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  1. Did we not play a festive midweek afternoon game a few years back?
  2. As the old saying go's "you need to speculate to accumulate".... Our bod are doing neither... What they are doing is selling off the assets (our best players) and using that money to patch up holes & pay for mistakes..... What happens when, at the end of this season (when) we have no assets left to sell...... The only way is down, with no decent assets (players) to bring us (the business) back out its hole!!
  3. I'm a ST holder, but hate these conts with a passion. Always take my 6 year old with me, but not having him sit through the horrific sickness they spout. ST for rent, this match only... £10 :-)
  4. Showed a better replay a minute ago. Never touched him, got the ball. Never a red !
  5. You obviously weren't there today! Every player got bullied.... We needed Goodwin on the park.. If this is IM's playing style then we employed the wrong person for the championship! Say what you like, but if his playing style is to back off, then we will never beat any team in the championship!
  6. Also included are train tickets from Derby to Sheffield & back..... There's a bus right outside the airport to Derby for a couple of quid & only takes 22 mins.
  7. There is a new thing call "T'internet" that has BBCAlba live.... The IPlayer app & BBCSport app both show it live if you have a phone that isn't a brick !
  8. Reducing the price, it's going to waste if no one takes it ! Booked & paid for, but something has came up :-( FlyBe from Glasgow 07:10 - East Midlands -08:35 1st Aug (Sat) FlyBe return 20:25 - East Midlands - Glasgow 21:35 2nd Aug (Sun) Plus 1 night Best Western Cutlers Hotel George St S1 Ticket for the game also included. Cost £190 - plus £40 to change name on flight. Will take £140
  9. £90 return to East Midlands airport then £10 return on the train to Sheffield.... Saturday night out in Sheffield back on Sunday night ...... Sorted :-)
  10. Are season tickets valid ?
  11. Agree with Shull... the ball defo looked over the line during the stramash from where I was. Need to see the highlights !
  12. Right-to-buy move for Scottish football backed by MSPs http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-31939962
  13. The world famous Paisley pattern isn't actually anything to do with Paisley.... It's from India lol
  14. Let's hope you know where the goal is !
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