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  1. BuddieinEK

    January Exits

    I'd much rather all those departing were gone before bringing anyone in, otherwise we could end up with a very divided dressing room. Clear the decks and from then on it is positive steps all the way and a squad being BUILT rather than divided. Makes complete sense.
  2. BuddieinEK

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Happy so far!
  3. BuddieinEK

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    I got 3 out of 4... In three different leagues! [emoji22]
  4. BuddieinEK

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Awwww shit! I just bet on them before seeing you had tipped them! [emoji22] [emoji12]
  5. BuddieinEK

    Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018

    This time last week, that teamline scared the bejeasus out of me! After last week's performance, I am tentatively hopeful! Accies regularly boss and bully us. It would be lovely to get one up on them today.
  6. BuddieinEK

    Alan Hutton “Wondergoal”

    That has crossed a line! Shame on you.
  7. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    Agreed. Re Hamill coming off, he was rubbing his hamstring as he got up off the ground. Much better safe than sorry. I thought he had another goal in him... But it wasn't worth the risk.
  8. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    Bastard! I agree completely! [emoji12]
  9. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    I love Jack. I think he has a huge future in the game. I actually think he was a bit nervy at times in that first half. Having Ferdinand at the club has done wonders for both Jones and Baird. Pre match, despite supporting both players fully, that combo v Hearts scared me. Glad they proved me wrong.
  10. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    I am actually grateful for Stubbs time at the club! Had Oran followed Jack, there would have been unfavorable comparisons. Stubbs showed us the dangers, and taught me to be grateful! He also gave Oran a challenge which he is rising to superbly in my eyes. OK... Best manager of Saints since Jack Ross! Jack Ross.. best manager at Saints since SAF!
  11. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    Firstly... Sorry Saints. Sorry Oran. When I saw the team lineup I bet on Hearts to win by more than two! Oh me of little faith! At half time, I had a dig at McShane and McGinn, or MoanGinn as I had christened him. Happy to apologise to both players who gave their all in that second half and were pivotal in our won. Alfie Jones... Take a bow young man. That was a HUGE performance. Adam Hamill... Just wow! Just wow! I regretted not betting on you to score, so after the screamer, stuck a fiver on a second at 11/1. [emoji41] Hodson at right back with P McGinn in front of him was a gamble in my eyes... But turned out to be a stroke of genius by Oran. The workrate of the team was phenomenal. The fitness much imporoved. Go Junior! That was a season turning performance right there! Happy Buddie.
  12. BuddieinEK

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    Not a great game but plenty of effort in a disciplined performance from Saints. Jones been best player for us. Always said Stubbs could spot a player! Need more... Need anything from McShane and MoanGinn! Turgid... But if we could keep it at this I'd bite your hand off for a point right now.
  13. BuddieinEK

    Music Gigs

    Saw James Grant in the Harbour Art Centre in Irvine last Saturday. Sublime. Stunning performance. Stunning venue.
  14. BuddieinEK

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  15. BuddieinEK

    Samson to Sunderland

    Is it only for midgets?