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  1. That’s good, but what about Popescu [emoji2]
  2. That’s the guy, definitely Camphill , was in my sisters year when she was there.
  3. Quite a long bit of coverage unusually Nothing we didn’t already know Gus is signing a 12 month rolling contract [emoji2] .......
  4. Regularly got slated for stating the communications from the club are shambolic We find out snippets of info on here which ultimately lead to the truth , long before the club finally catches up with fans social media & the national media It’s shameful really, despite the many claims this aspect of the club would be resolved under the new regime Anyway, not fussed that OK is leaving but nonetheless, grateful for his contribution in our survival
  5. http://www.skysports.com/share/11747920 Update before tea time ?
  6. Not remotely fussed if OK goes. Just disappointed that we , yet again lose time recruiting management & players pre-season
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/d-day-oran-kearney-st-16799778
  8. Against a team trying to get their manager sacked ? Great 3 points but make no mistake, it was down to Celtic downing tools we got that result
  9. Ooft !!! Within last 10 minutes,we will 100% be needing this thread ., .....
  10. Not remotely fussed if OK goes. Looking forward to the new season regardless Management come and go, we have little influence on these things . No point stressing
  11. Did it overrun ? I just looked at TV guide at the time or was it just BBC2 Scotland ? Point being, will make sure I catch Murray in his next game Cheers
  12. Aye , Your vote was only the start of it, Now British politics is falling apart a bit, Now we’re waiting for someone to fix it for you Boris will Brexit for you & you & you
  13. I couldn’t find what channel it was on , assuming it was on tv ? Watch it on the app on my phone [emoji4]
  14. When they complain about first game, Christmas/New year & final game of the first 33 ....
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