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  1. Maybe now all you people who worship him will wake up and smell the coffee. His team selection and tactics are absolutely shocking. Time we had a proper manager. He’s had more money to spend than any manager for a very long time, signed at least 6 strikers and we still don’t have any threat. Not good enough
  2. The usual a manager who never knows the right team to pick, or the right subs to make. Constant changing the lineup, forwards not knowing their way to goal and he signed them all. Wingers never given more than 1 or 2 games when anyone who knows anything about the game knows they all have good and bad games. More bad games when your constantly in and out of the team. Poor player poor manager.
  3. If we were winning or at least drawing some of our games it wouldn’t matter, but we’re getting beat from the teams we need to be taking points from. Lineup is too negative and funnily enough reminds me of McPhersons teams. We must attack more and start beating the teams you would imagine will be around us. Looks like another relegation battle already.
  4. We had all this moaning from the same people at the start of last season,said the same thing then as now. Let the manager and the players do their jobs and see where it takes us. Above all else remember we are Stmirren and you take what you get. Cheers
  5. I know this boys father and Jack Ross has told him he sees his future with StMirren at right back. Give the boys a chance and see where we go this season.
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