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  1. The protocols may be bonkers but SMFC signed up to them !
  2. We are being punished for failing to implement and follow SPFL protocols. A consequence of players testing positive for Covid is that we couldn't fulfill fixtures due to a small playing squad. This lead to the SPFL investigation where we were found to have breached the prescribed protocols in several areas. You could argue that clubs with large squads will less likely be investigated as they are more capable of fielding a team, if they have Covid positive players. Having said all that, we have been found to have f*cked up big time. Take our punishment and move on.
  3. I love the club. In a previous existence, I was a union rep and would sit in on meetings as a support person for members going through a disciplinary process etc etc. I would be fully aware why they were there and quite often I would advise " You can't defend the indefensible. Sit and take your medicine. " I am making the rather wild assumption that the SPFL investigation process and outcome will be fair and transparent. But do fear that the club will be made an example of, IF they have breached covid protocols.
  4. Yeah I get that. But my gut feeling is not good re this. This is our 3rd strike remember. As said previously, burden of proof is on the SPFL to demonstrate that SMFC are on the radar again because they have not followed prescribed protocol.
  5. SMFC know they have f*cked up big time. Why else would they hire a retired senior ex cop ?
  6. Unless you are testing 100% of the population all the time, you really don't have any CERTAINTY as to what is going on. Anything less, introduces margins of error. As a generalisation, this is dependent on the proportion of the population being tested. Smaller proportion being tested implies bigger margins of error and less ability to make accurate predictions. Most deaths will have happened at the start of the epidemic. Unfortunately those most at risk have checked out already. Admittedly, conjecture on my part. I do think there is a kind of muddled "strategy" with a gas on / gas off lockdown policy. Hence the eat out to help out in August followed by the current screw down "tiers". It is an attempt to spread out future deaths. "Flatten the sombrero" - remember that ?
  7. Just been charged £12.95 for 3 lemonades and 3 bags of crisps. If that's 'hospitality' then f*ck 'em. Let them go under ...
  8. I'll make you a wee wager that the next 2 week 'circuit breaker' restrictions will be over Christmas/New Year ...
  9. It's all Alcohol's fault ! If you didnt feel as if you're being treated as a moron, you are now ! Feckin' ridiculous.
  10. Are you saying we'll just a have short duration (2 week) lockdown in 3 months' time because people will be less inconvenienced re work, travel, schools, child care etc. That's a nonsense !
  11. The answer is yes. People have been dieing way before covid 19 turned up. The biggest risk factor for dieing is being old. If and when "they" can provide true and accurate stats of people who have died of covid 19 ALONE, it will be a small figure. Yes I'm being a smart arse, but if you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.
  12. I'm not moaning about anything, merely expressing an opinion that the current restrictions and control measures being imposed in the West of Scotland are a nonsense. I wouldn't worry if my family 'got struck' because I believe the disease is mild in the vast majority of the population. Who knows, it may have been through the house already and we've all been asymptomatic ? The virus cannot now be 'eliminated'. To the best of my knowledge this has only happened with one human virus, smallpox, and that took decades. I'm with Oaksoft in that herd immunity is likely the best way to progress now. A covid vaccine won't be available for the general population any time soon. 'A wee bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing' but I would like to think I would know something about virology and epidemiology (the study of disease in populations) because I am vet.
  13. Ain't a shit show now of crowds being in grounds any time soon. Wee Nicky has lost her nerve, if she ever had it.
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