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  1. Got a good feeling about this match St Johnstone 1-2 Saints 3,333
  2. Full game on tv BBC ALBA Saturday night 11pm For those of you who wish to record it
  3. Full game on tv BBC ALBA Saturday night 11pm For those of you who wish to record it
  4. Have you hit the ‘button’ to let Faraway & Shull out yet ?
  5. Painful viewing Plenty of possession obviously & their keeper has made one or two saves,but we overall are woeful ( regardless of today’s outcome )
  6. Everyone it seems to thread title Sin bin busier than main ‘good behaviour’ section [emoji2]
  7. Still going for St Johnstone 1-2 Saints Looking forward to this & glad it’s before the Dundee game, lets get on with it & go for it
  8. Having lived in Leeds about 35 years , I can assure you without doubt our population is over 750,000 and rising in the Business capital of the north Last count was 809,000
  9. St Mirren have a manager in charge for 25 league games & Saints are rooted to the bottom of the table People make excuses for some managers and not others, but bottom of the table speaks for itself no matter who it is
  10. No desire to play for the country for many players They want to pick & choose games , magically available for clubs or our home games No problem losing to any team, but the manner of the defeat is the issue from half hearted players
  11. Proportionately, St Mirren get a higher attendance to population than Leeds United So Leeds must be in real trouble
  12. Watch all the players who withdrew be magically playing for clubs next week
  13. Just home , switched it on As i was saying the other day .... FFS
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