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  1. Ball came from Derby County. I know they were technically in a lower English league but I’m assuming that by ‘lower league’, what was meant was non league. Wouldn’t have thought it meant a club with 30k attendances in the 5th best supported league in Europe!
  2. Mackenzie and Eckersley missed 34 games between them last season McShane was benched by JR for the run in Stewart never played Is it any wonder that Stubbs thinks he can get better? If these guys were free agents who had been with other clubs last season, I doubt that anyone would be happy with us signing them.
  3. T. Craig brought in 1 lower league English guy
  4. Olivier Ntcham was also a Man City reserve and he only cost £4 million. Patrick Roberts is a Man City reserve and he actually did cost them £12 million! John McGinn will probably be Ntcham's back up so £1.5 million doesn't seem too unrealistic.
  5. The Man City youngster is a Ukrainian international with 17 caps.
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