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  1. need I say anymore about this retard? Hook, line and sinker... Couldn't help himself...totally bored with him now...spat him back out and blocked him but I'm sure he is that thick and stupid he will reply, watch this space, I won't...
  2. seriously? 19? Was this a league game?
  3. yes, just ok, hasn't offered much either way, surprised he started yesterday...
  4. will have no problem dislodging Irvine, he has been rotten in all games so far, never seen a player commit himself so much in a tackle and dive in, yesterday for Sevco goal summed his all round play up...
  5. are you serious or just thick as f**k? Not one of your post relates to saints, negative or positive. All stupid childish immature replys with silly wee faces to cover up how thick you are, you are one of the worst posters on here. You truly must be not very bright...utter clown...
  6. you truly are an unfunny prick...maybe I can put loads smiley faces on to cover up how boring and unfunny like you, I await your reply with baited breath, u can't help your-self...here fish till I reel u in...????????
  7. why would u try to stop somebody else buying the club when supposedly SMISA remit was never to own club? Why if somebody could offer far more in finance would u try to stop them buying it? This is a total ego thing from SMISA
  8. listen to u ya absolute bellend, clearly u have never read any of your own posts...u r a complete unfunny tosser who consistently tries to be funny, it's no working...
  9. Irvine is fecking rank rotten, was an accident waiting to happen whole game...
  10. Miller misses sitter from a yard, miss of the season. OHallaren ripping us a new one here, why does Gary Irvine keep diving in and selling himself? Matter of time here...
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