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  1. RAF Witchford during the coldest winter of the 20th Century - the roads were blocked and we couldn't get off the base.. Birth registered in Ely - the smallest city in the UK. @Eric Arthur Blair
  2. Well it looks like the race to replace AF is going to come down to two contenders - Edwin Poots and Sir Jeffrey Donaldson. Poots who appears to be the front runner is a creationist who believes the earth is only 6,000 years old and within the past decade banned gay men from giving blood and adopting children. Donaldson sits as an MP at Westminster rather than an MLA at Stormont and comes from a similar sort of background to AF - both of them defected from the more moderate UUP in 2004 after becoming dissatisfied with the Good Friday Agreement. Troubled times for Unionists who have to face the demographic balance within NI tilting towards the Nationalists - will they circle the wagons or look to build bridges with the Nationalist community? ******************* Going to editorialise now and say Donaldson seems a far more preferable option to me.
  3. 1. Let's not pretend we're any different in this regard. 2. We were talking about passing on wealth between generations and the principle of Inheritance Tax dating back to Victorian times is a fact, as for the bit in bold that's a deliberate misinterpretation of what I actually said - and two can play that game. 3. Pointless question - it's covered in Point 2. 4. Unless you're advocating living in a gated community helping the "many" is the same as helping yourself - as I've already said. 5. I've no problem with people working hard and making a bit of money but as I've said countless times now nobody does it on their own these days. 6. You're coming across as a selfish "I'm all right Jack" character which is even sadder. ******************** We seem to have reached the "going round in circles" stage of the discussion so unless you come up with something new I'm out.
  4. We were talking about how wealth is passed on between generations and as I mentioned the principle that it should be taxed is well established. No going off at a tangent from me, Nope, only a fool would make that interpretation of what I posted - scratches chin. This thread and the selfish attitudes expressed, often by you, is depressing. ******************************* Do you have any answer to my assertion that progressive taxation benefits the "many" in the long run other than your customary deference to your betters?
  5. The principle of Inheritance Tax dates back to Victorian times - just how far back do you want to take us? I'm going to vote for parties with progressive tax policies on Thursday in the belief that although this will not benefit me in the short term if they benefit the majority of people then it will benefit me more in the long run, I see nothing ludicrous about this - it's just a matter of how you define selfishness. I will make no apologies for saying the cake should be sliced more evenly,
  6. It'll be an interesting next coupla seasons for them as supporters group MCT are poised to take over this summer. It could go either way for them as they will have to live within budget upon completion of the deal - if they don't make a recovery in the play-offs or bounce back from Div 1 quickly they could turn into one of those famous old clubs (Airdrie, Clyde, QotS) who no longer trouble the top flight - that's if they're not there already (sic).
  7. The wonders of the interweb... Yesterday while surfing I discovered that the original Alvin Stardust was Pete Shelly (no, not that one!) who wrote and recorded Alvin's first hit My Coo Ca Choo before retiring into the background and letting Mr. Fenton take the applause. However in a bizarre twist it turns out there were two Shane Fenton's too, with the original (Johnny Theakston) dying tragically aged just 17. RIP to Theakston and his replacement as Shane Fenton (A.K.A. Bernard Jewry) the one I was familiar with who died in 2014 aged 72. Mr. Shelley had a couple of hits under his own name including Love Me, Love My Dog currently resides in Canada - Rock On. ********************* In an unrelated turn of events there were two Martha's in the original Muffins line-up.
  8. Why? She's nothing to do with the party Keir Hardie founded. It's clear looking back over the last few pages where the real bile is coming from...
  9. We've established that you don't respect "real" lefties either so it's a pointless insult. This spat all started over Faraway's comparison between Starmer & Sarwar - I have no grievance with a successful man like Starmer leading the Labour Party at UK level but not Sarwar at branch level for the reasons given. As the diversion continued into specific policies the salient point is that every Tory leader since Thatcher has made an opening speech promising to "level up" and gone on to do the opposite. You acknowledge that the real challenge over the coming decades will be to be to protect the environment but you're unwilling to recognize that any successful solution to this must come from a Green/Red alliance and "ridiculous taxes" this will inevitably bring. I look forward to your next unpleasant epistle...
  10. I don't think being a millionaire should stop you from being the leader of a Socialist party, especially if like Starmer you're from London where property prices probably puts you a good way down that road but Sarwar should be an automatic non-runner up here due to his company's wage history. I think where the left often fails (and I've fallen into this trap myself) is that we forget people are aspirational - Tony Blair for all his faults has been the only Labour leader since Wilson in the 60s to avoid this pratfall. Point 1 - I wouldn't ban private schools but I would remove their charitable status. Point 2 - Again I wouldn't ban private health care but ways must be found to prevent it piggybacking on the NHS. Point 3. - The housing market was skewed by the Tories back in the 80s when they sold off council houses at below market values and prevented councils replacing them causing shortages. Ownership/Renting should not really matter - what is important is security of tenure which is not always available with private renting Point 4 - Why does it always come down to splitting people into the deserving and undeserving poor, the clear context is that some people are scum - isn't it? ******************** I will never vote Conservative as the party have demonized & marginalized people (from the enemy within & the looney left in the 80s to today's cultural wars & marginalization of workers rights due to the gig economy) over the course of my adult life, and continue to do so, since Thatcher came in quoting Francis of Assisi all of them have come into office talking of "levelling up" and all of them have done the complete opposite. In the "real world" no-one goes out alone into the Klondyke to discover gold anymore, even "inventive people who are pushing boundaries" today are merely taking advantage of the benefits society has offered and any rewards accrued should be taxed accordingly. As usual the three posts I've quoted is a rehash of the "forelock tugging" you always come out with - the UK has one of the biggest (if not the biggest) disparities in income between the Top&Bottom 10% in Europe - life really could be fairer, if only we choose it to be so................... ****************** I'm assuming that (like me) you're a 50+ homeowner with a decent pension to look forward to (we're all right Jack), our children may well be the first generation to be poorer than their parents (sic) - what a legacy we're leaving. Wow that was a bit more than I intended to write!
  11. Yup plus another two too... ************** Watched Neil Jordan's The Crying Deal and discovered this in the Goofs section of IMDB... Would it be too corny to suggest that "two too" would also be a delightfully onomatopoeic in this instance?
  12. Vote for a progressive party. I'll vote SNP (constituency) & Green (List) next week - I'd vote Green at Constituency level too if they had a chance of winning. You worry enough to comment about it and complain about policies that might cost you money but would arguably be a benefit to society as a whole like free broadband.
  13. Well I'll jump in here... 1. No I'd prefer it if everyone was paid a fair wage, and in the case of Sarwar's company not an illegal & unfair one. 2. It's a fair POV but you can't hold it and say you believe in levelling up society - which is the charge levelled against Sarwar, who is the leader of a political party that is, the last time I looked, notionally Socialist.
  14. Used to report on Saints matches for the PDE...
  15. Yeah that's all a bit disappointing, I blame it mostly on the way Sturgeon mishandled the the Salmond affair - I'm still confident at worst we'll be Separate by 28. As long as Tory hegemony at Westminster continues it's just a matter of time - even though people get more conservative as they get older I still reckon demographics are on our side too. Tactically I expect a pro-Independence majority at Holyrood next week to call for a second referendum within the timescale of the next Scottish Parliament followed by Johnson blocking all moves towards IndyRef2 which will be counterproductive. If Johnson had the balls for it I reckon his best move would be to agree to an early second referendum which really would derail any further moves for independence for 20 years if NO won. The most damaging outcome for independence would be Alba getting 5-10 seats and the toxicity surrounding Alex Salmond leading to a loss of focus, which is a pity because a left-wing pro-Independence party standing on the lists only is a good idea. Slavering - at least I'm not frightened about the future. ************* Oh and @windae cleaner the SNP republican - if only!
  16. An old disparaging review of Citizen Kane has been discovered which has spoiled it's 100% rating on Movie Site Rotten Tomatoes, the new top rated fillum on the site is Paddington2!
  17. I see the DUP are in need of a new leader after Arlene Foster's resignation (effective May 28th). Looking up to the top of the page it comes at a bad time but is there ever a good time for something like this to happen - strangely in these metrosexual days it seems to be the rumours of an extra-marital affair that tipped the balance - not the "Cash for Ash" that led to Stormont being suspended or the £1Billion bribe to back Theresa May's Brexit after the 2017 GE. Shafted by Johnson who chose to go with the polls that said Brexit supporters in England would be happy to see NI (& Scotland) leave the Union to secure the deal, it's leaves a beleaguered Unionist community as we approach the marching season.
  18. Straight to the top of the "You couldn't make it up" charts...
  19. Of the opinion Quaner should start and be given 60 minutes or so and it would be good if Brophy could get some game time. I think we have the class to win this game and don't want to compromise the push for 7th spot but obviously JG will be keeping one eye on the Cup S/F. This has still got the potential to be a great season for us which would be one in the eyes for the Eeyore's within our support.
  20. As it's fairly clear Boris did try to secure payment from Lord Brownlow for the renovations to his pad, I wonder how "they're" going to spin him out of this. Oh and three cheers for Lord Brownlow for trying to help out the underprivileged ex-Eton alumni Johnson.
  21. Just saying that foe a boomer like me he'll always be Big Ted's straight man. I wonder if Irons drank as much as Burton to achieve that tone...
  22. Oops, I thought this was the Telly thread, still it's an improvement on 90% of the shit posted previously - that's the N/S 4ya! A documentary on the Hittite Empire narrated by Jeremy Irons who has inherited the world's most dulcet baritone voice from Richard Burton. Irons won an Oscar for his role in Reversal of Fortune and is famous for many roles in fillums such as The Lion Kind, and Die Hard with a Vengeance amongst others but I still remember him from Playschool, he's the one in the fetching Bow Tie...
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