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  1. Jak Alnwick' contract offer has been on the table for a good few months & remains unsigned. That in itself suggests, he's waiting a better offer from elsewhere. Absolutely no problems with that but if you cannot demonstrate commitment to the team/club, you effectively bench yourself if their is a capable replacement waiting to take your place. Dean Lyness has demonstrated very well in the games he has played, that he's more than capable of replacing Jak. (A wee bit of work on his distribution, his goal kicks match Jones's corners for being erratic) Jak Alnwick might not have looked at Aberdeen if Jim Goodwin hadn't gone but that's where I've expected him to go since Jim took the overnight sheepshagger express from Queen Street.
  2. Cheers. We started about 4pm in Gellions, visited a few more pubs, Hootenany, Lauders, Johny Foxes (are the pubs I remember the names of) The Gellions was great. Good craic in there. We done a loop round & got back to Gellions about 11pm ish & finished off at Johnny Foxes till kicking out. Heading off to Dingwall early doors & catch the Leeds match (one of the lads supports them) & after the football, get to do it all again 😁. Hopefully, with 3 points in the bag.
  3. I'll be fine. The southern softies are bringing their big coats & hats & gloves & scarves 😂
  4. 3 of my 4 mates going to Ross County know the challenges. We've done a yearly trip to a St Mirren match (home or away). They know what to expect The were coming to Love St 20+ years ago with me. They came to last game at Love St & 1st game at Greenhill road. The 2 nights out in inverness will numb the suffering should we not win.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. Airport parking (Luton) sorted. Hotel booked, match tickets bought & sounds like Inverness will be a cracking weekend. 3 points & it'll be a belter 😁
  6. My wife is from up that way. Been in Inverness loads of times but never on a night out 🤔. 33 years of missed opportunities 😂. One of the lads coming is a goth. Anyone know anything of any goth like pubs?
  7. Cheers. Hotel' been booked for a while now. What's Inverness like for nights out? Got any recommendations for pubs. Live music(rock/northern soul) a bonus. Thanks
  8. Morning. Anyone got any idea of when the tickets for St Mirren fans are going on sale for this match? Got 4 mates from London & 2 from Barrhead coming up for this match. 3 points for St Mirren will round off a cracking weekend in Inverness
  9. What strikes me about this is, SMISA has received sufficient requests, (of whatever the constitution says is required) for an SGM to be convened. Anyone going?
  10. It takes the whole team but I think the captain takes a large chunk of responsibility and I just don't see Scott Brown as the right fit for St Mirren. I'd buy you a beer if he got the job and my concerns were proved wrong.
  11. My apologies, only mentioning what i've seen others using to back up their arguments "for"
  12. No! Is the answer to your question. I am not saying Scott Brown is not suitable for the St Mirren managers job because celtic failed to win 10 in a row. The capitulation is an example where i think Scott Brown failed to demonstrate adequate leadership qualities.
  13. We are discussing the suitability of Scott Brown for the managers post at St Mirren. Hence, he is the focus of the discussion. Celtic' capitulation was not solely down to 1 man but when folk are arguing, he's a highly decorated player & one of the most successful in Scottish history, there is a counter argument. It'd be silly to talk about any of the rangers players or their ex manager. I'm not interested in their qualities or failings as they are not the topic of the discussion.
  14. No. I'm saying, I don't think Scott Brown has adequate leadership skills to manage St Mirren. Celtic' capitulation under his captaincy is an example to support my thinking.
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