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  1. Brighter than you. And that's all that counts. Bye x
  2. Yes. I had worked out how to use the ignore function. But i just KNEW you would feel the need to reply negatively. Saw you had posted. "Unignored" you and QED !
  3. Thank you ! Culled off three (guess who ?) . I'm sure there will be more ha ha.
  4. Please excuse my ignorance, but how does one put a fellow bellend buddie on ignore. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yep, them and grey squirrels. Red squirrels dont ..... obviously.
  6. Its well known there were people off camera 'encouraging' the lemmings to jump. They do not do this naturally.
  7. Jackie Copland was my hero when i was wee. I meet him in the St Mirren shop in the piazza once and just about sh*t myself. He just seemed immense !!!
  8. That's how we played in Bushes cubs and we won everything !!!
  9. Lost 5 - 1. Wikipedia doesn't even know the Saints scorer ffs ! Anyone ... ?
  10. Looks cheap from behind. Are we talking about BDSM stuff again 😂
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