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  1. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] Well played. How close were you to cashing out? I don't think I could have coped!
  2. Only bet of the night. Happy with this one. Not as happy as my mate who put a fiver on Roofe to score the second goal at 10/1!
  3. The two clubs were still able to and willing to fulfill their fixtures. The SPFL would have made them... Till the Scottish Government stepped in and told them to postpone the games.
  4. What if those simply shielding test negative?
  5. Thanks for the tip Faraway! [emoji41] Due to your confidence, I checked it out... and bet on the draw. [emoji50][emoji12] In the interests of full confession, here are all today's bets, including the losing ones... ... 2 winners. 4 losers. £19 profit.
  6. Liverpool scored after 3 minutes! [emoji50][emoji850]
  7. Only one more... But others need to self isolate.
  8. Game cancelled! We can't field a team!
  9. And just in case he is a reformed character, a few Bob on a double to cover it... Morelos and Brown to both get booked at 4/1 [emoji41]
  10. I stuck a few Bob on Morelos to get sent off... 14/1 [emoji23][emoji12]
  11. Big Gary MacKenzie the goal machine was a goldmine for me! Since then though? [emoji26] Erwin to score against Celtic is about it. [emoji850]
  12. I hear ya! I live in hope! [emoji50][emoji850][emoji26]
  13. My £2 betbuilder was my favourite tonight.... I've seen those fail by one corner kick in the past. Makes a neutral game more interesting. [emoji12]
  14. That was it tonight! Honest gov. In the last few weeks, I've been on a good run. Usually only bet £2 or £3... £5 if I'm hopefully confident. Have taken my initial £40 up to £128. That will go back down to nil... But it will hopefully last me several months. I know what you are saying tho... Saints are my biggest continual loss... I never learn. [emoji850]
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