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  1. I don’t mind gazing at my burd’s arse crack sweat anytime of day
  2. If we don’t have a manager, who decided to sign him?
  3. Not only that but my info is that it’s the assistant who is really in charge. A simple observation of the Livi bench at any game would show who was boss. Hopkin was even taking pee breaks during games.... including in the 89th minute in the first game with Patrick!
  4. 40,000 v 3.5 million is hardly a ‘substantial’ shareholder!
  5. In those last 2 seasons at Forest, he only took over in the Feb in the first, took them away from relegation trouble and challenged for a play off spot. They were only 2 pts off the play offs in his second season when sacked. He got them to the play offs in both seasons in his first spell. Also got Preston into the play offs twice and won the play offs with Derby. He’s therefore got quite a good record of getting clubs into the top 6 of a much larger, more competitive league at a far higher level than the one we’ll be in next season! That said, I don’t doubt that he possibly has ‘issues’! [emoji1]
  6. Beat me to it! [emoji23]
  7. Its very effective only if someone else is in charge of the team!
  8. Hopkin disappearing up the tunnel during games, even in the last minute of the most important game of the season, isn't unfounded nor an opinion - its a fact!
  9. Hopkin is ruled out cos he IS the assistant!
  10. It’s ironic that the term ‘Wank Tank’ was dreamt up by pozbaird. Also ironic that he’s now in his own self imposed Wank Tank after disgracing himself yet again a couple of weeks ago. An odious character, good riddance!
  11. Are you ITK? As Hearts are Scotland's 3rd biggest club, you would hope that he would get them promoted! Especially as he had Craig Levein holding has hand, signing the players and picking the team! Once he no longer had Levein to hold his hand, he flopped. The fact that he wasn't as big a flop as McInnes or Clarke, in your opinion, or that Goodwin might hypothetically get bagged in England one day, in your opinion, aren't selling points for me! If we took your logic, we'd never have appointed Jack Ross in the first place! :lol:
  12. Jim Goodwin for me. A young, upcoming manager who got Alloa promoted. Plus has a Saints connection. Not Robbie Neilson.
  13. It’s a good move for Jack Ross. They are at their lowest ebb and the only way is up. With a bit of momentum, I wouldn’t bet against him winning successive promotions.
  14. Well you obviously care what I think! You’ve got the hots for me! [emoji8][emoji177] Actually, I do like faraway! And are you too dumb to work out how not see signatures?
  15. Too long, too stupid, didn’t read. Premium bonds! [emoji23]
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