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  1. That is a pathetic statement there ls there is nothing better than seeing our stands full of people wearing the black and white And if u look at it on a bigger scale look at Dortmund there big wall of yellow is brilliant
  2. Our window is shut that isn't possible
  3. How can that be when the tweet was today
  4. Is it all on this though Div if this doesn't happen are we stuck with the squad as it is ?
  5. He appears to be mates with isma on twitter which could be playing a big part in him coming here
  6. One of the most idiotic opening posts on here and tbh there is some competition for that recently. So we could be relegated we play rangers for a season get bt money why is that any better to the BOD than staying in the top flight getting bt money playing Celtic and on average a better home gate ? As someone else as already said CLOWN
  7. To be honest mate the point of this topic was not to question bus companies drivers of local law it was merely to check if any of the buses now had wheelchair access due to recent travel on a coach I had been on
  8. Tbh am not really up on the law just what the driver to London said and is supporters buses not more than 22 people ?
  9. Yeah I know that offer has always been there from your bus and has always been appreciated just unfortunately isn't possible for me with my condition (brittle bones) so can only really travel without leaving my chair To be honest I only asked as the information I was given regarding all coaches having to change soon so a thought may aswell ask Really appreciate everyone who has replied either with suggestions or answers And to all bus organisers if / when the coaches are forced to change to wheelchair accessible ones please let me know as a can assure u I would not miss a game. Cheers Kevin
  10. That is ridiculous as said according to the driver all companies need to hand wheelchair access coaches by the end of this year so was just wondering if the companies supporters buses use already have then
  11. Hi Yeah a know of a few disabled fans who use the buses but unfortunately I am unable to get out my chair to get carried up the stairs etc which is I believe how others travel I just thought I would post it here as I know a lot of the supporters clubs use this to advertise etc Cheers Kevin
  12. Hi there As many of you will know I am a wheelchair bound saints supporter I was on a coach to London last week for the Scotland game and was talking to the driver who advised there is a new law for all coaches needing to have wheelchair access by the end of the year and he advised most coaches on the road already have this. So a was just wondering if any of the travel club organisers were aware of the coach they use has wheelchair access on them I've always wanted to be part of a supporters bus but not been able to so just wanted to check Cheers Kevin
  13. Complete none sense we have the budget for at least 1 striker There is no way Reilly will be going out on loan Danny has been ranting and raving about him so why then loan him out
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