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  1. I fully expected to see you in the news laughing in the faces of the grieving.
  2. Survey not weighted at all. 😯🤐 Additional income from external sources or additional fans? No. Not an option. Let's have the existing support believe in Armageddon. That way, it was their choice. Totally as predicted. Survey? It's like Council consultation. I once wrote to our local authority to ask, in line with their policies, what consultation would take place... The reply... "We will consult once the decision has been made"! True story dat. 🤐😥
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh the irony... You deem him "so knowledgeable about running A football club" for daring to be positive... Whilst you counter be showing your vast knowledge on every football club by repeatedly referring to them. You " know" what all other clubs do and do not try and you "know" the reasons why. Now who is the Moan? 😂😂😯
  4. Invite more opposition fans! 😂😜 I totally agree with everything you say but you do realise any attempt to reason in here is futile? 🤐😜
  5. Not like me to be in the minority. 😂😂😂😜
  6. No idea. I saw potential. Far from the finished article, but great potential. You saw a dud. We were both entitled to our own opinion.
  7. Not true. I wanted us to keep him and let him learn from Thommo. He had a great touch for a big lad and had loads of potential.
  8. Really? You genuinely believe it is right to ask fans to buy into an unknown quantity? Would you go into a shop and buy something without knowing what you actually get for your monry? Oh... And allow me to quote you... Club (our new ownership) takes action following feedback from supporters to survey views: Still moan.
  9. Should the consultation been concluded before season tickets went on sale.
  10. But you said it had already been decided. 😂😂😂
  11. Following feedback from supporters? Have you already written it on behalf of real fans?
  12. Double edged sword. As long as we continue to value their cash ahead of our own support, we will never fill the stands.
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