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  1. He will ruin the club if he ever achieves his ambition to be chairman.
  2. That walloper from the board is a very real danger - he's responsible for the family stand being sold to OF scum without consulting the ST holders who sat there, also responsible for the barcode strip and the limited access fans bar. I suspect he is also responsible for the seat allocation at the last game - funny how all the seats (usually occupied by ST holders) near the hospitality suite were the first to be snapped up when a "glitch" on the ticketing site meant anyone could buy any seat they wanted, but "luckily" it meant more money could be made from selling hospitality packages, somebody reserved all those seats as soon as they went on sale. He will trample over anyone if he thinks he can make a quick buck.
  3. Still trying to sell crap i see. Will these phone covers go the same way as your dodgy TV boxes ?
  4. Of course i believe the statement, the fact your missing is - at no point did i say we would not get any money, i simply stated that there is no official confirmation that the deal falls in our favour and the source stating they don't know the detail of the Hibs - Villa deal is not confirmation that we get any money is it ?
  5. The reply states that they don't know what the details of Hibs deal with Villa is, and why would they ? As for being put right, i simply stated i had not and still have not seen any official confirmation that we are due any money from the deal, it all depends on the detail of Hibs deal with Villa.
  6. This reply from my source on the board would - Regarding John, it will depend if Hibs have a clause about his promotion in their agreement with Villa. If they do we would be entitled to a percentage of that, but I don't know if they have that clause. My guess is that they will, but the amount we would get won't be huge, although a nice bonus if it does come
  7. I have yet to see any official confirmation that Saints are due any part of a fee agreed between Hibs and Villa
  8. Is there any news on tickets for the away game on Thursday.
  9. I would suggest that certain seats in the main stand sold out before the "glitch" was noticed. It stinks of the same fans council suggestion of selling the family stand to a Glasgow mob and THEN telling the affected ST holders all about it, it is also notable that as soon as the club started running their own buses to games they stopped advertising the travel club buses times. Vote almost any current board member in (when the shares are bought and the fans own the club) and expect more of the same.
  10. No usual confirmation email received regarding the seats i've bought. I think someone has set it up yesterday and is on a day off today. I can kinda understand that there is not much time for allowing ST holders to get a chance of buying their seat before general sale, but i would imagine this could have been notified to us last week.
  11. Only home game tickets on sale at the moment and you have no way of ensuring your own season ticket seat, so look lively if you want your own seat.
  12. I would agree with that HSS, with an early start and a chance of a pint or two after the meeting it could pull in a bigger audience, however the board seem quite happy that a pre-match meeting is the best way to get maximum attendance.
  13. Yes, unfortunately, for whatever reason they have, the majority of members have no interest in attending meetings and without a members forum (which i had requested at one time) the majority of members will never know each other never mind be able to discuss issues among themselves. The only way members find out about any issue is what they read from SMiSA board emails so it is always one sided. It would take a leaflet drop at a few games to contact members and advertise a members chat forum, which could be very difficult to set up - or not, i don't know. Unless something like that could be set up then members will only be able to make decisions based on what they read in official emails. People would connect more with a chat forum than they would by attending meetings because as has been proven there is little interest in attending meetings. Almost as many people have posted on this thread as the amount who voted at the AGM, and i'd bet that a whole lot more will have read this thread.
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