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  1. Here, that says faraway saint on it! I thought you were an alias of shull. [emoji12]
  2. Mensa boy. That you never post anything worthwhile. If only you’d done an imaginary Maths degree like him. Twat. [emoji106]
  3. Don’t like to disappoint. Cock breath. Seriously, I think he’ll do alright.
  4. Almost right. Replace the “a” with “s” [emoji8]
  5. I sincerely hope that your online persona is adopted for a laugh. And, yes, before you say it, I’m a fanny in real life. [emoji106]
  6. We signed Neil Cooper from Grimsby Town around 1983 I think.
  7. Away and stop trying to spoil the fun. [emoji8]
  8. Actually, I was up at 7 today. Usually do parkrun on a Sat morning then go to the gym. If you were that smart that you’d have realised a long time ago that you were wasting your time. [emoji12]
  9. That was really eating away at you! [emoji23] Jesus, going by the timings of your posts, you were up worrying about this thread half the night! [emoji8] You need to put that Mensa membership to better use rather arguing with the 4 fannies of ineptitude! [emoji12]
  10. That assumes he has a friend. [emoji106]
  11. Whereas when you pay to be in the same room as your rent boy you call it making love. [emoji173]️
  12. To be fair, your mother knows a lot of men [emoji12]
  13. Nice digging [emoji106] You won’t find me saying anything positive though!
  14. Oh no, he’s onto the mother now! Not long till he’s gone through all the old internet cliches! He’s in Mensa didn’t you know! [emoji23]
  15. Well it’s got you raging![emoji23] #thickasfuck #premiumbonds #mensa What meany!
  16. This thread is no place for your sexual fantasies
  17. Yeh, please educate me. You’re a member of Mensa after all! [emoji23]
  18. Except that Donald Trump isn’t as unhinged! [emoji23]
  19. [emoji23] Nice backtracking! #thickasfuck #mensa #premiumbonds #%%%%%%
  20. meany levels? So we can add being unable to spell to not being able to understand percentages and being economically illiterate? [emoji23] #thickasfuck
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