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  1. Finsbury Park works better for me too. Return from the F3K when blootered is murder
  2. When the pubs are open again & 1st time St Mirren are on the telly, a F3K meet?
  3. No. It was a question I asked within the debate, if there would be justification. As you know, I don't agree with all that SMISA puts out to the members and you are very aware that I believe there should be an option to 'Save the Pot' What you probably don't know and possibly wouldn't think, is, I vote yes in a lot of the votes. Not all the votes but the majority of them. "Footballs for a professional football club" cor blimey guv, do us a favour. In the not too distant future, me & the Mrs are going to move back to Scotland. Only reason for me, is so I can go to St Mirren matches every week. If we live close enough, i might be able to attend the SMISA meetings every fortnight. [emoji16]
  4. I think you're mistaken on BinEK but like every topic, you'll want to go toe to toe for arguments sake. Anyway, you do talk a lot of bollocks at times and been called out on it. But that's not on topic, so.......back to Kibble/SMISA/St Mirren developments. Anyone cancelled their SMISA membership? on the back of that vote? Oh aye, Forum is a source of entertainment, not one member on here I wouldn't buy a beer if our paths crossed.
  5. He hasn't. Calling you "pants on fire boy" hardly constitutes anger. [emoji16]. Happy to help. Now, back on topic, How's the partership with Kibble getting on?
  6. It's harder to get on the SMISA committee than it is the board of SMFC? [emoji1787][emoji1787] My apologies, thought you said 'getting' not 'being' [emoji16]
  7. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] That's ok then. It could be 138% of the intended "financial" target for all you know. Did you just pluck 120% out of thin air or was it a guestimate on your gut feeling?
  8. With that abacus, you're f**ked in calculating it [emoji1787].
  9. Evidence of the +120% "of the financials" Membership target was 1000 members. You say you meant financial targets. Go on, tell us, what was the financial target & how much is in the kitty. Show us the evidence of this magical "well over 120%" or stop talking bollocks Pure ragin, so you are. [emoji1787]
  10. and here you are sweet cheeks, still defending yourself and still going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. No amount of stamping your feet changes your 1st post being a pile of shite if it needed you to keep defending what you meant. You still haven't provided the evidence of this magical +120% of the financials yet you demand evidence from others. . wrap that keyboard in cotton wool for a day or two, it's gonna get one hell of a battering.
  11. You can bang on your keyboard all day long from here to eternity, the situation is still the same. Your statement didn't add up, you changed your tune ("clarifying" as you state) & you're spinning round & round trying to make yourself feel better with your nonsense about being misunderstood. What's that new catchphrase you have? "you must be ragin"
  12. [emoji1787][emoji1787] At least you knew what you meant. 1 is better than none. [emoji1787][emoji1787] Have a good day bud [emoji16]
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