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  1. SMISA will have the funds available in 2023 (3 years away) if their projections (based on membership subscriptions at last years SMISA AGM). As we've been told repeatedly over the past 12 months, there has been no significant drop off in SMISA members. Therefore, with 1250 (or thereabouts) members, SMISA will be able to realise the buyout just short of 4 years ahead of schedule. Whilst I agree, 51% or 71% makes no great difference in terms of who has the controlling stake in St Mirren FC, I believed the purpose of BTB was to safeguard the club by bringing it into fan ownership. With SMISA members, we are virtually guaranteed St Mirren supporters will form the Club BOD. With 2 representatives from Kibble on the BOD, there is no guarantee of that. Even when vetted by SMISA, I doubt Kibble will have an obligation to have St Mirren fans as their reps on the board. The waters darken. For me, it's simple, lets keep going for the next 3 years or so under the current arrangement. When SMISA has the finances to buy out GLS' shares, buy him out. Don't mess about, get it done and get a SMISA appointed BOD in place. There will be no need for Kibble representation on the BoD and there will be more representation from the fans. Once owned by the fans, The new St Mirren Board can work collaboratively with Kibble for the benefit of both organisations without having to compromise their % of ownership. I bought into BTB, not a revised BTB that brings in a 3rd party.
  2. At times when St Mirren FC are publishing accounts demonstrating profit, they should not be asking the supporters for money to fund anything. They don't need to. The money would be better accumulating for spending on St Mirren once the club is wholly supporter owned.
  3. Ian, F3K has been refurbished (big style apparently). Where in Finsbury Park are you watching matches, I'll try get over too (if I don't have the boys football on). Got sent the attached from a mate, turns out, the F3K has hosted loads of bands that went on to bigger things. Their highlight, though was hosting The London Saints. G..
  4. If they're not on the forum, you're not going to get the input you seek. Have you considered doing a straw poll at a match? You'll get the most accurate input from the female fans there.
  5. Would be good to hear how they got on in the matches they played too
  6. Firmly in the f**k Off Broony camp. Cretin that he is.
  7. Deacon Blue are playing Olympia Theatre, Dublin on Nov 3rd 2020. Dublin is always worth a drinking few days [emoji16]
  8. Gone for Little Steak house for close proximity for beers after the olds are dispatched home. Like the sound of The Butchers Grill, will save that for next time my wife is in town with me. I am sure to need some brownie points then [emoji16]. Thanks all.
  9. Tonight [emoji16]. Flew up yesterday. Had a couple of drinks with my niece last night. Northern Way Gantry The Bull The Wee Howff De Beers £5:45 for 2 drinks in the Wee Howff, I asked the barmaid if she was sure? She thought I meant too much. Would get little change out of a tenner down my way for the same 2 drinks. [emoji2962] & Papa Johns for the walk down Glasgow Road [emoji16]
  10. Cheers Done Pendulum last time i was up. Cardosis my mum done yesterday. She's after a steak by the sound of things.
  11. Popped up to Paisley to see the parents & take them.out for a meal. What's your recommendation for a decent place to eat in & around Paisley. Many thanks
  12. Completely agree, folk should be able to raise questions & not blindly follow. There's one or two more, LPM does not have exclusivity on that [emoji848][emoji16]
  13. Agreed, Their inclusion should be recognised/celebrated. Bazil has now introduced 2 St Mirren players whose potential is being recognised at national level to many of us & for those that like to track developing youths at the club, 2 more players to track. Here's hoping they both go on & have successfull careers with St Mirren
  14. Predictable describes you well. Fill yer boots [emoji2962]
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