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  1. The league is absolutely terrible this year. We have some of the worst and most ineffective players i've seen in a long time yet some of our opponents are worse! If we had any sort of quality, even Oran Kearneys team wouldve been mid table by now. Never been so bored at games. I know results are what matter but I cant watch the equivalent of paint drying much longer. Did we have a shot on goal apart from obika's sitter? Shocking for a home team. And before anyone has a go at me, we've all watched the likes of Morgan, Mallan recently, strikers like Yardley, Lavety even Gavin Reilly! What we are currently watching is rubbish!
  2. Aberdeen are not a good team this season. Doesnt matter what theyve done previously. I was speaking to a couple of their supporters last night and they were not looking forward to today's game because theyve been so bad. I thought their general play was awful today. If we had any sort of quality we wouldve beaten them
  3. He has no ball control, cant finish when given a strikers dream chance and never wins high balls. A terrible footballer and as soon as we find a decent striker he will not be with us.
  4. The SPFL could take over the running of the Scottish Women's Premier League 1 and 2, as well as the Scottish women's League Cup, under a proposal being considered by a Scottish FA review. (Times) Another step towards introducing women into the mens game.
  5. We struggled to score against Broxburn, I doubt we will win tomorrow but miracles do happen
  6. I cant remember him doing anything of note in the league games of late?
  7. £29 for a ticket to be shoved in a corner, stuff thrown at you, told to sit down and shut up by the stewards, no thanks! Is it on Rangers TV?
  8. I wonder if we'll be interested in whyte of inverness again??
  9. The way magennis has played for the last 2 seasons he couldnt lace mallan's boots. Totally ineffective in games.
  10. Socceraid had men and women playing on the same park for the first time this year. Strictly come dancing has 2 men dancing together for the first time in ice skating. My prediction is based on what's to come in professional sport not what's already happening. We are seeing the groundwork for it right now though.
  11. They will be soon. Everything is going to be mixed not just sport!
  12. It's the direction of everything in the world right now. The people in high places have decided men and women have to be equal in everything to create a gender less society. Football is not immune to that and we've been seeing the groundwork for quite some time for mixing men and women within sports. The only way they can do that is by turning the sport into what will basically be a non contact game
  13. Because the ban is just one more step towards the plan to introduce women into the mens game
  14. The media keep pushing gender equality. Football is not going to escape it. In fact football is part of it!
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