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  1. Billy's strike into the near corner against f'k'rk was a belter.
  2. They did play there once or twice as well as in the holy redeemer.
  3. Sid Jnr's Xmas Party disco today. Was trying to think back to the dance classics of my school discos. 1. Heart of Glass - Blondie 2. That's Entertainment - The Jam 3. One Step Beyond - Madness 4. Life's a Wank - XS Discharge 5. Tiger Feet - Mud Just found a cracking site with details on the great XS Discharge including quotes from Chic Doherty as well as other interesting reminicing about Paisley's punk finest: http://www.shit-fi.com/Articles/GM/GM.html
  4. 1. Wizard of Oz 2. Zulu 3. Miracle on 34th Street 4. The Lemon Drop Kid 5. Marx Brothers twilight shift
  5. Did they come with steel toe cap fottie boots.
  6. So that's were you've been all day...well done.
  7. Just floored my loft allowing Sid Jnr masses of floorspace for scaletrix and train tracks. scaletrix and trains were always pish in my young years as they spent their lives gathering dust in a cupboard due to lack of a good attic space. What were the best toys in your day - I think Ching still has that stick and hoop thing popular with victorians. 1. Frustration - family favourite for causing all in square go's. 2. Raleigh Tomahok - Cannae beat a bike and the tomahok was the dogz of its day. 3. Sodgies - Shitey dark green plastic WW2 figures that were a c"nt to get to stand up on the popular shag pile carpets of the day. Rolling a marble at them to knock them down. A pound a bag from the gr'n'k shop in Johnstone an excellent stocking filler and unbeatable son / dad game. 4. The Castle - as above, medieval castle soon populated with the shitey dark green plastic WW2 figures (the diecast knights were as dear as f"k) requiring chucking of the marble rather than the rolling technique. Sadly eventually suffered the same cupboard fate as the scaletrix. 5. Drum Kit - Full size 4-peice kit and still in primary school. Sid Jnr and the sidlette ahve already got their own 5-peice precision kit. Thankfully always been blessed by very good neighbours.
  8. There was a clip of the magnificent Gerry Sadowitz on C4 the other night talking about Gary Glitter and how our attitudes to rock stars had changed over the years....pure genius.
  9. Just bought 300 from woolies today as a present. To my delight it is not wrapped in celophane meaning I can watch it tonight before wrapping it. Every f'k'rs getting DVDs for their XMAS now.
  10. According to the B&WArmy player stats Billy the Conquerer is still only on 1 goal.
  11. One interesting theory relates to how much of an epithany noodles had. The gay pride brigade reckon his misogyny (the obsession and rape of Liz McGovern and the rape of Tuesday Weld) was a reaction to his being in the closet and that is why there is so much mystery regarding what he did and where he went to after the opium den. The lack of information about what he did in the intervening years is the brilliance of the film as the viewer will fill the years with their own version of a new life - proper art!
  12. Too big fur the hoose unless you live in a good sized pub. Anything bigger than 26" in the hoose is penis compensation.
  13. In that case: Once Upon a Time in America The Strawberry Blonde NARC Bad Santa Old School
  14. Fujitsu Seimens are top notch and excellent value. I've got an FS desktop and laptop. Prices are excellent too. Laptop was under £300 from Makro....good spec desktop wasn't much more from one of the high street leccy retailers...might even have been dixons. Don't buy an extended warranty as they're bog roll, plus knowing your download habits you'll be too feart to send it back for repair.
  15. 95% might be accurate enough if you are going by overall mass as his critics have the bellies to match their mouths.
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