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    football obviously,reading and presenting my radio show sounds precocious but cant help it cos thats what i do.although my id is belfast billy i am scottish and now live in banbury .born in paisley but lived for a long time in campbeltown argyll. wee toon saint is young bro

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  1. Probably tomorrow after the old firm play their games
  2. I live in Banbury Oxfordshire I used to go the odd time to see Oxford play I remember a couple years ago I seen this guy called Obika and I remember saying I’d d love to see him in a saints shirt little did I know great Player
  3. Best saints team I’ve seen for a few years last one was 2013
  4. Got to keep durmus Obika and big jan we’ll as many as we can keep on contract for next season
  5. We can’t control the game for 90 minutes at some time the opponents are going to get in for a bit
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