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  1. What a bizarre exchange, as usual
  2. Well they've drawn with USA and beat Ukraine and Austria to get there. I wish we were shite like them England will not only rest players their whole attitude will (understandably) be to avoid injuries and suspensions for the latter stages. Up against a highly motivated Welsh team that could quite easily end up with a Wales win. I'm not saying it will, i am saying they are certainly not out yet and it wouldn't surprise me if they got through.
  3. Yes. The point is England will already be group winners by that point (assuming they beat the USA) and will of course not be the least bit arsed about the Wales game. Plenty teams will be knocked out after two games, Wales aren't one of them.
  4. Far from out of it. England win tonight and they beat a resting England in the last game and they could well get through.
  5. After the disappointing winless run going into the World Cup break, it's vital we hit the ground running on our return if we are to keep in touch with the race for top six. We have five games in a furios 16 days, all of them winnable? The issue is four of them are away from home, and we have lost every single away game this season, that wasn't at Tannadice, and none of these are. If our road form doesn't improve drastically we will be in trouble come the 3rd of January. How many points will we get from this run? I'm going to go for seven. Beat Aberdeen at home, win at Rugby Park and take a point at Fir Park. Lose at Tynecastle and the Spaghettihad. Should be six minimum IMO, anything less than that and it's hard to see a route to top six. Ten or more and we are in dreamland. Cast your vote!
  6. Whit? I never said we should be pumping anyone. I think we should be getting at least 4 points from those games though, we got 2. Not good enough.
  7. Two losses and two draws from the last four. Not nearly a good enough return from games against Hibs, County, St Johnstone and Rangers.
  8. Five points it was and feel we are looking backwards now. One win in seven, no wins in the last four, the form is poor and we have four away games in our next five. Let's hope we can get back to winning ways soon!
  9. Yes he is. He's scored goals at this level for other teams not just us - Accies and Killie. He's a proven goal scorer at this level. His eight appearances this season have been short cameos off the bench, such as the one on Wednesday. To compare him with our two starting strikers, Main has three goals in 40 appearances for us and Ayunga has never scored more than six in a league season anywhere. His figures aren't great due to injuries, but he's quite clearly the best goal scorer we have. With regards to nobody else being available, that's exactly how international football works, especially with Scotland who aren't exactly blessed with depth in the forward areas. I think he was pretty close to a call up this time last year during his hot streak with us, but Jacob Brown got in ahead of him, precisely because nobody else was available. If he gets fit and scoring again he will be back in the Scotland squad. I'm sure we all hope that happens
  10. We are certainly capable of getting something here, Rangers are worse than Celtic, and we dealt with them no problem. The key is not conceding an early goal, like we did at Ibrox. If that happens again we might aswell get back in the changing room and go home early. I'd mix it up a bit, get the full backs a bit deeper and stick an extra man in midfield, let's see if we can avoid conceding a goal from a cross for a change. Carson Strain-Fraser-Shaughnessy-Gallagher-Tanser Erhahon-Gogic-O'Hara Kiltie Brophy
  11. Like I said, he's had one full season here which he finished as our joint top scorer. I wouldn't rank him anywhere near one of our wort investment of the last ten years, we've signed strikers who haven't scored a single goal for us. There's certainly more to come from him and we can judge his return when he leaves the club. Robbo rates him, he's fit at the moment and he is coming off the bench every game and is getting back match sharpness. With the world cup break coming up, I expect him to come out of it fully fit on the other side be back in the starting 11 before long. Infact, I'd start him tomorrow. Main and Ayunga have two league goals each this season, which is a shocking return given their minutes played. Main's both came in one game at Tannadice, Ayunga's were a consolation penalty at Pittodrie and the fantastic second against Cetic. They aren't scoring enough and if they continue at their current scoring rate they're not even going to match Brophy's injury hit total from last season. We need a proven goal scorer at this level in the team, and we have one in Brophy.
  12. He was our joint top scorer last year with eight goals, which given how much time he spent out is a fantastic return. Complete failure? We've had plenty of signings over the last decade that have been complete failures, he is not one of them. He's the only natural goal scorer we have in the squad - perhaps Grieve will be too but not been here long enough yet. The hatred of Brophy amongst a section of support is baffling. Robinson rightly spoke highly of him in the summer and I expect him to play a big part for us in the rest of the season. He has had fitness issues no doubt, and it's because of them he is playing with us. He's a Scotland squad level striker when fit and firing, let's hope we can get him back there.
  13. Why do you think we deserved to win? They also restricted us to next to nothing goals apart, I don't recall us missing a meaningful chance. Indeed they were the better side until they went down to 10, when they then shut up shop, understandably. It was a dreadful performance against a team who finished 11th last year and had been struggling this season up until recently. If we are going to make top six, these are must win games. Despite playing so poorly we should have won the game thanks to an absolute wonder goal. Unfortunately, poor game management by the players and manager cos us.
  14. No it was, I thought we were pretty awful the whole night, especially second. I thought we actually played better in the County defeat than we did last night. Failing to beat 10 man St Johnstone at home is simply not good enough.
  15. We certainly weren't the most direct team in the league by a distance, like we are this season. I have no problem with that style incidentally and it can - and has - worked. I don't go to St Mirren games expecting silky football. Our issue is a lack of plan B and team's are now getting wise to the one style we have.
  16. Win and we are rocking, surely back into the top six and potentially as high as third. A draw would be a fantastic result and would hopefully take us above at least one of the teams on 20 points. Lose and we could end the day just five points ahead of 12th and staring yet another relegation battle in the face.
  17. No there isn't. Robbo has turned us into a hammer throwing long ball side, which has its uses and has led to some good results. It's very one dimensional however, and teams are getting wise to us.
  18. Which is at Tynecastle. As anyone who has had the misfortune to witness any of our away games this season will know, the chances of us getting anything there isn't high. A really poor performance and result last night. Top six? Not playing like we have been, no chance. Relegation is more likely.
  19. Yep played in the EPL at the weekend too. Not bad for a 'league one player'. He's very highly rated at Molineux and no wonder, absolutely outstanding player. Would love to see him continue to get minutes under Lopetegui.
  20. Going to be seven, four or five then. Let's hope for the former. It's been a very disappointing return from the last three very winnable games.
  21. It's pretty unlikely we fall to 9th tonight, Motherwell are playing Celtic after all and they always lose to them. If we get one or less points from these two games we will obviously be going into the break in 8th or 9th, which is not a good start to the season. Win tonight and we are back on the optimism train. This match does have a bit of a fork in the road feel about it. 0-0.
  22. Does anyone still buy programs? Noticed the seller at the W1 entrance is no longer there.
  23. In our last four away games we have lost all four, conceded 14 goals and scored once. The one goal we scored was a dodgy penalty when we were 3-0 down at Pittodrie. That form has to improve at some point, doesn't it? It certainly can't get much worse. We did have a good record in Dingwall up until the 1-0 defeat up there in one of Robinson's first games last season. Now's the time to play County, before the January splurge and inevitable climb up the table. Carson Strain-Gallagher-Shaughnessy-Dunne-Tanser Erhahon-Baccus-O'Hara Grieve-Brophy 0-0
  24. I'd take six points from those five games now if offered tbh, would have that as the par return. Less than that and we will be looking backwards during the world cup break. More than six points and we are all but safe and going to EUROPE (probably)
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