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  1. Crap. Poor play from Power. Gave possession away... Dived in to get it back... Penalty. Well taken by Roofe. 1-1. No idea how it happened, but seconds later, Morelos makes it 2-1. We've been the better team. COYS.
  2. We are bossing this. What a performance so far. [emoji41]
  3. OMFG What a screamer! COYS! 3 clean sheets recently. Number 4 would do nicely! [emoji41]
  4. I'm happy. [emoji41] I'd have had to pay extra to be moved elsewhere... But instead, it's covered on St Mirren TV for all season ticket holders... Even us family stand plebeians! [emoji850][emoji12]
  5. Bet Builder.... Roofe to score ... Check. Rangers to win... Early payout. Check. Last element... 45 minutes for Morelos to get booked! 6-1 for all three. What odds on Gerrard hooking Morelos early? [emoji850]
  6. Well played Saints. Hanging on at the end but worked hard and fully deserved the three points. On a good run. [emoji41]
  7. I've been too busy watching it, oh needy one!
  8. I happened to agree with Renfrew. Not need as such. It's kind of what a discussion forum is all about. Of course, being a playground bully you won't understand that. So needy.
  9. Awesome selection of gigs. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  10. So needy! Did I step into your playground again? My bad.
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