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  1. When does smtv coverage start, I am just getting a still pic of the ground
  2. Clear the junkies and beggars of the streets, instant low cost improvement .
  3. Change password didn’t work, had to use original password, saw 10 minutes at the start then had buffering for 25 minutes so missed the goal. Not impressed.
  4. I use Firefox and have never had a problem, I have been told by a few people that they have trouble with the website when using their phone but no problem on Pc or tablet
  5. The game is completely corrupt, the SPFL are only interested in the clubs that command the biggest TV audiences, everyone else is just cannon fodder.
  6. No season ticket purchasing from me until it is absolutely certain the league will go ahead and I will be allowed in to watch games.
  7. As is their usual method of operation, the SMiSA board have informed members of proposals at the very last minute allowed which gives members as little time as possible to mull over the proposal.
  8. With 2 or more directors on the board representing Kibble and them being employees of that business, we would effectively have paid board members whose only jobs for us are to sit on the board, something I thought would not have happened under the proposed takeover.
  9. With over 75% between smisa and existing fans who own shares nobody but fans can make full decisions and have them passed, 27.5% of shares owned by others means they can block decisions from being passed. Kibble could replace all existing staff with their own supervisors and trainees and effectively decide how much we pay for maintenance of everything from picking up litter to building new facilities. Complete fan ownership as promised would never be achieved if this is voted through, GLS always had the ability to sell a percentage of his shares and has obviously decided he will do. As someone has already said - fan ownership my arse.
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