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  1. Notice something about the first picture at fir park. Not 1 person in that whole crowd has their mobile phone out to take a picture or video. Everyone is just in the moment of euphoria. Those were the days...........
  2. We've had our 33% of the hibs sale. That's it over
  3. In the short time he was on Junior looked good. Strong, held it up well, won free kicks and had a drive and shot then the chance he missed. I had just commented before he came on that we didn't have a striker who could control and turn with the ball the way Defoe does and then junior came on and did exactly that!
  4. Couldve put a man on the post. Was obvious where he was going to hit it
  5. Ex Dutch international. Very quick to dismiss him!
  6. Glenn Loovens is a free agent
  7. Nigel when he first came to us was one of the best players I'd ever seen for st mirren. Outstanding for the first half of the season. Shame he didn't keep it up and then did his traitor act with St J but theres been many a worse player than hasselbaink!
  8. Brutal, really??? Compared to Tommy Craig, Ian Murray, Alex Rae, Alan Stubbs? We were keeping the ball like Barca back then!
  9. Yep best St Mirren manager in the last 30 years. Best football played, best players (Thompson, Teale, Goncalves, Dummett, Carey, McGowan, McLean, McGinn and the list goes on) Best league finish, Cup winners. At times we were a joy to watch. Always remember the first few games of his 2nd season when all the big names signed. Dunfermline away we played like Brazil and somehow drew. The 2nd game though was just about the best I've ever seen us play. Absolutely steam rollered aberdeen at home playing barca style passing. Ended 1-0 but was going on 5. Hasselbaink was exceptional. Then we all travelled up to tannadice in week 3 and for the first 30-40 mins we were doing exactly the same to them as we did to aberdeen. Big Thommo scored then hasselbaink was clean through to make it 2-0 but instead got sent off for holding off the chasing defender! I remember after that game thinking for the first time in my life I'm going to see us do something special in the premier league. Craig Paterson on the radio said that day if we kept playing like that we'd finish top 6 no problem, maybe even top 4! We lost momentum after that with nigel suspended for 2 games at a point he was tearing defences apart but there were glimpses throughout that season of how special that team couldve been not least the day we drew at ibrox scoring a magnificent team goal that started with Sampson and ended with Thommo sliding in van zantens cross and all pundits were saying we should've won. But not to worry we stayed up comfortably and the following season wee danny guided us to league cup glory! Hope he gets a bigger job from the recent publicity. He deserves it.
  10. Oh yeah cos we’ve had such great strikers since Isma haven’t we! It amazes me that we wait years for top class players and when one comes along half our support can’t see it!
  11. We should’ve been looking to get him back on loan. No doubt about it. Disappointing
  12. Load of rubbish. His club Rio Ave wanted 750k. That’s why we didn’t try to get him back. The guy was an absolute stand out with us. Ran riot in a lot of games. One of the best footballers I’ve seen at the club. He went on to star for the Cypriot team in the Europa league the season after. The reason he left hearts was Leveins tactics of 1 man up didn’t suit him. Still scored quite a few goals for them, 13 in fact! That’s how found out he was 😄How we could do with that this season. Most hearts fans loved the guy. id go as far as to say we wouldn’t have won the cup without Isma. Scored in the semi, scored in the final and set up newton as well. If you didn’t like him as a player then you’ll definitely not like any of this seasons lot!!!
  13. Exactly. One of our “top 3” got beaten by a welsh team. I think people overestimate the standard of player required to stay in this league. Reilly scored against Aberdeen at pittodrie. Don’t see why he couldn’t score a lot of goals with decent supply.
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