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  1. Apparently a closed door game today with 4 trialists - any word?
  2. Is there any genuine movement behind the scenes on the manager? It seems too quiet.
  3. "Tealzo" (?) has done no wrong but if we can afford it, we need a fresh perspective. GT has just done as asked but come on please, all but the most blinkered or stupid fans must see that we need a fresh approach. Lennon/Craig/Tealzo, all have elements of coming from the same place. Who is to say someone else will be better but can it really be worse (just basing this on the fact we have 8 points and are bottom of the SPFL)? A new guy comes in and will instill fear in some, confidence in others and perhaps some fresh thinking. If anyone is blinkered enough to say I am outright wrong then, well? And if the bod quibble over £10k compo or anyone thinks that doing so is in some way ok, that is pathetic.
  4. Top Cat and Oaksoft, please just let us know what the basis for your opinion is? Never mind Motherwell and County, just focus on us right now. We are a f**king disgrace aren't we? Or do you see something the rest of us don't? Serious question.
  5. agree with the last bit but we need a bit more experience than ST
  6. Jesus Christ Thommo or Teale? Really? Hello bod. The time has come for a change for Gods sake, as in, an actual change. If Thommo were to get it, sure it would be better than dear old granny Craig but come on. Continuity is one thing but the incestuous nature of this is unreal. Just give us a break for once, please bod. Go for someone with the required experience we need. Splash a few quid coz otherwise we are f**kity f**ked.
  7. there is an argument pretty clearly from the graph that when we are down in the 1st division and winning out crowds go up by almost 30% or so however I fear with TC in charge down there we would struggle just as badly and the crowds would probably be down to 3 figures soon enough
  8. So TC do you really hand on heart believe that by keeping the other TC we will stay up?
  9. Why is the Motherwell game the big one? I know they are directly above us but FFS tomorrow's game is just as big especially if Motherwell happen to do it against Celtic which they often do. And county win. Will going bottom expedite the bod in their decision? Christ I hope so. Time for a beer.
  10. As I've said earlier in this thread, I hope we get done tomorrow. Goes against everything but for the greater good. And I mean proper done, like 4 or 5
  11. If you've had a bang to the head, A&E will probably see you straight away, especially if you show them the above
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