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  1. after the Alan McGregor incidents last season. If McAlister gets retro banned for that..... Yes, Brian Rice's attitute towards referees and officials is absolutey fantastic. A breath of fresh air and 'niceness' after listening to moaning, whining from Gerrard and Lennon, clearly inteneded to intimidate and influence.
  2. yes, East Lothian Saint, not a 'must win' in the literal sense, but, if we dont you have to wonder where/when we are going to win. I have the fear!!
  3. we'll never win wearing these stupid f**king strips. They put us on a downer from the word go
  4. got to be good news. As long as he concentrates on heading corners away rather than wrestling/grappling with the man he is marking.
  5. So disappointing. We should be able to get the better of Livingston 3 times out of 4 and and be above them in the league.
  6. that was aso pish. What were the chances of scoring from there....100-1
  7. how the f**k are we not wearing the stripes? Does black and white stripes now clash with yellow. It's pish, it's all pish. Unless we get a late goal then it is slightly less pish.
  8. Gunni was an unknown quantity when we signed him. As was Moussa Dagnogao. yes!
  9. Oh dear, this does not auger well for the season.
  10. I have been missing recently...is that Kyle McAllister on the bench? And does that line up mean P McGinn in central defence? Doesn't look all that strong I must say.
  11. just a wee thing about us being 'behind' in transfer dealings. OK was the manager till this week. Did he make any efforts to sign any players for the coming season? did he make any plans for season 2019/20? Or did he not bother as he knew he was going back to Northern Ireland? But, of course GS and Top Four Tony🤣 (love Tony by the way) should have noticed that. I think the new manager can, very easily, quickly bring in the players required to make sure we finish top of our mini league of 4 and why not push for St J and Motherwell too?
  12. I'm going 'out' out...if you know what I mean. I will attempt to not step on Ringed Plover chicks or Oyster Catcher eggs. But, ffs,it must be 20 years since Gary McGrotty played for us!
  13. hoot the Gary McGrotty thing about. In fact, hoot is any of this about....I was out of news range all day. And now I am going out for a bevvy in the caravan....quick summary please.
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