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  1. Saints 5-1 Broxburn We will go 3-0 up before they score 2 penalties 1 red card Crowd 4567
  2. Indeed. The ‘Glasgow kiss’ is now under threat.
  3. I don’t believe this will be a ‘nervy encounter’ St Mirren will dispatch them comfortably 5-0
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/sep/17/scottish-independence-referendum-yes-no-agree-once-in-lifetime-vote
  5. The Scottish Cup 1987 Wouldn’t mind an updated picture [emoji1]
  6. What a f**king shambles of a thread on this section, barely worthy of ‘general nonsense’ it’s total nonsense Fricky back to his worst, bumping every thread & starting pointless ones. Ffs
  7. Good cup tie Enjoyed that Leeds were excellent
  8. Leeds 67% possession A variety of goal but great set plays
  9. Leeds tearing into Arsenal [emoji4] Offt off the bar , All Leeds
  10. I considered that, but the way Bielsa has them playing, should they do that tonight Arsenal will struggle to contain them. No doubt promotion is Leeds priority, guess the team sheet will give the clues as to who is prioritising this game. Either way, let’s hope for a good cup tie Is it on in Scotland ?
  11. Leeds to win. Having been to several recently ( but a few hundred since living here ) & watched many Leeds United games, the possession football Bielsa has them playing is superb. Most games they play they enjoy over 65% possession.Arsenal will be outplayed but it’s a question of ‘if’ Leeds convert their chances This should be a good cup tie Away win
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