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  1. Nope, I managed to get 2 tops + it's on both. Hopefully other people will feedback to confirm.
  2. More problems with the top, see if you turn it inside out, there are mad stains all over it that you can't see from the front. They don't have a clue what quality control is!
  3. I've got my dates mixed up.............I thought Owl day was 2/8/20
  4. Here is John Scott's bit in the 'Back of the net exhibition' currently at Paisley Museum...................
  5. I know Saints fans who live in Cramlington, Seaton Delavel, Burraden, Felling, Marley Hill, Shiremoor, South Shields, Benwell, Slatyford. Message me your mobile number & I will contact them to see what we can sort out. #GeordieSaints
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes. The big 50 tomorrow, off to Greece for 12 days to celebrate.
  7. Today. Scottish Youth Cup. Raith Rovers 1 Saints 3. John Scullion hat-trick.
  8. Here is the page to check fixtures & results... http://spfl.co.uk/reserve-and-youth/ Next game tomorrow night Saints u20s v Aberdeen u20s 6PM KO!!! Free entry to West Stand. Also a handy hint is that team sheets are available free at the main reception before the game.
  9. Saints 2-1 up. 2 quick goals. Reilly for Saints then they scored a penalty 3 mins later.
  10. St Mirren: Chris Dilo; Jason Naismith, Jordan Stewart, Dn Kealen, Dn McGregor, L Mair, A Brady, Barry Ciddihy, T Reilly, Jon Scullion, Sean Kelly subs: Lewis McTear, Mo Yaqub, Mark Williams, Declan Hughes, Stephen Mallan, Callum Thomson (GK)
  11. 1st game of the season latest. Dunfermline 0 Saints 1. Scullion.
  12. Happy Birthday Jan. I wish you were still here. Your signature was 100% accurate. See you in the next life.
  13. Better get tae ma bed, up early in the morning. Blackpool on Sunday as well. Black & White Armies............
  14. Here is a picture of 'The Away End' at Morecambe v Wigan I found on Twitter..................
  15. Happy Birthday Willie. Hope you like your new hat?
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