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  1. As was and am I... I use "we" in the democratic majority sense. [emoji850][emoji26]
  2. We made our bed when we overwhelmingly supported the deal to allow Kibble all that power. Even though it was a done deal before being presented to fans... Even though TV was reporting on it as a done deal before SMISA had even seen the presentation far less voted. We, the fans, failed to do due diligence and voted with hearts in support of a flowery presentation. We forfeited the right to complain there and then. We could make some proposals via SMISA on the board... and hope that Kibble don't use their right to veto! [emoji850][emoji26][emoji174]
  3. Ideal but for one wee thing... The club had to ask US to provide THEM with our seat details when reregistering, adding fuel to the allegations that the database left with the last ticket provider! [emoji850]
  4. Run Forrest, run! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. You don't watch TV, read newspapers or listen to the radio then? What a stupid follow up to a stupid post!
  6. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji122]
  7. Typing for dummies, chapter one. CAPITAL LETTERS INDICATE SHOUTING. An exclamation mark signifies emphasis. Glad to be able to help a we (sic) bit! [emoji41]
  8. Yes. But back to your self ridicule! Nobody was shouting. Dafty.
  9. That doesn't even make sense! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. No it won't take a rest, and hopefully the vaccination programme will allow a return to "normality" of a sort. Spikes have happened before in a number of countries who thought it was under control. I am not living in a cave. I had my first draught pint in 15 months two weeks ago. Attended my first live gig of the year ... Was at 160 in 2019. I'm willing to take steps where I see safety measures are in place. A care home manager in England killed himself as the guilt of his residents dying was too hard to live with. I want complete peace of mind that whatever happens, I have done all I can to protect those in my care if I have that, I can cope with whatever happens.
  11. Fear not... 4 days left for early bird discount. I'm sure it's all in hand! [emoji850][emoji26]
  12. I said in my original email of 2 months ago I wasn't interested in being included in draws... PPV coverage was fine for now and allowed me to support the club. Re your last sentence... Matter of opinion! I'd rather wait till after schools go back and restrictions are lifted before easing up. Personally, I don't care if I get it. I don't even care if I die from it... but I work with elderly people living with dementia... The highest risk category. I'm simply not prepared to take chances with their well-being.
  13. Not just yet. No. I test positive, my work shuts down. Not worth the risk.
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