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  1. lets get this game tae f**k finished and home with no worse that 4 goal defeat.
  2. farmer john

    Phil Bonnyman

    what do you think Dardo?!
  3. farmer john

    Phil Bonnyman

    thanks BillyG. A wee snippet of insignificant but interesting St Mirren history that could have been forgotten....prompted by discussion with an old time Rangers supporting friend of mine from Campbeltown.
  4. farmer john

    Phil Bonnyman

    did Alex Miller bring Phil Bonnyman to St Mirren as a player coach....and it didn't work out as coach and never played?
  5. farmer john

    John McGinn

    i think that McGinn is now out of Celtic's pay range. Celtic could have had him a few weeks ago with a £3m bid. He will now never play for Celtic. Celtic made an arse of it.
  6. farmer john

    John McGinn

    all the money that Celtic have got...£7m for Armstrong FFS. And they cant go out and pay half of that for McGinn who is , if not already certainly will be a better player than Armstrong....if he goes to Villa or anywhere else in England he will kick on and improve and Celtic will never be able to afford him in the future. I still think the most likely outcome to all this is £3m + Allan to Hibs and McGinn to f**king skinflint miserable Celtic. But, FFS, of what a circus, oh what a show.
  7. farmer john

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    great, fantstic, smashing...super. Happy farmer this night.
  8. farmer john

    John McGinn

    in my opinion, it is looking like Celtic will buy John McGinn before the end of this transfer window with Scott Allan going the other way in part exchange....probably not for as much combined value as we would hope, and likely not in time for us to spend some of our windfall. I think that is what will transpire. I will meet a Hibs fan farmer at the bar at the Kintyre Agricultural show later today and he will confirm or debunk this. There you are now. And, getting a bad feeling about Stephen if the situation above plays out as described......
  9. farmer john

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    well done us....the Saints are back!!
  10. our best times with Alex Ferguson's team were under Jim Clunie and Ricky McFarlane. I think if the right man comes in we can kick on with the team and structure created by Jack Ross. If he leaves of course. And I wouldn't blame him if he did.
  11. farmer john

    Watching Sportscene

    we should at least be able to get the better of St J, Dundee, Hamilton, Partick, Ross County/Hamilton.....maybe not Motherwell. We will have prize money, money from Morgan and possibly a windfall from John McGinn. Maybe top 6 is out of reach but no reason why we cant push Motherwell for 7th spot.
  12. just to say goodbye.
  13. farmer john


    bit 'busy' is it naw? ! fantastic really
  14. farmer john

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Hsppy tractoring. if we dont get the point today I am driving to Paisley on Tuesday...up and back after the game