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  1. If we keep drifting along, chasing tv cash at the expense of building a future fan base, then it definitely is not sustainable. Waldorf makes a good point though. Why not be proactive? Advertise. Incentivise. Build the support. It may involve a short term hit... But think on it as an investment. We are a few bad decisions away from being a Third Lanark, Clydebank or Airdrie. SG saved us from the abyss... But why are we settling for what we have rather than what we can be? Why did we not even try to incentivise fans following our promotion? Not one idea. Not one attempt. Nothing. Instead, we took easy money from the old firm... Which is NOT guaranteed from season to season! I hear you Waldorf. Your point stands.
  2. Sadly, evidence and recent history proves you correct. (But Baz will still try and Spin it)!
  3. And that will never happen unless the club puts its own fans first and encourages them to attend.
  4. Now that you have confessed to a lack of intellect, how about giving the abuse a rest and letting people who wish to discuss the matter in hand a chance to do so? Over and out.
  5. Which is it? Connversation or consersation? [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  6. Again, it was NOT MY proposal! Silly billy! Your opinion is moot as it is based on incorrect assumptions. Good use of big words though. I'll give you that much. Sometimes I use big words that I don't know the meaning of too, in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis! Nobody likes a sesquipedalian! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji14]
  7. PS... The level of my response was indicative of all you deserved! [emoji14]
  8. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] Poor attempt to save face! You played the smart arse card and screwed it up! Can't even admit it! Whit a riddy! I think you will find that a good number of people supported the proposal. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  9. I'm not sure whether it's your comprehension or intelect that's at fault here but it wasn't my suggestion and nothing in my quote was highlighted in red! Oh dear. Whit a riddy! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  10. A great proposal which I fully support. If the spend options are appropriate, they will get my support as priority but I will never support spend for spends sake and this gives a perfectly reasonable alternative. I was surprised at the wording of the SMISA reply though, as they are not just presenting the option for the membership to decide, but essentially advising to vote against it! If this was a political party, they are essentially trying to use the whip!
  11. Are most of their tenets not based on Old Testement biblical practices?
  12. And whilst I agree the switch was correct, I'm feckin seething as I will miss it! [emoji26] Had rota'd myself in to work on the Saturday so I could make the home games... Now I'll miss potentially our most important game of the season. [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22]
  13. You mean the manager might just know better than us!? [emoji12]
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