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  1. We've been the better team by far and looking good. So it's all set up for a dissapointing defeat/draw.
  2. For Scotland to be treated like one of 4 democratic countries within the UK rather than voting as a 'shire' of 'Greater England' as is the case at present. After that - for St Mirren to finish in the top 6 at the end of the season. Which is the more likely to happen?
  3. Fantastic result today - well done to everyone. Hope the injuries to P. McGinn and Magennis are not too serious - on top of existing injuries to Broadfoot and MacKenzie.
  4. It does bother me that for such an important match there appears to be total apathy from Saints fans. Is it the team or this forum to blame? Either way - it should get sorted out pronto.
  5. Can't be all that interesting - no responses to your post for over 5 hours.
  6. 5 points separate the bottom 7 clubs. We are capable of overtaking all 6 above us - watch this space!
  7. Not been a good day for St Johnstone or Johnson!
  8. An equaliser from Hamilton Accies would make it a perfect set of results. That would put us into 8th place.
  9. 9th in the league as it stands. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  10. It's time for Stephen McGinn to be brought back into the fold - either from the start or from the bench. At his best he's worth his place and he would be busting a gut by now to prove this. Surely he has not deteriorated so much in the past few months to justify him being denied this opportunity. Or is there something happening behind the scenes which would explain this apparent puzzle?
  11. All the more reason to believe that it's overdue for the Saintees - and this is the type of situation in which the Buddies can be quite accommodating as has been demonstrated in the past. And yes we are solid defensively but we couldn't burst a balloon up front.
  12. Look on the bright side - the international break will not hold back our forward momentum.
  13. Assuming Hearts and Hibs pull further ahead of us - we are now looking at clawing back Hamilton, Livingston and Ross County and staying above St Johnstone. At the moment we do not look capable of achieving this. Unless we start scoring goals, things could be decided before the January transfer window. The return of a fit Cody Cooke and Stephen McGinn could help our scoring/survival chances.
  14. As it stands - looks like we will be in our familiar position tonight.
  15. Do we just need a break up front to turn the (no-scoring) corner or do we have a chronic problem requiring major surgery? This afternoon's performance will help to decide this.
  16. If it's open to any player who has worn St Mirren's colours - it's got to be Riyad Mahrez.
  17. After 7 games played a pattern is beginning to emerge - and it is beginning to look like we will (again) be struggling to compete effectively in this league. Our obvious weakness (as everyone else has pointed out) is that we cannot score goals - and our only slight hope is that Cody Cooke returns to full fitness pretty soon. Neither Morias nor Obika look like they are an improvement on what we already had. Defensively and in midfield we are better than usual but we are not creating/taking the scoring chances of our nearest rivals. The present personnel have been given enough chances to show what they can do in an attacking sense and it is now perhaps time to freshen things up and the answer might be to bring Stephen McGinn back in from the cold. His guile and creativity would be welcome if he can recover his best form. The other worrying factor is that the longer this goal-less run goes on, lack of confidence and self-belief is going to affect performance - it's a 'catch 22' situation unfortunately.
  18. Looks like it is going to be a depressing season again unless things can be turned round - but by who?
  19. This is a time of hope and better things for this season - the potential is there for all to see. BUT this is St Mirren so ............
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