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    football obviously,reading and presenting my radio show sounds precocious but cant help it cos thats what i do.although my id is belfast billy i am scottish and now live in banbury .born in paisley but lived for a long time in campbeltown argyll. wee toon saint is young bro

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  1. What did he say that was boring or shite you are nothing but a troll
  2. Back to the nitty gritty Wednesday night get a win the fake saints
  3. All in all we just couldn’t break them down second half didn’t really trouble Lewis enough positivities to come out of game Mcallister played well when he came on
  4. Have to up the tempo second half can’t afford to start slowly
  5. Waters has been poor every time he has a chance to come forward with the ball he either squares it or passes it back the way
  6. Because we’re playing Aberdeen and not another diddy team like us
  7. I came onto read this thread to see what we think about tomorrow night’s game . All the last couple of pages has been about the price of bloody cars hardly a mention about the game if you want to talk cars go onto auto car website
  8. Not free speech shill but offensive speech yes
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