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  1. Oh dear. Not happy at mugging yourself off with your first post, you go and do it again. I think we may have to wait a long time to get a post of any value from you so won't be holding my breath. Absolutely delighted that you feel compelled to try insult us. I find that a huge compliment. Cheers bud. [emoji16][emoji16]
  2. It's been called a few things £2 pot quarterly vote 3 monthly vote discretionary spend & so on. but you'll find the Buy the Buds explanations here https://www.smisa.net/buythebuds/how-it-works
  3. I don't know about the share thing at all but that'll take me to 101 shares, I think, if that is the case (strengthening my grip ). I have said all along, SMISA, I and you, (in our discussions on other threads), all want the same thing. The betterment of St Mirren FC. We just see how that is achieved, ever so slightly different. Working on getting the night off so that I can get up to the AGM but need to be back in London for 10am Sunday morning. As it stands, it looks likely, that I'll set off about 4am from East London and head back down immediately after the game.
  4. Fair points. There'll be no spitting the dummy from me if the resolution is not successful either. As you say, the option has always been to spend. Having "Save the Pot" as an option should satisfy me and other like minded folk who have been arguing for it's inclusion for some time. I say should as I cannot speak for others but know, it will satisfy me. The members can then decide to spend or save and it stops folk like me thinking "bleeding eck! Footballs for a professional football club??? whatever next " when notification of the votes goes out. My discussions with SMISA have been open, honest and respectful. Disagreeing with each other is part of life. We can disagree and argue our points without falling out.
  5. I completely understand your view but I see this as a natural evolution of the BTB initiative. The idea of the spend pot was when St Mirren didn't have a pot to piss in (pardon the pun). They do now unless the club has spent all the transfer money received in the last couple of years, are not managing the finances the increased revenue is generating or even frittering away the profits from the 1877 Club. BTB can evolve to looking at the future by having the option to save the pot.
  6. Fair enough Kemp but as has been said and the proposal stipulates, it is adding the option not pulling the plug on the spending options. The purpose is, that when given options that members are not enthused by, they will get the option to save if they think that is the better option for that particular 3 monthly spend. Empowers the members to spend or save & not just spend for the sake of it.
  7. Are you talking to me or BuddieinEK here. You quote BinEK but refer to "your" proposal and also refer to the bit in red. It is my proposal and my response in red The irony of you questioning "comprehension or intellect" If you disagree, fine, say so but you have mugged yourself off by question his/my/our comprehension or intellect by getting it arse over tit. No harm done though Anyways, have you followed the 3 monthly spend thread? Quite some healthy debate in there that this proposal has been born from. Are you aware there are a number of SMISA members who would like the option to "save the pot"? Are you aware SMISA has other cash available? Therefore there is flexibility. This is evidenced by the money that was given for the christmas meal after that lost out to goals for the academy. Have you not thought your response through before posting? but you dig me / BuddieinEK out for comprehension / intellect. It's really not clear who you are having the pop at [emoji23] As has been presented, this is a proposal to have "save the pot" as an option, not replace options. Enjoy your day.
  8. Thanks. If the spend options are appropriate, they'll get my vote too and that is what I would expect of every member. My entire agenda is for the members to be given an option to save the pot if they feel that is appropriate.
  9. My comments on SMISA's counter This proposal is to empower the SMISA members to choose to spend the £2 pot on worthwhile projects and will allow them the option to save the pot when they feel less inspiring options have been presented to them. The proposal is to add the option, not replace options. The SMISA membership will always have options presented to them to spend/invest each pot. This proposal will provide the SMISA membership greater autonomy to decide how they spend their money.
  10. LPM, cheers. You know yourself bud, the discussions that have taken place over the past couple of years in the "3 Monthly Spend" thread. Folk go on, bump their gums and that's about it.. The option is now on the table for the SMISA membership to make the decision. Not the SMISA Committee and Not The Club. I am in no doubt, SMISA will be championing for support in the vote as will I. I expect, those on the Club Board who are SMISA members will vote against, in line with SMISA. Living in London, I do not have the same network, my championing for support will be done through this website and hopefully, SMISA members on here who share my thoughts about saving some pots will discuss with their friends who are SMISA members and they vote in favour of the proposal. As I said, my discussions with SMISA have been respectful, we both listened to each others views and agree, we both want what we see as the best for St Mirren FC, how that is achieved, we see differently. No matter the outcome, hopefully, the debate provides invaluable intelligence to the SMISA members, SMISA & The Club for improvements and a successful future for St Mirren FC.
  11. Members of SMISA will have received formal notification of the SMISA AGM on Saturday 30th March. Within this notification is notice that I have submitted a Members Resolution Proposal in accordance with Rule 26 of SMISA's constitution. That Resolution is to add the option ‘Save this Discretionary Spend Pot’ as a voting option for the members in the next and all future SMISA members Discretionary Spend Votes. I have attached the proposal along with SMISA's response/counter that was sent to the members also. I have been quite vociferous in my objections to some of the options presented to the membership and have championed having an option for "Saving the Pot" for when the Buds is Bought since virtually day one. The proposal is to add the option to save the pot to every vote to allow the members the choice to save or spend, especially when less inspiring options are presented to us. The proposal is not to replace options but to always be an option available to the membership if they wish to vote to save the pot. I met with 2 members of the SMISA committee in November, which I thank them for their time. Our discussions were constructive and healthy. I have since exchanged a couple of emails with them too. The one thing that was apparent is, the 3 of us all want the same thing and that is the betterment of St Mirren FC. We just see how that is achieved ever so slightly differently. Both my proposal and SMISA's counter are attached for your consideration. I will however, post a response to SMISA's counter argument separately. For this to be passed, it requires votes in favour. If you cannot make SMISA's AGM (hopefully you can), please consider giving me your proxy vote to vote on your behalf. Thank you. Rule 26 of the SMISA Constitution. 26. The members may by a resolution carried by not less than two-thirds of the members voting in person or by proxy at a general meeting but not otherwise give directions to the Society Board. A member wishing to propose a members’ resolution for consideration at a general meeting shall give notice in writing to the Secretary of such wish, and of the justification for, form and content of the resolution, not later than noon 28 days before that meeting is to be held. The following provisions apply to any directions given: 26.1 any direction must: 26.1.1 be consistent with these Rules and with the Society’s contractual, statutory and other legal obligations; and 26.1.2 not affect the powers and responsibilities of the Society Board under Rule 27. 26.2 Any person who deals with the Society in good faith and is not aware that a direction has been given may deal with the Society on the basis that no direction has been given. SMISA Members Resolution Proposal.docx Members Resolution - SMISA's reponse.pdf
  12. Kombibuddie

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Can more murals can be added at a later date? If so, leave room to develop this and in the fullness of time.....
  13. Kombibuddie

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Celebrating each of our Scottish Cup wins, will give a timeline feel to the murals. For the 3 others, I'd go for the League Cup win and 2 iconic photographs from The defensive wall jump v Rankers when about 5 or 6 St Mirren players all jumped for the same ball on the line (you know the photo.) Steven Thompson cathartic celebration when he scored in the league cup final. Jimmy Bone holding aloft the Anglo Scottish Cup (I think), I think he was on other players shoulders as he was carried across Love Street pitch.
  14. Kombibuddie

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Have they got a trailer or hasn't SMISA bought it yet?
  15. Kombibuddie

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    What a vintage we are. Sounds like me trying to get a pound or two more to go the shows at The Kelvin Hall.