our flat footed defence doing there? Ball watching! Oh FFS! [emoji26][emoji26][emoji26]
  6. Really under the cosh now. Sitting far too deep and inviting them to attack us at will.
  7. I'm frustrated as the results come in. Marginal swings are NOT enough! A fourth term under SNP is another step towards independence. I'm SO frustrated. Still, we are fighting the wrong battle. The ONLY chance Labour has of regaining power in Scotland, one which diminishes with every year that passes, is to regain votes from SNP... NOT by saying that independence is bad... But by taking the bull by the horns and openly stating that the current political system does not serve the people of Scotland. It is Londoncentric. Not only does it NOT serve the people of Scotland; outwith London, it does not serve the people of the UK. Labour has to promise the people that it will transform UK politics. That it will fight to abolish the undemocratic, unelected House of Lords! It will fight to give every region of the UK more autonomy. More control over their own local affairs backed up by the security of the unity! Within Scotland, the needs of Glasgow, Dumfries and Stornaway are very different. They need local autonomy. The wider UK is the same. Give NE England an assembly. NW England too. They suffer as much as Scotland. Rather than fight against them, recruit them! Create a federal system in the UK that meets local needs by giving powers to local regions in support of local voters. The new message from Labour... "People of Scotland... We are sorry. The current political system does NOT meet our needs. It does not meet YOUR needs... We have spent too long fighting others within this unfit system at the expense of meeting your needs. We now commit to fighting against the system... To reforming it in order to create a brand new political system throughout the UK that will see Scotland have full control over her own affairs, backed up by the security of a union fit for purpose to serve the people of the UK." Local issues matter. Of course they do. But hands are tied as political parties continue to fight the wrong fight. SNP will continue to gain votes and WILL gain independence within the next generation of voters unless voters are convinced that the political system can change and make their votes actually matter! Right now, people of Scotland feel that the system is undemocratic as their vote matters not one iota. SNP know that and play on it. Rightly so. Labour HAS to take that very same argument and use it for their own gain. Opposition parties have to redefine the battle lines! Choose theit fight carefully. I reckon they get one last chance at this! Listen to the voters. Fight their fight. Fight OUR fight. Independence may NOT be the answer, but it will become an inevitable outcome if we do not get a viable alternative. Attack the system. Change the system. Revolutionise politics to bring it out of the 18th century and make it fit for purpose.
  8. Not if they are still negotiating or trying to rectify matters. No.
  9. Thought it was the City of London which is marginally over 1 square mile.
  10. I disagree. I think he has shown flashes of ability. In games where he has been honking, there have been others worse than him who have avoided criticism. Give him a chance. The gaffer obviously sees something in him. That's enough for me.
  11. Two things cost us that game. Attitude and effort. We are miles ahead of them on ability. Even with our youth team, we should have won that match. So pissed off we have given them a chance of survival! As for all the Erwin haters... The lad did far more in his short time on the pitch than either of the hallowed Quaner or Dennis. I still say he has the potential to be a big player for us. I just wish "supporters" would support him and help his confidence. Gutted at that result. Totally gutted.
  12. Ditto... Which on passport then became Johnstone. [emoji850][emoji26]
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