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  1. Come off it Waldorf, you know that any grant would mean unwanted close scrutiny of the association.
  2. Why would anyone who chose to watch a Saints game on video or TV need to see any signage. It would be as much of a waste of money as the Graffiti art on the walls which shows images of players, unfortunately the images don't look very much like the players they are meant to portray.
  3. buddiecat

    Honorary Member

    I like that name in bold, very funny. Incidentally i know you are right, i was on the SMiSA committee for a season and a half and during that time was offered a free place in hospitality on 2 occasions, reason being the tables were not all full and they wanted to make the place look busy. I declined both offers.
  4. "The players need time to gel" - aye we know we've seen the hairdos.
  5. GLS will have no shares left at all, so would have to be elected as chairman by SMiSA members, so possibly him, but i know at least one of the other current club board members has an ambition to be chairman.
  6. There is a distinct lack of interest from SMiSA members to even attend meetings never mind join the board and attend board meetings, also it has been made increasingly difficult for anyone to join the SMiSA board because of the current boards selection criteria. I wish i could share your optimism that a whole new committee would be formed but i don't see that happening. What happens if the current board resigns en masse leaving nobody in office.
  7. The chairman and the board member are embarassing with their current conduct. Offering to fight with a supporter should be a sackable offence and stating that the proceeds (though god knows who would pay to watch) would go to charity - that being the St Mirren charitable trust. Just give money to the trust and don't bother with a fight. That charitable trust is very handy though, it's just the right type of trust that could take over from SMiSA if everything goes wrong. I believe they could take control of the SMiSA funds and run the club without input from SMiSA members.
  8. I liked this post - does that mean i'm you.ffs
  9. Sadly I don't see the early payoff regime ending in the near future, i think we are in the money-go-round fraternity, where almost everyone involved gets a cut of the deal in one way or another.
  10. What would you know about pubs.
  11. Just like the reported "glitch" with the ticketing website which the club apologised to season ticket holders for. The glitch meant anyone could buy any seat in the stadium for the play off game at one point, the one where all the padded seats in front of hospitality were snapped up straight away, then on matchday were filled with punters from hospitality, was there no way of knowing who bought what and sorting that situation ? i believe there could have been a way.
  12. I did notice that, they ask for an explanation and then moan when they get one, i do think he could have done better with his statement though.
  13. What i'll say is, i hope we have Jim Goodwin on a watertight contract which has a performance related clause in it. I doubt we have the finances to have to pay compensation to a failed manager and also have enough to pay good players,if he does fail that is. Washing your dirty linen in public is not a good thing. We have rightly got rid of managers who were not up to the job and in the case of Ross one who wanted to go to better himself, losing a manager who helped turn our season round was not good, and it seems a mixture of blame can land in both camps here, Kearney seemingly having left his options open to return to his previous job and football career and deciding to do just that by way of asking for more frequent travel home which he likely knew we could never allow and us having such a piss poor contract with him that allowed such negotiations to start.
  14. Oh i don't know i've heard they have very good dog food and even have restaurants selling it.
  15. Graham Sinclair lived in Glenburn as a lad.
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