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  1. First start in almost a year... 85th minute... Flynn runs half the length of the pitch to hand Dennis number 5. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  2. Brilliant run and finish from Connolly. Durmus off after a good shift. McAllister on.
  3. What do I know... Jim agrees with you! [emoji12][emoji850]
  4. That will invite them on to us and have us defending too deep with a defensive mindset. Defend from.the front and give them.somrthing to worry about.
  5. What a strike... But where was the marking? [emoji26]
  6. Away stream is way ahead of the home stream, meaning Saints commentary is out of synch.
  7. On a game like Sunday where midfield was essential, Foley flanked by Erhahon and MacPherson might possibly have given us the balance of energy and experience that we were crying out for. I certainly wouldn't have expected Foley to be running around like a teenager... but I reckon he would have been willing to put his foot on the ball and direct the game. I guess we will never know.
  8. Congratulations Livi. No excuses. They deserved the win. Saints started too defensively and gave Livi too much respect for far too long when in a semi final they should have gone for the jugular. Livi bossed the first half and deserved their lead. We left the changes far too late, and when we did remember how to attack, Livi defended as if their lives depended upon it. They fought for one another, gave their all and deserve their place in.the cup final. Would have been my wee Mums birthday today. I had hoped to dedicate a win to her memory. Just wasn't to be. Well played Livi. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  9. We gave them far too much respect for far too long. When we actually attack, they struggle. I'd rather lose 6-3 in an open game than suffer this.
  10. Durmus for Mason at half time could have made all the difference. [emoji26]
  11. Obika deserves the full wrath of Shull for that stupid dive!
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