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  1. Tomahawk....."Oddfellows". The Pineapple Thief...."What we have sown"
  2. but its been goin on for years,its only in the past couple of years that people have taken umbrage to it..i may be wrong here and im sure it will be pointed out to me by someone on here in a patronising manner..but surely if we say a wee white one about the attendance..its more dosh in our sky rockets..im sure every single club does this..or im probs talkin nonesense...and we will always be patronised and looked upon as a diddy club by everyone..other teams fans,the media et al..giveing the correct attendance to the letter wont change that one iota.
  3. Can i ask you serious question mate..and im not gettin at you or owt..but why are you pissed off at the wrong attendance being given...just curious..coz you hear howls of derision when its read out.
  4. Got your ticket for TFC at the ABC..and GBH are playing soon also..just in case you never knew dude.
  5. Belters everyone of them..top marks Sir... Deftones..Diamond Eyes. The Unwinding Hours...The Unwinding Hours Scott Weiland..Happy In Galoshes.. Hundred Reasons..Kill Your Own. Pearl Jam...Backspacer..
  6. Its inane feckin dribble...lyrically devoid of any sense..and musically devoid of any decent melody...must do better..
  7. Good God man they are truely awful...terrible cliched lyrics..odious front man and crap post punk musical ideas..awful awful band..but to each there own..lol.
  8. Maximo Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..Herbie....no!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  9. Weezer...Maladroit.. Opeth......Deliverance Therapy?...Nurse.. Areogramme....My Heart Has a Wish That You Wont Go..(sublime). Isis...Oceanic..
  10. Defo not their finest Herbie..but a return to form never the less.
  11. I think Backspacer is a really good album..a wee bit of return to form for Pearl Jam IMHO..
  12. Good stuff mate..this next tour will be part of their 30 years in ver"Biz"..so its goin to be packed with golden greats...
  13. What do you mean New Model Army.. top outfit in their day..i just saw them a couple of weeks ago at the Cathouse...and they were still superb they get better and better with age...try their new album and i suggest you get a hold of Justin Sullivans Navigating By The Stars..you wont be disappointed my good man..in fact get everything they have done you wont be disappointed.
  14. Nah mate...Fire has still got some terrible boxy drum sounds on it as well..but War was worse i grant thee.and Eno,s a cock.
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