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  1. Scottish Independence Referendum

    What's even more ridiculous about GERS is that it makes reference to what Scotland spends on defence.....
  2. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Ditching Trident, which in an independent Scotland would save 64bn, is a good place to start.
  3. Scottish Independence Referendum

    I wasnt referring to the White Paper at all. I was referring to the latest GERS figures.
  4. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Debunked? Where? Show us.
  5. Scottish Independence Referendum

    And I asked you to provide evidence of where they were debunked. On here. Show us. Then again you probably can't.
  6. Scottish Independence Referendum

    It was. Why would I lay out 'plans'. I have given Stuart numerous opportunities to read some of the example figures and quote them ad nauseaum. He has chosen not to, or rather ignored them.
  7. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Have they been debunked Stuart? Go on, show us.
  8. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Thats because you can't read.
  9. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Like I said, go and look at the thread I mentioned above. If you can read, that is.
  10. Scottish Independence Referendum

    You might want to mention the complete clusterf**k that was Labour PFI projects that account for 1bn quid that went down the gurgler....
  11. Scottish Independence Referendum

    I'll give him a wee clue since he desperately needs help. A wee look at the 'So Farewell then Scottish Independence' will tell him all he needs to know.
  12. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Do your homework Stuart. As you are quick to point out at other posters
  13. Scottish Independence Referendum

    Fatty still quoting GERS. He had his arse handed to him on a plate before on this. 1. Ian Lang deliberately concocted this nonsense in a bid to undermine devolution. That really worked didnt it. 2. Scotland only receives 2 per cent of the overall oil tax take. Plus the figures don't include its exports which are passing via English ports as well. Ergo, Scotland cant spend more than it receives from London. Then again Stuart, like any other thick Yoon, will believe anything handed to him from Hague, Alan Cochrane and his ilk.
  14. SNP - Soft on crime

    Is there a facepalm emoji......
  15. SNP - Soft on crime

    Nah. He's got his hands full dealing with a Nazi f**ktard like yourself.