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  1. Did you believe all the dire post Scottish Independence forecasts?
  2. I said from the very start that Alex Rae was a bad appointment We're actually worse than we were last season... and that is saying something. We need to get shot of Rae immediately. He doesn't know what he is doing!
  3. Tommy Craig was the organ grinder when Danny Lennon was manager... The only reason that McLean was played in an advanced role under Craig & Teale is because we had no feckin strikers.
  4. ????? How can Rangers go into administration again when they are currently in liquidation? They didn't survive administration! And they don't have any season ticket sales. As I said, they are in liquidation. They aren't in any league football!
  5. I would have more respect for Brown if he spoke out against his club's exploitation of sectarianism, bigotry and hatred as a business model.
  6. a peado as well as a homophobic bigot? deary me, what a distasteful character this guy is no wonder his wife and kids left him
  7. says the guy who thinks the public debt is funded by selling premium bonds
  8. I think we can ignore the comments of a homophobic bigot like yourself you're a disgrace of a human being
  9. Leicester managed to play okay last season with 2 wingers and 2 strikers
  10. so if age has nothing to do with it, why would his legs not be able to let him do the job he used to?
  11. Jim Goodwin's legs are just a year older than Mo Farah's legs. Maybe Mo should just come home and run a local 10k road race instead?
  12. indeed his rage against homosexuals shows that he can never take the high ground again he's a bigot of the highest order a disgusting individual and you smell
  13. aha! I had a feeling when reading your recent long rants on the subject of homosexuality that you had an issue it appears that you are in fact a closet homosexual with a rage added to the fact that you are fat, a lecturer and live on your own, it's quite an image
  14. because you personally haven't seen him play a lot, you are wondering how other clubs have? seriously?
  15. are you REALLY that stupid? do you think the SNP magically came up with the money to fund these middle class subsidies? the SNP have cut funding in other areas to keep the middle classes on board they have cut NHS spending to fund this people have actually suffered and died for this the SNP policies are the most extreme right policies that actually male me sick it's actually disgusting the right on middle class pretend lefties have their noses in the troughs and are stealing from the sick and the poor never mind we can always issue more premium bonds
  16. aye, and you'll keep happy clapping until we visit Hampden on league duty!
  17. yes, I know u aren't panicking u have have happy clapped all the way to mid table championship mediocrity
  18. no need to panic there are obviously attacking options who were on the bench today, Quinn for midfield and 2 new centre backs it'll come good
  19. John Sutton is the man needs to be in the starting line up every week
  20. Walsh, Hardie and Sutton should have started with Gallagher, Clarkson and Shankland on the bench
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