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  1. Looks cheap from behind. Are we talking about BDSM stuff again 😂
  2. They are cocks and always will be, even if they win the play offs. That is all.
  3. I'll be in Lanzarote for the second leg. Any Buddies there too and want to meet up to watch the game ? Should be on in a bar somewhere surely - suggestions ? COYS !!!!
  4. Why is the copper at the end wearing two hats !!!
  5. I like ululation from the Latin ululare - to howl. That's onomatopoeia (Greek origin). A lot of howling going on at the moment. Anyhow, back on subject. I was duped and gave the club the benefit of the doubt, that they were certain what had gone on. Two separate incidents were put together to confabulate (Latin) something which didn't happen. GLS look yourself in the mirror, man up and issue an apology to ALL Saints fans.
  6. Oh dear. Made the national news ... It sounds as if the incident may have indeed taken place. The club already know who the perpetrators are from the CCTV. They are fishing for corroborating evidence and looking for others to shop the 'guilty' in. This is to support a lifetime ban from the SDA. If not, then SMFC have taken an almighty gamble and made a total arse of themselves. The consequences with respect to the credibility of the club are enormous.
  7. There is no strict liability in football grounds in Scotland at present regarding any potential criminal behaviour on the part of an individual or group, so no one has to take out any insurance.
  8. My understanding is that access to w7 is not open to anyone, hence guys in killie scarves being refused entry to the home stands 2 weeks ago. Access is for home fans only. Strict liability means that SMFC as a body corporate is accountable for the actions of all fans in the ground. This would mean SMFC would have to steward the ground in the true sense of the word. Rather than the half-arsed amateurs we have at present. You and I both know that nobody in w7 has agreed to be accountable for the actions of individuals. If that is the case , then i would advise them to take out a personal indemnity policy to protect them being sued for negligence.
  9. I know a lot of people who won't take their kids to game involving the bigot brothers. Says it all bout Scottish football. Shameful. This has always been the case. My Dad wouldnt take me to bigot games in the 70s and i wont take my kids anywhere near them now. They (and Scottish football) aint gonna change anytime soon.
  10. You will be aware that the term 'strict liability' has been bandied about this week. This is where the 'guys who organise that section' are accountable (NB not responsible) for the actions of an individual. W7 may well be punished following this event, but this will be a decision for SMFC as strict liability is not in place in football grounds , yet ....
  11. Took my 6 and 4 year old girls to their first ever game in W2 on Saturday. Elder one initially didn't want to go, but at the full time whistle asked 'when's the next game ?' Brought a tear to my glass eye. And my mother was there too. Last saw Saints about 50 years ago ! She was cheering with the best of them. Rugby-loving kiwi wife is even starting to get it. COYS !
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