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  1. me too. was up and down and on my knees. going nuts. in the Burnside Bar i Campbeltown.....aboslutely bonkerss fae FJ best ever.
  2. missed all of this last night and could only follow the match various online means and the last 20 mins on car radio.. Hey, we have managed to boil it all down to a one off, home match, starting 0-0 against a lower league team to stay in the top league. Everyone one of us would have taken that at Christmas. I think OK has managed the tie pretty well thus far and will change line up and tactics on Sunday to win the match for us. What an occasion at St Mirren Park. I will be out, and I mean OUT out on Sunday afternoon after clearing away the MoK Run course and wearing my stripes proudly in Campbeltown pubs cheering us on like a crazy man.
  3. time's it? I have to clear away the MoK Run half marathon and 10K course.
  4. as James Sanderson once said....."St Mirren will never have a better chance" And that really could very easily been another Accies red card.
  5. Tony is bright and optimistic as ever....and he is right to be so. HAmilton are due a thumping from us. Tony didn't seem all that confident Oran would be manager next season mind you! I have to go out view some furniture for my flat tonight but will be back in time for most of the game.... It's FREE furniture mind! good stuff tae. Canna turn that down. COYS.....it can be a real big night for us.
  6. we dont have to win 2 games though do we? if we beat Hamilton we will be 1 point behind them. We have to hope St J beat them and then a draw with Dundee will gt us level on points and our better goal difference will put us above them. We always had to beat them next week and it would have taken a pretty unlikely run of results for our match with Dundee to be a dead rubber. OR, am I misreading all this?
  7. similar to John Sutton's left foot strike in same goal these few years ago....did someone shout "hit it Kyle" ?
  8. just home from trip 'up the road' to meet HSS as it 'appens! listened to Sportsound all the way home....was hoping for a Dundee equaliser but cheered the Tesco car park like a crazy man when our goal went in. We would have accepted this situation 6 months ago and I think we can yet finish above Hamilton. I'm away to look back a few pages till about 4.45! COYS
  9. fantastic day for us.....so delighted. Was dancing, literally dancing and jumping about, in the coo shed when these 2 goals went in. Fantastico.
  10. see if our goalie misses the next game because of this..... well, what? nothing. Sue them if we end up relegated.
  11. sad to say it, we will take the scorelines as they are now......keeping same points difference and goal difference. And take it from here on in.
  12. McGown and Miller....that gives me the fear!
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