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  1. Head to the sin bin - only ‘Nine is fine’ Shull will offer the full sp on tickets/pies/forum members Set aside a few days [emoji3]
  2. It’s there as you say, for all to see. We’ve not been great so far this season. There are however many more positives than negatives. Some people have us relegated already, it’s not even close to that.We are still a top flight team yet although many know bottom half is ‘our level’ some people have unrealistic expectations. Aside from the Hearts game we have been ‘harder to beat’ it was actually a surprise to lose 5 goals as opposed to expected. I believe things will definitely click into place before Christmas and things won’t nearly seem so negative on the pitch. The forum however? Negative by many win/lose/draw , some appear to ‘hate’ the board, the price of a ticket , the pies etc. I think it must be hard work being so negative for so many on here , can’t imagine they’re a ‘joy to be around’ We win/lose/draw, it’s always been that way and always will be that way. We are in the top flight, let’s see what the rest of the season brings, I’m saying 8th minimum.
  3. Aye, about 62% of people on here seem to hate all things St Mirren, so fair shout [emoji1]
  4. Currently watching Liverpool 3-0 Man City Not too bad
  5. Apart from the comma , it’s you’re [emoji3]
  6. Our household is voting Tory, Brexit does indeed mean Brexit Corbyn said today ( if elected ) ‘We the government will carry out whatever the public decide’ 17.4m already won that battle, f**king disgraceful asking for second vote #party-of-betrayal
  7. The young guys playing were noticeably different from the ‘established’ players as you allude to. Was actually enjoyable compared to some of the recent high profile borefest games
  8. Currently watching Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal
  9. Looking forward to seeing Labour getting pummelled at the election SNP ? Ian Blackford is a clueless wittering politician, but I can under the Scottish point of view over Brexit ( haven’t lived there in over 30 years )
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