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  1. Aljarov


    Not so much scouting, but I was at the UK (Kentucky) Fan Day today and was chatting the Scottish CB (lefty) Jordan Wilson. Only turns out he's Tommy Wilson's nephew and has seen his Uncle's cup winner's medal many a time on display in his house. He's a senior (IE last year in NCAA) and will either go into MLS draft in January or leave for home. Hard to tell how he stacks up vs Scottish Championship, but he might be worth a look. Always though he looks good for this level, good size, good left foot and especially good long distribution out of the back. He used to be in the Rangers academy system and was a Scottish YNT player IIRC.
  2. A kit like this could actually almost be the away kit...if we had the very thick black and white. Then a red one or something for the 3rd.
  3. i love the cup tribute kits, but i hate the JD sports logo. I know we're pretty firmly in bed with them at the moment, but the size, shape of the sponsor is too much. Its basically a double-sized sponsor...the fact it's in a shield detracts from our badge. How many other sponsors get a slogan as well? It should just be JD sports...by itself, even if it was a bit bigger, or designe din such a way not to be in the shield. The sponsor should never be more prominent than the team and that really is the case over the past couple of years.
  4. Other random stuff i've seen for things like this over here in MLS are: all the names of season ticket holder (or in our case, members) in the design of a shirt http://www.coloradorapids.com/post/2013/02/25/new-rapids-jerseys-feature-fans-names-tribute-colorado-flag I've also seen the pictures of STHs in the numbers http://soccerblog.dallasnews.com/2015/07/fc-dallas-honors-season-ticket-holders-by-putting-them-on-game-jerseys.html/ http://www.nycfc.com/content/season-ticket-holders Something like this, as a one-off, would be a nice keep-sake for those who purchase jerseys. The numbers could, theoretically, still be doable for the current campaign.
  5. Was sat with my Dad having a drink in Vancouver (Canada) on vacation when he mentioned he had signed up. He never mentioned it before. He has lived in England for 35 years, while I've been in the USA for 15+ now. I laughed, he's Paisley born but has always been more of a rugby man (played into his 60s). Still, he asked me what I had talked him into signing and other than assuring the clubs future in the right hands, and a name on a plaque, I wasn't too sure. Has anything started to be firmed up for what membership means? What kinds of things we'll be involved in (outside of electing a representative)? Kit choices? discount pricing on certain things? I dunno...I guess these are the kinds of things normally you'd ask BEFORE buying something but that wasn't ever going to be the case here. It was about getting it done first and foremost. I'd like something as simple as a member card, or a member's only scarf (even if we have to buy it, an exclusive design for members). Maybe a patch to be worn on the shirtsleeve. That kind of thing.
  6. Deleted - confusion on my end.
  7. http://www.soccerjerseysclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/87121a.jpg Anyone know anywhere I can pick one of these up? I'd need an adult L. I've wanted one for years and never did get round to it and I never see them on Ebay. 2nd hand is fine if in decent enough condition. Or if anyone has one they'd like to flog, just shoot me a message. Cheers Al
  8. Signed up (from Kentucky, USA). Don't expect I'll make so many games but what little I can do to help from over here. I'll spread it around and all that. Has anyone done anything on the crowd-funding side of things? I know the main core of support will come from fans of the club, but can't underestimate the almost random support some of these things get from all over the world. There's quite a lot of lower-league supporters in the US who are very pro fan -owned clubs (basically a push-back to a closed league like MLS which is essentially a corporation with franchises). Would only take a few to throw in to add some weight. Every little helps. I'll continue to tweet and re-tweet stuff and see if I can find any traction with my own folk (I have a small following on Twitter because I'm the Head Researcher for Football Manager for MLS)....if some of those can retweet etc....
  9. Aljarov


    While that's true, the US/Canada also doesn't have the same kind of training compensation system (for no good reason) that has seen another top prospect move from NYRB academy (US U17 international) and to Man United for free just today. With many players opting to go to college, there's a slew of guys ready around 21/22 years old and available on a free. In relative terms, compared to a transfer fee or even traditional training compensation this could be a much cheaper way to go. Additionally, I bet many of these kids would pay their own way if they thought it was a legit trial etc.. Most don't even have agents (another savings).
  10. Aljarov


    Anyone able to help point in the direction of someone at the club I could give information on scouting to? I've written into the general box twice and not had a reply either time. I live in the US and have covered MLS for a decade for two companies based in London (one the makers of Football Manager as the Head Researcher for the US, the other sports consultancy). I've provided scouting reports to multiple teams in Europe (Championship, Portugal and Greece). I cover US and Canada, as well as having a strong network of contacts in the game here. I always come across players I think would help our boys and would love a way to try and funnel more to us. Andy Dorman worked out okay after all. North American talent is cheap, and under-rated and often players will go pretty much anywhere to get a pro deal (Scandinavia, lower leagues in mainland Europe, etc). I appreciate their might be some WP issues to work around, but that's not always definitive (Perry Kitchen just signed with Hearts for example and has only a couple of caps). Many have EU 2nd passports too, especially the Canadians. Any help would be appreciated...I'm trying to do it to help the club, I'm not looking for paid employment or anything! Cheers Al
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