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  1. Liz Truss has better ideas 🤣
  2. Bas, Yesterday you were saying your comment doesn't suggest their "rep" is a nice one. Yet you lambast St Mirren supporters for not wanting to attend matches where the same Celtic fans and all the bitterness and shite they bring with them, are at both ends of the ground. It was more enjoyable having 3 stands of home supporters celebrating together. That atmosphere is unlikely to be achieved by having an interuption of away fans in the ends behind both goals. Long may it continue.
  3. I disagree about it being baseless. There's been plenty Buddies on this forum (& other social media platforms) stating, they wouldn't attend home matches against rangers & celtic if they were given 2 stands. There is no doubt, attendances are up because of improved performances & league position (that happens for every club). Celtic only having one stand for their support to congregate in made the experience for every Buddie & non celtic supporting customer in the home stands a much more enjoyable experience and it provided the team, the perfect platform to play their game, their way & win the game. 3 stands celebrating at the final whistle & rejoicing a beautiful sunday was joyous & infectious. It'll happen again & there'll be more Buddies there to see it & enjoy another 3 points.
  4. I agree that the arm isn't included as you cannot score with your arm, whilst I meant goalscoring body parts, that wasn't clear. Did you see the Juventus goal disallowed by VAR recently. VAR checked player positions in the box & failed to look across the pitch. If he/she had, there was a player playing the "scorer" onside by a yard. I think Harry Kane had a goal disallowed as he pointed to where he wanted a ball played & his pointing finger was ahead of the defenders.
  5. VAR is a crock of shite. It's use should be limited to 'did the ball cross the goal line or not" Being adjudged to being off side by a toe or the width of a bawhair is a load on rubbish. Goals is supposed to be the aim of the game but VAR favours defences. Any part of your body onside, you should be deemed onside.
  6. Last season, I described Curtis Main as the worst St Mirren player i've ever seen. He brought nothing to the team. Ran around like a headless chicken. Couldn't/wouldn't jump. His jump was getting both feet off the ground then pull his knees up. His head got little further from the ground than if he was stood tall. I found it bewildering that he wasn't got rid of in the summer. Stephen Robinson has done a magnificent job in changing my mind, he's getting loads out of him, clearly knew there was a player in there & we are starting to see him. Not a bad jump on Sunday to set up that 2nd goal. Curtis Main, delighted to say, you're doing great this season. Keep it up fella.
  7. Could they be using the community season tickets distributed to schools. I'd suspect every school that received season tickets will have a clamour for them when it's either celtic or rangers visiting and the ST's are like a back door for some supporters who couldn't get tickets for the away end.
  8. Different fella. A lad who lived on Craigton Drive was signed by Partick Thistle, around the late 70's early 80's. His mum would be scouring the streets around 9:45 pm as a Partick coach would phone their house at 10pm to make sure he was home.
  9. He lived on Blackburn Square, can't remember his name (GH rings a bell though). my wife is from Helmsdale (Sutherland), some of her family & friends caught the bus from Brora Rangers ground to Govan. 480 mile return trip to watch shite. In adulthood, they're not so interested in football these days.
  10. Cheers, that bit was obvious. Carlibar, Springhill or Cross Arthurlie. My class at Auchenback in the 70's was fairly mixed with St Mirren & the other 2. There was a Partick Thistle fan in the year above.
  11. Shull, if you don't mind me asking, what primary school? I had a couple of St Mirren supporting classmates in primary too. They are still St Mirren diehards, as are their families. My best mate is a rangers supporter, i've brought his (now) 12 year old son to a few St Mirren matches over the past couple of seasons, he now talks about 'us' & 'we' when talking about St Mirren & got his 1st season ticket this season. Some heads will be swayed. I have no doubt. Nonetheless, it's a great initiative that will hopefully prove successfull for St Mirren whilst enhancing The Club' stature & community club credentials.
  12. For some folk, going back to a previous job, is not for them. I'll respect Jack' decision. As others have said, he took us on a cracking football adventure & for that, he'll always have my thanks. We enjoyed the trip.
  13. Rightly so. Disappointed (at the time) that he left but don't begrudge him going. I doubt there is man alive that would turn down the significabt payrise, it s rumoured he got. Hopefully, his luck will turn quickly & he's in a new job soon. I wish him well but not when playing St Mirren.
  14. If that is the case, up the price of single match tickets for the least popular section in the ground. M1 has 11 Season ticket holders. Price tickets in there at the higher of the 2 prices rangers & celtic charge us. Say it is £30 then apply that to the away stand. 1600 tickets sold at £5 more than each ticket is sold now would realise an additional £8000 per match. The remaining "home" match tickets are sold at the usual price but as part of a two or three match package. If anyone buys an M1 match tickets outwith the matches v rangers & celtic, present the stub at the ticket office & get a 30% discount, will even out that cost. I reckon that would enable St Mirren to discourage "infiltration" for many & those that aren't discouraged, The Club makes a a wedge that helps offset the revenue difference of giving them 2 stands.
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