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  1. Got to agree here, always gives 110% wears his heart on his sleeve. But can't help feel its left us short at the back, hopefully its just about keeping him fit and balancing the books.
  2. No room for sentiment in football Have you ghost written Michael Owen's new autobiography
  3. Think this is just to give him game time and probably get the great unwashed to pay some of his wages. If what Robert Greave has reported is true, Broadfoot has penned a 2yr deal.
  4. Probably pay double what we would wages wise! Hope Ayr pip them to automatic but can't see it!
  5. Exactly if he's hardly kicked a ball he would be like a new player! Seemed lively and creative when he has got on the pitch. Just don't want JG to leave him benched and not use him especially if we continue to not pick up points. Pride before a fall & all that! Club have signed him & I doubt it was to be a bench warmer!
  6. For me Djorkaef will be like a new player Can't understand when he hasn't got any minutes yet! Current midfield hasn't exactly started with a bang. His dads flew in twice and he hasn't even got off the bench! But I think a CD and a proven striker is probably needed!
  7. Until we can fill the South stand for me as a South stand season ticket holder I see no issue moving seats if the club benefits financially. If it pays the wage of an additional player or two I am all for it. We love the saints for a reason and it shouldn't matter an iota where your sitting.
  8. Just reading Hearts have made Olly Lee for sale or loan, we should snap him up. The type of midfielder we need.
  9. Aye just been doing the same, can certainly find the net. Lets hope he stays fit and gets plenty service.
  10. Signed for Hull on 26th July that's a quick turnaround to get some game time.
  11. Sean McLoughlin CB Joins on 6 month loan from Hull, he only just signed a 3yr deal at Hull and is highly thought of. Goes straight into the squad for the Hibs game. https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/sport/soccer/--940630.html
  12. While I agree with the logic of the opening fixtures, as a team if we were full strength we should still be aiming to take points from all our games. Otherwise what's the point of playing football at all. As a fan I know games v the top 3 points will be hard to come by, I just want to see the commitment on the field even if we get humped in the opening 3 games and have a -10 GD going into the Livi game. If the players put in a shift that's what matters
  13. Nope a good few weeks away from match fitness 2-3 weeks according to reports.
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