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    football obviously,reading and presenting my radio show sounds precocious but cant help it cos thats what i do.although my id is belfast billy i am scottish and now live in banbury .born in paisley but lived for a long time in campbeltown argyll. wee toon saint is young bro

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  1. When we lost pictures then I noticed McCarthy on for Henderson
  2. At the moment we’re okay for strikers but one more who we know all about wouldn’t go amiss
  3. I have a mate in London who played with West Ham and his best mate is Jon Obika. At the moment Jon is playing for Morcambe. I wonder could we see an old face back in the summer. Anyway great appointment is Stephen as our new manager
  4. You just met the wrong saints this time oh and you almost scored there I hope they get a goal before the the end
  5. Don’t meant to quote watching the game on laptop and we’ll Kelty fans there 3-0 down and singing alongYou should have a penalty at 1-0 no doubt about it stonewalled we’ll done the Kelty hearts you guys as well as us lot is what football is all about
  6. I live in Banbury Oxfordshire among the sassenachs😂I love them too😂
  7. My name states Belfast I haven’t lived there for16 years but o kept the same name. Been on this forum since 2002 again a long long time ago. Before that Campbelltown Argyll and my my birth place Paisley. We’re gonna win this one
  8. I’m on the internet watching the game it came a long long time ago I can still remember da da da da da 😂
  9. We should take this team United are a shadow of the team of the start of the season
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