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  1. Sad to learn of Malky passing away. Too many hilarious comments from the Malk to list here. We will always remember his days on the Tile bar bus and Tudor arms bus. R.I.P. Malky.
  2. Well said, teams and individuals go through ups and downs, no need to publicly slate players who do. Some people on here must be absolutely faultless in all they do going by their inability to cut players some slack.
  3. Got the score right Gary - in reverse. Wonderful to be there and witness our best result there since 1953. Travelled to Abercorn Street to get the bus to the game. Top marks to all the Saints players and the referee.
  4. Oliver Hardy or Harry Maguire ?
  5. Like most people I am well aware of their desire to get cars off the road. My point was the mayhem that will ensue.
  6. I know I’m bucking the trend here but. Closing the slip road from Glasgow road onto mill street thus making cars travel to turn left onto Cotton street will result in more accidents at the two Gordon street/Mill street junctions (there are a fair amount of crashes there already ) also when bridge street and Gauze street are closed off for events there will be mayhem.
  7. Massive to get the 3 points. Bitterly cold though. I’m wondering why the south end of the pitch was frost covered - undersoil heating problem ?
  8. SMiSA constitution, asset lock section. Good read.
  9. The club cannot be bought as SMiSA are the majority shareholders and their shares cannot be sold. Quite possibly kibble shares can be sold as well as those of all other minority shareholders. SMiSA shares can however be transferred to a similar community interest group but can never be sold.
  10. That one’s getting worse, some dullards type Use when it should be You.
  11. Either us or hibs will be in the semifinals.
  12. I’m already registered if it helps I can get you a ticket.
  13. Not correct, saints ticket office, according to the website, will only be selling tickets for wheelchair fans and carers.
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