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  1. I had phoned the ticket office before my first post, just had a call back and all is. Sorted 😁
  2. I have received a second email telling me that my entry time is 18:15 the first one said 18:45 ?
  3. Me too, except it’s £6 they want from me 😁
  4. June Stevenson, Billy.
  5. Could not agree more, I avoid the place if I can.
  6. “We need lightning to clear the air” no we don’t.
  7. Mainly golfing with Neil and doing all the diy in my house and my son and daughters houses.
  8. Cheers, I have also given up working 😁
  9. Yes John I became eligible on 7th., June.
  10. If you have email on your phone you can open the pdf and download it on to your phone then save it to your phone’s Home Screen which allows you to just click on it and open it to allow you to scan the barcode at the turnstile.
  11. 65 is the concession age at SMFC and the majority of other clubs, only a couple of clubs set it at 60.
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