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  1. Well, this is looking like a cracking game already. They are on a decent run of form, although everybody is second best to us right now. Yeah, another tough game, yeah, another 3 points.
  2. Massimo Donati

    I hope Donati gets a game on Saturday as it's unlikely we will be under any great pressure at the back, allowing him to use his experience and push us forward at every opportunity. A walk in the park for him, providing a couple of assists and making him an instant hero. PS I hope the "hilarious" punsters keep their cringe worthy pish on the other thread.
  3. Irish Club In Europe

    Leave him alone, he's liking the VHS idea. Ribbit.
  4. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    No argument/debate it's an aspect of the game that has grown at ALL levels. As I mentioned earlier, the managers, IMO, could have some effect along with consistency from the officials but it's not always clear cut. With TV coverage widespread at higher levels the managers could easily review and reiterate it's unacceptable, although if a winning penalty is awarded I'm not sure how many would be consistent in this area.
  5. Irish Club In Europe

    You could pick up a 2nd hand VHS player,and a few tapes from a car boot sale. Maybe you could stop spending money of them lady frogs and splash out on BT broadband which would get you BT sport? Ribbit. PS Follow my betting tips, you'll be loaded.
  6. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Tonight's games, BTTS/Shakhtar to win and the Seville v Man U game to draw, 15.5/1
  7. St Mirren v Falkirk 24/3/2018 (mibbaes)

    There's been a change, see other thread running.
  8. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, Friday 2nd March 2018

    With our current lead, 11 and 14 points, we really shouldn't fear anyone. Both these teams would need to go on a superb run to overcome us, combined with a serious collapse from us. Nothing is impossible, but it's highly unlikely both could happen.
  9. Massimo Donati

    Aye like our last defeat on the 2nd December. The most important issue is how we respond and that's what will define us as champions.
  10. Telly Programmes

    Watched the first 2 episodes, pretty reasonable. In any series I find if you "buy into" the characters and the story line the you're half way there. Aye, worth watching so far.
  11. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Well, having given it some thought I doubt there is any other TEAM sport that is so scrutinised but, yeah, I can't honestly say there are many other TEAM sports that are shown to have as many attempts to cheat. Again, yawn, it's a very small, but important, aspect of the game that many choose to focus on while ignoring the other positive attributes of football at a higher level. Watching a considerable amount of football, even the first 45 minutes of the Chelsea game tonight, consistently shows there are many other aspects of football that are to be admired and, as I've tried to explain, a few that should be discouraged.
  12. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

  13. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Massive statement but what's the answer? Again, this aspect, which is an issue, is probably about 5% of the game yet people focus on it, strange. FWIW I think the managers have a big input, along with some sort of consistency fro the officials but let's remember, it's not easy when the game is played at a fast pace, to distinguish between a small touch, which can easily result in a player taking a tumble, and a player with the same amount of contact making a meal of it.
  14. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Shitebag. I'd have done the same.
  15. Latest Scores

    Bayern 5-0 Beziktas, tie over.
  16. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Boom, Bet 365 already paid out, bless them, as they doubt Beziktas will score.
  17. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    I get that, when Barcelona were dominating football they, all of a sudden, started to get slated for "tippy tappy" football. Yeah, depends what you're looking for, and I agree it can get a bit "meh" at times but it detracts from the skill factor. The English league gets slagged off for saying they are the best league in the world. "Skill wise" I doubt they are, even for all the money, but they could be for the competitive nature of many games. Many, especially on here, slag off the Champions League yet revel in our level of football. Takes all sorts.
  18. Latest Scores

    1-1, shows what I know.
  19. Latest Scores

    Bayern 3-0 Beziktas, easy peasy.
  20. Latest Scores

    Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona, Willian, 63 mins Game on.
  21. Latest Scores

    Like most games at this level, needs a goal. Changes the game, steps up the pace and the desire from the other team.
  22. Latest Scores

    Bayern 2-0 Beziktas, 52 mins.
  23. Could be worse, JR could be manager.
  24. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Good idea, no more "copy & paste" posts.
  25. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    0-0 half time, both teams, as they often do, cancelling each other out.