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    banbury billy aka belfast billy

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    football obviously,reading and presenting my radio show sounds precocious but cant help it cos thats what i do.although my id is belfast billy i am scottish and now live in banbury .born in paisley but lived for a long time in campbeltown argyll. wee toon saint is young bro

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  1. Hey Gosport buddie we’ll need to meet up my son lives in Gosport
  2. We played well second half and it was two terrible ref decisions hand ball leading up to the goal and the red card was a joke
  3. McPherson sent but he played the ball rrefs a joke
  4. Away stream working again I was in the kitchen when I heard the was there a foul leading up to goal I caught the replay
  5. One of our 1987 legends doing cocommentator Campbell Money
  6. They are winning every ball at the moment still early doors and no goals I’m going to try our video in second half see if it’s fixed
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