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  1. I can see why it took a team of legal advisers several days to work on such comprehensive content. You happy with it?
  2. Kombis example does not, as per your spin, say we have nothing to tell you. It is a reassurance that matters are indeed being dealt with and that feedback will follow when practicably possible. Need someone to defend the indefensible? Call superBaz! Apoligist on call.
  3. Hey Baz... Still happy with the promotion of season ticket sales? Still believe the club is doing all it can to increase the number sold? Still believe the club even WANTS the hassle of saying no to the OF when it can just shaft its own fans?
  4. Not just the wider fan base... The skinny ones too! [emoji12]
  5. Aye... But have you bought your season ticket yet. Real fans do, regardless. Apparently!
  6. In fairness, when we reached the next level, we managed some good wins down there and got to visit new grounds too. [emoji12]
  7. So if he doesn't make a difference we can save a wage right there! You think he should be paid off?
  8. Who said anything has to be cancelled? In this modern age of communication, people regularly have conferences from both sides of the world. Have you never been on holiday and dealt with an important work issue? I have. Your brown nosing had plummeted to a new depth!
  9. You missed the point... "a club statement backed up by my opinion" Talk about your own self importance! The club must be grateful... Nay... It should reward you! Hall of Fame? That suit your Highness? [emoji23] [emoji12]
  10. Have you seen the price of the cinema this decade? [emoji12]
  11. Aye... Boring negative shite play with four flukey goals! [emoji12]
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