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    football obviously,reading and presenting my radio show sounds precocious but cant help it cos thats what i do.although my id is belfast billy i am scottish and now live in banbury .born in paisley but lived for a long time in campbeltown argyll. wee toon saint is young bro

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  1. I think we’re going to lose a goal here which might wake the team up we’re a wee bit complacent
  2. Anyway guys s and gals let’s concentrate on the game keep the trolling to another platform
  3. It’s nice to see Power and Jones back in Paisley hopefully they will have a miserable afternoon. They did well for us last season but we move on
  4. I’m watching on saints tv and rather mystified why are the people beside the dugouts doing some display flying the French flag. Just curious
  5. The referee is Nick Walsh and not Don Robertson who infamously gave the 4 penalties for sevco
  6. Has anyone else got st. Johnstone tv mines keeps saying back soon
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