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  1. Don't loanee players return to their parent clubs at the end of their loan period? This, i think is how it works. Chances are some could return once a new deal has been negotiated between our club and theirs. Another loan or permanent deal.
  2. I better tell Nic, NB might not be as idyllic as she thinks 不
  3. Unfortunately, it's at least 3 years away. I'd be back up the road tomorrow but Nic wants our children to finish their schooling before we head back to Scotland. Fair busy through the summer with highland games, harbour raft race etc. Me & Tony will be destined to remain anonymous to each other, i am more of a ruby kind of guy. [emoji16]
  4. My wifes favoured place to live when we finally get round to moving back to Scotland. She reckons the beach will be "just fine for me & the dogs" (we don't own 1 dog.) And i'll be "fine with the golf course" She hasn't yet twigged, once I am back living north of the border, i'll be going home & away to St Mirren matches.
  5. Why was he frozen out? That seems to have been a strange action to take given he had project managed the new build that became the Simple Digital Arena. I really don't care who directs The Club as long as they learn from their mistakes, don't jeopardise The Club and take the supporters into consideration when making decisions/taking action that impacts the support.
  6. Think how good your proposal will be when you have had another 8 months of campaigning err, i meant debate.[emoji33] [emoji33]
  7. I don't like this idea I love it. 不不不 Have I got to go to work? 不[emoji2][emoji2]
  8. I don't like that idea I love it. 不不. I'm away to my work now [emoji2]
  9. I think he did too. I now want him to bet on Sunderland for the play off final. My mates nephew is Charlton' goalie
  10. 3% of the membership voted, that is a fact. That is effectively where the change in interest will come from. We don't need to wait for a significant number of the remaining 97% to become active You may not like that, but that is the fact of the matter. As I've said before, we'll see how things go.
  11. Throughout this thread. It has almost become your stock answer. Anyways, now you think I'll be doing a Theresa May and resubmitting regardless despite stating a few tomes, I'll see how things develop and if there is any encouragement between now and then, will consider resubmitting. I am not saying I will and I am not saying I won't. But we will see how things pan out between now and then.
  12. Unfortunately, you hark on about "less than 1%" but fail to acknowledge only 2% voted against it. But that doesn't suit your argument. I've voiced my opinion on it a couple of times now. Your perseverance is akin to a war of attrition hence, the groundhog day. Me & a couple of others disagree with you on this. Let's see what the next couple of votes throw up and we will go from there.
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