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  1. It won't. If the risk of dying isn't enough to encourage compliance with restrictions, a £500 "bonus" won't. It might tempt some to try catching it for the money though. Hopefully not, if it is introduced. What's lockdown like where you live? In East London, from the busyness of the roads, you wouldn't believe there is restrictions, never mind a supposed lockdown. As it stands, cannot see lockdown ending anytime soon.
  2. The test centres will be booked up till Christmas.
  3. David Jamieson got back to me quickly. Doors open 4pm [emoji40]
  4. Cheers. No never received a pm. Trump reckons i should stomp up the Great North Road, march down Greenhill Road & fight to get in [emoji1787]
  5. Only just read the emails. Will they still let me in?
  6. I find their defence & hiding behind "We got permission in November" laughable & frightening (in equal measures) Would that mean, if on matchday, the pitch is unplayable [emoji300][emoji300] but they'd be like "Games on, pitch was playable yesterday. Games on" [emoji40]
  7. His statement "Everybody's negative. The whole squad is negative bar 2, I think is remarkable" Takes stupid to a whole new level & far beyond thick as shite. It appears the seriousness of the Covid19 pandemic has completely bypassed Neil Lennon & Celtic FC's attention. They have failed to recognise, the new variant is hospitalising younger, fitter people and killing a few too. I hope it doesn't take the death of a footballer or elite sportsperson for them to get it.
  8. Maybe there'll be some folk at the border shouting for his cushions to f**k off back to england. [emoji40] Welcome to St Mirren Kristian. Hope your time with us is enjoyable & successful.
  9. Declan Rice being touted for a big money move from West Ham.at around £70 million. Could John McGinn being the type of player David Moyes usually likes fit in at West Ham? Would be shrewd bit of business for Messrs Gold & Sullivan. Sell high, buy low (ish)
  10. If the comments attributed to Cooke & Andreu are true, they've just pished all over your argument. What happened Shull? You were once one of the most fervent of St Mirren supporters.
  11. [emoji23] when did you become the Forum Jester?
  12. Love their golf clubs [emoji16]
  13. Oh well. Where were we....
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