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    Around and around, I'll always be around
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    Gathering brambles with my good pal Big Ben Gullion.Driving around in my shooting brakeBeing grumpy.
  1. I near shat masel' that night when I heard my name over the Tannoy!
  2. Now, FJ, you should know that Mrs McP, ex Miss McK is from CAMPBELTOWN! she is not one of the notorious Paisley McKinvens....no no no. THAT is how TfT knows her Daddy. Actually Ben and I used to baby sit her when she was a wee girl when we were apprentice painters wae her oul' fla'
  3. hi i lived in the wee toon for 25 yrs before moving on to find work. I know farmer john from southend. whereabouts in the town are you fae

  4. Nobody has mentioned Kissing the Pink ...'member them? Or my band , Boris Broon and the Wee Toon Bevvy Boys
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