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  1. Maybe there'll be some folk at the border shouting for his cushions to f**k off back to england. [emoji40] Welcome to St Mirren Kristian. Hope your time with us is enjoyable & successful.
  2. Declan Rice being touted for a big money move from West Ham.at around £70 million. Could John McGinn being the type of player David Moyes usually likes fit in at West Ham? Would be shrewd bit of business for Messrs Gold & Sullivan. Sell high, buy low (ish)
  3. If the comments attributed to Cooke & Andreu are true, they've just pished all over your argument. What happened Shull? You were once one of the most fervent of St Mirren supporters.
  4. [emoji23] when did you become the Forum Jester?
  5. Love their golf clubs [emoji16]
  6. Oh well. Where were we....
  7. If a joke needs explaining, it was either a shite joke or it went woooosh. Since you're likely to go for the former, i'll go for the latter [emoji16]
  8. Flux capacitor is working & you made it back from 2005. Right, where were we........ [emoji1787]
  9. No, it doesn't. 921 of 13- 14 hundred members voted. Unless you apply the priti patel method of doing sums, that's a majority of 65% - 72% or thereabouts voting. Can somebuddie break his flux capacitor & leave him in 2005 [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  10. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  11. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Baz. You never fail to crack me up. 699 Votes for 68% "win" (of the votes cast) But you default to "of the membership" for the votes for, for that proposal. We used to call it Basil Bollocks. It still is. Don't ever change [emoji2] Can I have my hook back [emoji1787]
  12. 222 vote to "save the pot" Clearly demonstrates, there is a bit of an appetite for "saving the pot" [emoji2]
  13. I know, I've been advocating for a pot of cash for a couple of years.
  14. You're right, clubs don't need to save every penny & that was never the objective. You know that. Hopefully, it won't get to wishing we had saved a wee bit more to help cushion any financial blow if it comes.Hopefully, the financial footing of both SMISA & St Mirren is such that your Spend Spend Spend desire has no impact.
  15. Save the pot. Hmmm, decisions decisions [emoji1787]
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