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  1. I think he's related to shull ? In fact guess what i think he is Shull ?
  2. Yep cause I think the game is 50-50, especially as its at home. Would be a huge confidence booster also to win this one on the back of last week. Hopefully we can start to do a bit more up front this week.
  3. Aberdeen are junk. Overpaid and overrated. Definitely there for the taking. Not saying we'll beat them or we are any better but they are well beatable at the moment.
  4. Hmm, wonder if Holt is lined up for Dundee ?
  5. She has been asked of course she has, she is reluctant but by the same token does not want to be alone. The risk in this scenario is real and unnecessary. She is very vulnerable to C19. There us added pressure from another branch of the family who are putting it like if they don't want you, come here. It's ludicrous. She is 94, it might be her last Xmas ? She might not even make Xmas ? Hopefully that's not the case but .... I get your point and in the main totally agree but there is a balance to be struck when someone is that old ? My old man is 81 and takes about 50 pills a day. Advised him not to go near Xmas day but not 100% sure he will take heed and ultimately who am I to judge him if he doesn't ?
  6. Who would employ him other than himself ?
  7. Personally I think artificial pitches are a cancer on the game in Scotland. Should not be allowed in the top 2 leagues. If people think there so good. Why is it not 1 of 92 league clubs in England have one. Time to act. But as usual they'll do nothing. Couldn't agree more. If we are going to call ourselves a professional league in any way then top 2 leagues should be grass.
  8. Not if McPake is manager it isn't
  9. Yep we are still waiting for a post worth reading
  10. Looks like a few underperformers getting run out tonight. Need to get Foley firing again
  11. We may need to get players some game time as has already been pointed out but getting some goals and build some confidence is a bit of a stretch from a Betfred match against poor opposition. I think it would count for very little come next Premiership match. Avoiding injuries to key players has to be priority over next 2 matches.
  12. Players have missed 2 weeks training so maybe they will need the play time on the pitch. Yep good point
  13. Hmm, I'd prefer that no key players are injured. The league is more important for me but I know I'll get pelters for that !
  14. You only have to watch Dennis for 5 minutes to see why this is the case
  15. Depends on the outcome of the COVID nonsense we are facing. We have 2 home games in hand which we are well capable of winning, especially Hamilton. Also the team is starting to take a bit of shape and we might start to pick up more points than we have recently. Don't think there will be much between the bottom 6.
  16. Great day, the biggest scumbag in history is a LOSER
  17. I'm 50-50 on that. Personally I was disappointed with his performance last night. All the ability is there with him but he just doesn't realize it. He needs to do way more though than what he has been doing for quite a while now. Not sure I'd offer him a new contract in the summer either. Its our achilles heel at the moment.
  18. Yes, someone to play alongside Dennis as the rest simply aren't good enough. The gamble on Erwin hasn't worked either
  19. I thought last night was a vast improvement on what we have witnessed this season so far. We dominated United for much of the game and overall were a tad unfortunate not to take all 3 points. Still need more of a cutting edge but we are getting there. Dennis, Mason and Doyle-Hayes all looked decent recruits but all tired as the game went on. Hopefully get Flynn back soon. No idea what has happened to Foley but we need him firing again. There are a few player we need to try and move on in January if we can then try and strengthen further Think we will be fine as the season progresses and won't be in the bottom 2.
  20. He is an absolute rocket. You couldn't make it up
  21. Hmm. Not convinced by Obika or Erwin. Kinda says why they are on the bench
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