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  1. London Dump Uber

    Aye good observations . Stay optomistic. .
  2. London Dump Uber

    FFS , perhaps the most accurate , summation to date . .
  3. London Dump Uber

    Sounds entirely rational to me. .
  4. London Dump Uber

    Must be one of your most accurate posts . .
  5. London Dump Uber

    Indeed , typically tedious stuff. . ETA , sorry I ran out of puerile smileys. .
  6. London Dump Uber

    WAGAF. .
  7. I'm Listening To....

  8. I'm Listening To....

  9. I'm Listening To....

    NSFW. .
  10. I'm Listening To....

  11. I'm Listening To....

    Very much a bit of experimentation that paid off for Dave and the guys. .
  12. I'm Listening To....

  13. Messi to be renamed Greedi

    Sounds like you are one of these football fanatics. .
  14. Terror Attack On London Underground

    Are you saying that powerful people may got together and had a plan ? How absurd ! FFS I can't believe someone would even hint at that !
  15. Massive Fire In London Tower Block

    Are there any of those days left now. .
  16. I'm Listening To....

  17. So Farewell then...Harry Dean Stanton

    Harry was a great supporting actor in many a film. . Deathwatch is a weird movie with top actors ( l think Max Von Sydow turns up briefly as well) and as you say , some good shots of Glasgow. . l didn't know Harry was the first choice for the Frank Booth role but l do remember reading at the time that Hopper phoned David Lynch and asked for the role . When Lynch asked Hopper why he wanted the role , Hopper replied "l am Frank ! " . .
  18. So Farewell Then........Paul Wilson

    He certainly did , scoring 2 goals in his 5 appearances for them . .
  19. Dunfermline v St Mirren SPFL Championship 16/9/17

    Thomson is a bit of a joke , that is twice in the space of a couple of weeks wereby he has officiated and created controversy out of f**k all. .really
  20. Dunfermline v St Mirren SPFL Championship 16/9/17

    Results show we are better going forward than defending but that will change when we have the full team. Their first goal yesterday did come against the run of play but other than that , it was pretty poor apart from a couple of near misses from us. .
  21. Dunfermline v St Mirren SPFL Championship 16/9/17

    I concur , we will be stably at the top of the league by October . .
  22. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    I concur , very accurate. .
  23. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    Well said big man , well said indeed. .
  24. Here Is A Bus For Dunfemline

    Is there singing allowed on the bus. .
  25. Hurricane Season