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  1. Doesn’t even look like it’s raining 😁
  2. The British Linen Bank on Gilmour Street, it’s now the CeX shop. I don’t remember trams.
  3. Bus on the way into town from Glenburn, it’s on Caplethill road with the Esso petrol station on the right which by then may have been only a car repair business.
  4. You’re doubting the word of someone who has stated he was and in fact still is involved in large scale construction projects. Unbelievable that you rubbish his word without any personal knowledge of his career, I on the other hand do.
  5. That particular director, when asked at the AGM why he didn’t oversee the project, answered by saying he was never asked to get involved . And to answer one of your other questions, the “ legacy issues “ referred to are I believe the issues left by the previous board who sold their shares to SMiSA. Those issues in part being damp and rot in the then buildings which was simply boarded over to hide the problem. Those issues were not apparent when the deal went through but were noticed not long afterwards along with the broken undersoil heating system at the stadium.
  6. No it’s a Skye Crescent McGills bus travelling up Fairway Avenue. Braehead buses didn’t go up Fairway Avenue and neither did Fereneze Drive buses.
  7. People, mostly on TV, who nod their heads like a donkey after speaking.
  8. Suppliers contracts will be reviewed it states in the report. That to me means we had not been very prudent in choosing suppliers and there are probably other suppliers who can give us a fairer price for their services. Doesn’t read well for those responsible for the awarding of contracts at the time.
  9. Executive boxes, poorly costed, poorly planned and hideous to look at. The board member in charge of the project resigned before this story about shelving the idea was published.
  10. Violet street with Williamsburgh court fly hat in the background.Eadie brothers factory takes up most of the photo, they sponsored a decent amateur football team - Eadie Star.
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