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  1. Great suggestion but no way they would allow Elliot to be loaned to an SPL team, he will be minimum championship or lower EPL
  2. Kiltie is definitely a great addition to the squad , looking forward to next season especially if the next couple of signings are as good.
  3. G.O.W has already told us we have signed a winger who in his opinion is "very decent" so he must be a superstar mind you he said they had signed almost 5 days ago and no announcement from the club, they must be holding off to discredit him ๐Ÿ™„
  4. Seeing as we all know we will be bringing in several players he will of course be right and that will give him a chance to say "see told you". He knows nothing just like the rest of us.
  5. I agree and I think Ethan has too
  6. I am one of those who think Ethan will develop into a first class defensive midfielder, I do not understand what some fans expect, the lad only turned 20 this month yet they expect him to be the finished article. He would not be expected to be at his peak until at least 26 when he has enough experience and has filled out but there is no chance he will not have been sold by then so enjoy while you can. You only have to look at Mclean and McGinn to see what might be possible as there were fans that didn't rate them either when they were here.
  7. Strange as GOW says he's shit and he's an expert you know ๐Ÿคจ
  8. I'd happily take one or three of them if Killie dont manage to negotiate, mind you they would probably have to take a drop in wages SS
  9. Didn't realise so many ex saints in the Dundee line-up even if they were only here for a short time be good if Danny scores the goal that relegates Killie
  10. Don't see where I was not totally calm and rational in my post perhaps you are projecting there. Point 1 Actually I am not confused, definition of moral obligation from the dictionary "A duty which one owes, and which he ought to perform, but which he is not legally bound to fulfill." at no point did I mention coercion hence why I believe it is a moral obligation. Point 2 Where did I say you did not? please point it out, I did mention you thinking moral obligation as an argument being childish perhaps saying more about you but you clearly said you advised everyone to get the jab so why would you think I thought otherwise? I was also agreeing with you about social media as again I could clearly read that you were also calling out the bullshit on there and did not say anything abut you believing it. Point 3 Back to this imaginary losing my rag thing ๐Ÿ™„ Unfortunately I have no answer for the idiots not getting jabs and agree we as a country cannot force people to get them However once everyone has had the option to get one then would be the time to create a covid passport, if you separate the f**kwits from the pub and benidorm there would be a stampede to the vax centres, hard to police for the pubs mind you. Only thing I disagreed with you on was the moral obligation not existing everything else as you say we are agreement on and I did not try and disagree with. SS
  11. Total Bollocks in my opinion and you of course are entitled to yours. We as part of a civilised society do have a moral obligation to protect ourselves and others in society. TB was eradicated in the UK due to vaccination as well as polio, you only get that eradication when enough people in society become immune via surviving disease or vaccination, vaccination being the obvious and more palatable method. If someone has a genuine reason not to get the vaccine and I mean medical reason not religious or stupidity reasons then fully agree they of course should not but they are the very people being protected by the rest of us taking the vaccine. Too much bullshit is posted on social media nowadays and is too easily spread and sections of the f**kwit population seem to believe the bullshit contained therein. If we are individuals that dont give a toss about others then you are right no moral reason and to argue against it would be sanctimonious but if we are a society then that comes or should come with obligations to the weaker in society. If you believe this is a childish nonsense then that says more about you than it does about others. SS
  12. What a feckin goal from Cammy!!!
  13. But if those had been the criteria our starting lineup would have been able to accommodate it, you conveniently gloss over what would St.Johnstones starting lineup have been like? as it would have had to accommodate it too. Happy to be corrected but dont think any of their players would have qualified.
  14. Why? we could have had that quite easily , you could argue this would have made us abit weaker but the same would apply to other teams as well. We had the players available to do that. Ethan, Cammy, Kyle and Jay Henderson, all still decent players
  15. So you dont want labour, you dont want SNP, you dont want greens so who do you want to run Scotland? Boris? whether you get Labour or Tories they are just a small limb of the westminster party with no real say or power. I dont live there so dont get an option to vote so just interested on what policy/s swing it for you?
  16. And no mention of the potential handball from Broadfoot blocking a shot which wasn't given
  17. Aside from another semifinal best thing for me about last night is how good Jay Henderson is, plays like someone with years of experience rather than someone in I think only his second start, looks like the player Kyle used to be instead of how he is now, still with flashes of his old self but not as consistent.
  18. What a game, why do we have to do everything the hard way, referee didnt help giving them a pen when Mcal got the ball, but made up for it with a soft penalty for us, thought the Broadfoot hand ball was much more of a penalty. Onwards and upwards, semifinal time
  19. Good result despite the wobble in the first half, good from all of the team but especially pleased with Henderson, looked comfortable despite his age, Quaner looked very good, showed his class and pleased Erwin got a goal as he is usually back to goal. SS
  20. thought we sold him? plus he is the one according to Dennis that sold the club to him by speaking highly of us
  21. When I went in I heard a nurse and the security guard talking saying they were surprised as they had been warned that people would be asking which vaccine they would be getting due to all the bullshit around about the Oxford one but noone had asked they all just wanted to get it so its not having too much of an effect. Sister in law had it on Saturday too , felt worse than me but took some paracetamol and slept it off was fine by the Monday. I thought it was 37 cases in 17 million doses? guess it depends on the news program lol
  22. Had mine Saturday morning, Oxford/Astrazeneca version, slight headache and a little achy and chilly Sunday morning but nothing 2 paracetamol did not fix. Today fully normal, well normal for me anyway
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