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  1. Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    Yes , he might á well take that useless , League Cup , goalkeeper hero with him . .[emoji4]
  2. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    When I saw the title l thought Dogdale had been watching Sellic at the tatty bowl. .
  3. Forum Traffic

    You are right Buddie , and it would be wrong of us to credit all of that to the thrush twins . .
  4. If Tom were still a moderator , he'd have edited that . .
  5. What is Jack Ross thinking about putting out a strong squad like that. .
  6. Could be a training match in the end . . Never understood why we have to play cunts like this . . I should have gone to the cinema . .
  7. The chirpiest checkout operator in the world!

    Aldi staff are friendly enough , there are just never enough of them manning the tills and if an item wont scan or has no product code then you are f**ked basically . .always reminds me of a jumble sale somehow , certainly something from another bygone age. It was worse when the staff had to memorise the prices . . I don't know about Lidl as l never go there . .
  8. Graham Carey

    Graham's performance against his old team that day was exceptional , thought I saw the guy play his best for us . Everything just fell into place that day and it is possibly the best game of football I have been too , it is certainly up there with the Fergie years. .
  9. The Presently Very Unfunny As Feck Thread

    I hear there is a new deli. . . .in India. .
  10. The Presently Very Unfunny As Feck Thread

    My uncle used to be a taxi driver , he used to leave home without indicating. .
  11. I'm Listening To....

  12. I'm Listening To....

  13. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    Don't you think that , at some point in the not too distant future , all cars are going to have these fitted ? I know many new cars now have some form of tracker in them but how long before it becomes mandatory. .
  14. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    Airline pilots get a medical every six months and there have still been instances where a pilots health has contributed to the loss of lives in air crashes. . People are going to die no matter what we do , you simply can't legislate for everything . Most of us will know someone whom has died in some sort of RTA but unless all of us agree to drive everywhere at 20mph then there will be fatalities. Alternatively , all vehicles with an internal combustion engine off the road and everyone gets a bicycle. .
  15. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    Indeed , I remember my old man chucked the driving in his early 7ts as he felt his night vision was failling , he probably did it just in time before certain members of the public started clambering for euthanasia to be brought in . .
  16. I'm Listening To....

  17. Darryl Duffy

    Maybe he was brought in to placate some posters on here who would have no doubt said " i don't know , for the life of me , that we didn't sign local lad duffy when we had the chance ". . . .anyway the bunker beckons and that Communist Manifesto isn't going to read itself. .
  18. The Politics Thread

    Tito was still alive on both my visits . One night in a restaurant there was a table of about 20 local guys having a bit of a party , they said that they were the area communist party . I don't doubt that it all changed when Tito croaked it . I remember somethings were very cheap e.g a loaf was 1p . .
  19. The Politics Thread

    When l was there Tito was still around and his photie was everywhere , they were defo Commies and had bunkers but not as we know them. . ETA : even the Queen went there , in fact she went the week after I did , her and Tito were pals , obviously. .
  20. Music Gigs

    That's commitment . .
  21. The Politics Thread

    I have never experienced any problems moving around Europe , even when visiting communist Yugoslavia ( don't tell shull) on two occasions . Historically we were a seafaring nation that traded with the world , Europe traded with Europe . Times have changed but their "free" trade isn't free and comes at a steep price . .
  22. The Politics Thread

    Despite all the rhetoric , the U.K. is Germany's biggest trade partner and Germany runs Europe , so the Germans need us and need to reach an amicable agreement . Even if their pay off was £50 billion , in around 5 years we would recoup that because our annual tribute would stop . .and how would they enforce payment anyway , f**kem l don't understand why anyone who wants to live in a democracy would want to be part of the German European superstate , especially after what they did to Greece. .
  23. The Politics Thread

    That happened to the UK back in the early 7ts , I'm afraid and Scotland was sold down the river by the likes of fellow commie , Tony Benn who lied about Scotlands oil revenue at the time as the SNP were gathering strength . . The Fourth Reich Europe is nothing short of an insidious , totalitarian, super state . Despite the propaganda it will be better when UK gets its independence back . .
  24. I'm Listening To....

    Oi . .
  25. Latest Rumour in Aberdeen

    I'd be more than happy if no club considered Jack for at least a couple of decades years. .