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  1. I usually fly up for home matches but last season, me & my mates took the train from King's Cross to Dundee (direct) & it beat the shit out of flying. My mates are coming up with me in March for Kilmarnock away, we'll take the train. So much less faffing about.
  2. You think? But you don't know 不不不 Almost 不不 Little change?? Basil's Bollox is how it was called. Absolutely no change
  3. Dear oh dear oh dear. I'm grasping the fact that you are keen to dismiss (selectively) the funding application that brought about this unfortunate "scenario" You can spout as much bollox as you like. There is no mistaking, the funding application started this whole affair. There would have been no talk of any of this, if that funding application hadn't been made or & it is a big OR Conversations & agreements in principle had been had with the club 1st. You carry on sweeping Basil but that pile of shite you're trying to bury, isn't wanting to be buried just yet. Enjoy the rest of the season. Here's hoping, it is as successful as the start so far.
  4. Basil, The scenario you now claim never happened, started with a funding application from Kibble to build on land, they didn't own & without the landowners knowledge. Just because the stadium ban has been lifted for AW, I doubt the "scenario" is going to be simply brushed under the carpet as easily as you desire it to. No matter how many times you say it, it simply isn't true that it is a trivial matter, especially not with the court action taken so far. You are very mistaken in suggesting, the "scenario" didn't happen. Without that funding application, this "scenario" would never have happened. Hopefully, lessons have been learned & scenarios like this never happen again.
  5. 不不 Are you now claiming, Kibble's funding application never happened? You're almost Donald Trump like in your trivialisation & denial of anything Kibble that comes under scrutiny. You could borrow Triggers broom, it's been well maintained for 20 years 不
  6. Forget Asda. We might spot Basil at a hardware store trying to buy a bigger broom 不不不
  7. Is that meant to make it alright? How difficult/fractious could that board have become if the funding application had been approved & not everyone on the board did not agree (as it appears to have transpired). I'll stick with having appropriate conversations and getting the required permissions in the right order. Was there an intention for them.to buy the bit of land from The Club?
  8. 不不 Somehow, I don't think it'll be swept under the carpet as quickly as you'd like to see.
  9. My apologies. Application made for funding to finance a build on Club land without the required club permission. Is that worse or better than a planning application? Cheers Basil. You've compared Shull's 10+year "hang up" to AW's stadium ban that was lifted less than a week ago. Yes, that is still topical. I take it, the SMISA SGM that was due to take place last Tuesday had absolutely no bearing whatsoever. We're agreed on it being the right thing that the stadium ban has been lifted.
  10. ach Basil, you describe it as trivial but to others, it matters & it matters a wee bit more than being trivial. Surely, the first rule of planning applications is to have the landowners consent to use their land before submitting any planning application and not to seek their permission retrospectively? Not sure how it would have panned out if the planning application had been approved (without this furore) & then The Club declined a request to build on their land. The right thing to do was to ask first. Are you sure you're not trivialising it to justify your anti AW view. Thankfully, AW's stadium ban has been lifted and another Buddie fills another seat.
  11. What trivial situation has AW blown up needlessly that has painted the club in a very poor light?
  12. I read the email but not as properly as I should. It clearly said, if you purchased more than 1 season ticket last year, to contact the ticket office to renew. The very helpful lady that contacted me explained. They could link the 2 tickets which enabled renewing in one transaction in future. More than happy with the speedy response & helpfulness from the ticket office.
  13. The ticket office gets a bit of stick now & again but today, they're bang on it. Tried to renew 2 season tickets (bought separately) overnight but could only get 1 done. I emailed the ticket office around 11pm last night and received a call about 10am & my st renewal was done in no time at all. Delighted with the promptness of reply & sorted.
  14. The BoD played a blinder securing the services of Stephen Robinson. Of that, there is no doubt. Last March, after the 1-0 loss at Ross County, I bumped into Alan Wardrop in Johnny Foxes (inverness) & said to him, this new manager hasn't got off to a good start. He replied that SR was the man to manage St Mirren & that "he'll do well for us" & so it passed to be. However, imagine how much better it could have been, if a portion of that overspend or the costs cut to service 瞿1.5 million overspend had been invested in the playing budget? We'd have had our passports out & dusted down already. Instead, financial constraints due to overspending, paying compo etc, has impacted on the playing budget & we had to settle for top 6 instead of top 5, top 4, or top 3. Hopefully, the clusterf**k going on gets sorted sooner rather than later and SR can wave his magic wand for an assault on bettering top 6 next season.
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