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  1. The bastards kicked us off the park. I hated Motherwell more than any club on the planet after that match. Moreso as it followed on from my all time favourite match... Our 4-1 humping of the Arabs. Time for revenge! Gerintaethum!
  2. Hard but we will do the biz and get Ayr in the next round. That will be a harder tie.
  3. Post of the year. Succinct and accurate.
  4. Danny was immense when he came on, gave us better balance and more drive. Fantastic goal. Fantastic set up for the third. Took an absolute clattering but kept coming back for more. Although not on for long, he was my man of the match. Great to see Jim have genuine selection challenges now! Squad looking much stronger. Top six, here we come!
  5. If he was scoring fifteen, he'd be at a bigger club. He is fighting back from a NINE MONTH lay off through injury... and improving. The first goal was classic Obika... He only scored because he couldn't get out of the way to stop the ball bouncing off him and into the net! But... He WAS in the right place at the right time! THAT is instinctive. I feel there is better to come from him and am happy to support him whilst he does his best.
  6. You were not "responding", you were interrupting. Craving attention as always. Now piss off stalker pants on fire boy. I have no desire to hear from you. You commented on a question from me to someone else. Not to you. None of your business. Now crawl back to your fantasy world and geez peace! (I knew you would miss me and crumble eventually!)
  7. Re the crowd. I congratulate Broxburn on their huge boisterous support... With the exception of the tossers who threw flares and the drunken twat that thought holding the game up by invading the pitch would be fun! I suppose we should be grateful that he kept his clothes on! Re the away fans chant of "what a shitey home support"... We average around 4,000 home fans at each game... I reckon we had around 2,700 home fans there today. To put that in perspective, the total crowd at the Accies match today was around 1,000! That around 1,300 Saints fans didn't fancy a game against Broxburn to me says more about the perceived standards of the opposition than the quality of home support. Broxburn fans should be grateful that 2,700 hardy Saints fans turned up to watch them camped in their penalty box for 90 minutes and reward them with a decent pay day for their efforts! As for the away support, it was massively inflated since it was a Scottish Cup away day. That is not a criticism. It is a simple fact. We ourselves have had the same experience many a time and been labelled glory hunters. I am just grateful that fans turn up and support the game. In summary... BOTH sets of fans did their teams proud and created a good atmosphere. As for the game... Broxburn did what any team in that situation would do... What we ourselves do when playing at Parkhead or Ibrox. Packed the defense. Tried to frustrate the home teams and the home fans, and hope for a counter attack at some point in the game. At corners... All eleven Broxburn players were in the box defending. Didn't make for fun viewing which is why I would never criticise the 1,300 Saints fans who stayed away. Broxburn defended heroically... aided by some dreadful forward play by Saints at times. The Broxburn keeper was man of the match by a mile... He was like Superman! I felt for him at the first goal, which was as jammy as could be. Obika only scored cos he couldn't get out of the way in time to stop the ball bouncing off of him! That broke Broxburn but to their credit, they never gave up and certainly didn't collapse. Mullen coming on changed Saints whole play and if the Saints Man of the match hadn't already been announced, he would have won it for his short time on the pitch! Scored a peach for number two. Brilliantly set up number three. Was flattened by keeper and defender and smashed into the post and netting, requiring both hands and an arm to be strapped up... but kept coming back for more. He was immense. 3-0 the final score. Fair reflection on the play. Wasn't pretty but both teams acquitted themselves well. Re the three new lads... Impressive start. The two defenders look solid and comfortable on the ball. McGrath impressed. Good feet, good passing and a good shot. All in all, job done. Good day at the office.
  8. I think it's better to start with your first choice players... Try and build up confidence... Build up a lead... Then let others get game time if appropriate. We are rightly treating Broxburn with respect.
  9. I hear you. I agree. That's why I feel if the same passion that was put into independence in Scotland and anti immigration in England was focused on the thing that could truly unite and make a difference in what is essentially one small island with no natural borders, change could happen. The power to make it happen and the will is there... It's just fragmented... and that's no coincidence either!
  10. Not once during my lifetime have I felt that any vote was to change the UK political system... Just to vote in a different version of the same Londoncentric lunatics! Things have changed now. For example... There is a growndswell of oponion that the House of Lords is undemocratic and should be replaced. When has that ever been an issue before?
  11. Less than 2% You sensationalist! [emoji850][emoji12]
  12. Criticising "fewer than 2%" against "just 2%" smacks of desperation to me, yet I'm the one using sensationalism! [emoji850]
  13. So if under 12's don't head the ball then what's your issue? [emoji850]
  14. If just 2% of people playing football develop dementia as a direct result of heading the ball, is that acceptable collateral damage for our entertainment? What if the onset was exacerbated by training as a kid when they didn't know the risks? Should we legalise smoking for 12 year olds as not all will get cancer as a result of smoking? The press reports may concentrate on the sensational aspects, they always do... but that doesn't make the concerns unfounded. As for modern footballs, as I said, one train of thought us that although balls are lighter, they travel faster causing a similar impact. Nobody is saying ban heading in football... Just stop it for under 12s. Is that really a bad thing if some health issues are addressed as a result?
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