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  1. whydowebother

    January Arrivals

    Indeed, he’s ‘oot the loop’ and was gutted when I pointed it oot [emoji2]
  2. whydowebother

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    30,000+ would agree if they were members on here that this guy should be in the bin ! https://uk.linkedin.com/in/rickykujawa
  3. whydowebother

    Brexit Negotiations

    634 politicians trying to defy the will of over 17 million people Not sure what’s next, but hoping Brexit goes ahead.
  4. whydowebother

    Speculation Thread

    Especially when you factor in that the ‘official’ f**k up of a site & social media platforms are ALWAYS last to post the news we find out. I’ve honestly not looked at our ‘official’ media platforms for about 10 years i think.
  5. whydowebother

    The Sin Bin TV Thread

    As all available already watched back to back over 5 nights- think it’s 10 Episodes good wee twists & turns.
  6. whydowebother

    The Sin Bin TV Thread

    Watched it all last week. Enjoyable viewing, worth watching back to back
  7. whydowebother

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Is that the old invite to The ‘Jock Stein’ academy for future talent when the the late great Mr Stein was scouting Fricky ( which he claimed on another thread ) ? [emoji2]
  8. whydowebother

    St Mirren 1 Celtic 0 sept 1989

    The archive videos are on this link : http://stvfootagesales.tv/record/1220
  9. whydowebother

    Cammy Smith

    Aye, whit ?
  10. whydowebother

    Sir Andy.

  11. whydowebother

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Can we add people who start threads about Polish Players ? Let’s have a ‘What nationality’s are the forum members?’ Ffs He even justified one of his posts to another member by saying ‘well, Doakes seen fit to give me a like for my comment’ on another thread. Was hoping 2019 would offer less pointless threads [emoji2]
  12. whydowebother

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    Keep out the town centre, oh, hang on, the stadium is in the town centre [emoji2]
  13. whydowebother

    Scottish football trivia

    Thread closed [emoji2]
  14. whydowebother

    The Sin Bin TV Thread

    Star Sixes - Football Currently watching Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 beating England 4-1 On Sky Sports now All home nations & a Rest of World team Continues tomorrow with Scotland playing the Rest of World team for a place in the final Sunday 4:30pm
  15. whydowebother

    Speculation Thread

    ^ Get that from an Almanac ? [emoji2]