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  1. HHiBSS Your avatar Rael lost his balls, which would probably make Why Does It Hurt When I Pee an appropriate track for "The Lamb lies down on Joe's Garage!" album. PS Am currently listening to live CD from the "Lamb" tour.
  2. 1. I'm a Boy - The Who 2. Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd 3. Make Up - Lou Reed 4. Rebel Rebel - David Bowie 5. Man enough to be a Woman - Jane County
  3. I think any reference to Arthur Crudup should include his middle names: Give it up for Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
  4. I remember someone had the idea of trying to have a pint in every bar in Paisley.
  5. We've had plenty of fair-to-hellish duffers but only two really stick out for me. 1. Jim Gardiner, who we got from Motherwell in part exchange for Paul Lambert. He seemed to think that coming down from the premier league and playing for St. Mirren was beneath him. I remember one game where he gave the North Bank the self-abuse hand gesture and recieved it back in spades. One player I wasn't sad to see the back of. 2. Micheal Renfrum (sp?), I read an article after he left us that he had been dissapointed by the standard of football in the SPL. I know you'll never read this Micheal, but you never stood out as being anything special. PS. I'll add a third player. 3. Chic Charnley for being nowhere near as good as he thought he was. A lot of the players's mentioned came in either as free's or fairly cheap. The player's who really done us in were the expensive flop's of the Fitzpatrick (first spell)/Hay era and were pish. I was working down South at the time and didn't see many games but names like Wishart/Stickroth/Archibald/Manley/Baillie/Reid spring to mind. I believe most of our debt is a legacy from the ridiculous contracts some of these players got.
  6. 1. Eric Clapton for urging people to vote for Enoch Powell. As a musician who spent a great deal of his career plagirising black musicians this was taking ingratitude to the limits. 2. Queen for playing Sun City and getting on the UN Blacklist when they surely couldn't have needed the money. What price the Rainbow Alliance Freddie? I know it's outdated but I say let's Rock Against Racism.
  7. 1. Paul Hartley: from the 3-2 game against Hamilton at Love St. (96/97?) when he gave us the fingers after Hamilton took the lead, through Raith, Hibs and St. Johnstone. He even scored against us during a loan period with Morton (his only one I think). 2. Ross Tokely: effectively ended Chris Kerr's career (never the same player). 3. Shaun Dennis: ditto John Hewitt 4. John Martin: only marginally ahead of the rest of Alex McDonald's Airdrie team of time wasting, injury feigning, niggling, fouling cheats. 5. Steve Aitken: for his numerous headless chicken performances with the smelly ones.
  8. Originally known as "Dean Ford and the Gaylords"; but that was in a more innocent era.
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