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  1. Something to do during your ennui! There are three quizzes in all, which you can download for free on www.dementiacarers.co.uk Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you can print them off or download them... Happy headache!
  2. Yet our Chairman who thought reconstruction baulked at the thought once the financial implications hit home. FFS... If we want to save football as a competitive sport... We need to be prepared to take a hit.
  3. Anyone trying to minimise the potential effect of this is a homicidal wanker. End of. Fair enough endangering yourself... But you are potentially a killer!
  4. Agreed... But in the meantime... Will you be making a donation to Raith Rovers, Hearts, Well or Richard Branson?
  5. Aye very good! Players will be out of contract. Players will have left. Will new players be allowed to sign? That makes it a different team... hardly right or fair. It is what it is. We need to respond appropriately.
  6. Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Onto episode 5 of series 1. Really enjoying it.
  7. In fairness, it seems to be working! Brace yourself tho... Four hours are up and I can't get to the shops for more till tomorrow. (Whilst responsibly socially distancing and leaving my shoes outside)!
  8. Just watched episode 10 of Picard. Might just be my favourite Star Trek episode of any series of any variation of all time! [emoji50][emoji50][emoji50] 10 episodes. Slow start. Every episode better than the last. Links all the variations beautifully (except the original).
  9. Surely worth a try?
  10. Starting Season 1 of 2 tonight... Will report back... Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime
  11. Binged on Picard... Four consecutive episodes tonight to complete all nine currently available. Episode 10 out tomorrow.... Trekkies will love it! Works well as a stand alone series but so many nods to, and characters from.other spin off shows like Next Generation and Voyager!
  12. It is a slow burner but the character development is fantastic and it does become addictive.
  13. Nope... I don't even have one. We watch online. [emoji12]
  14. I love it but my other half can't get into it. [emoji50][emoji850]
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