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  1. Cairters_Corner

    Filling in the Corners

    Div on Twitter saying we have apparently invited tenders to fill in 3 corners of the stadium.
  2. Cairters_Corner

    How far would you travel?

    My brother is also a season ticket holder and makes a 300 mile round trip to watch Saints. For around 10 years my round trip was 90 miles.
  3. Are we kept inside Ibrox after full-time?
  4. Cairters_Corner

    Not Nice!

    I’m fully aware of the lyrics. There is no necessity to mention the Soldier Song. A reference to Celtic fans rather than a National Anthem would then mean it was purely a football song.
  5. Cairters_Corner

    Not Nice!

    “Deny it exists?”- I’ve read a lot of nonsense on here over the years, but this takes this biscuit! No way offensive? I’ve supported St. Mirren for over 40 years and originally come from the Republic. Why not sing ‘Couldn’t hear the Celtic fans’ then? It’s not “one of their songs either. Football songs should only ever reference football. Leave my National Anthem out of it.
  6. Cairters_Corner

    Not Nice!

    What about “you couldn’t hear the soldier song”? Sooner this stops getting sung the better.
  7. Cairters_Corner

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    1907-1960, 1969-1984, 1989-1994 are all superb kits in my opinion.
  8. Cairters_Corner

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    This season’s home top is one of the worst in years. Almost as bad as 14-15. Away top is ok. Going back to previous designs would be great. Dont mess with the stripes!
  9. Cairters_Corner

    John McGinn

    What were the plans?
  10. Cairters_Corner

    St. Mirren Park.

    Do you feel emotionally attached to St. Mirren Park? I’m not too sure at the moment but the last 18 months have made a difference! I would certainly say I was when it comes to Love Street.
  11. Cairters_Corner

    Hayden Coulson

    Rumoured to be signing on loan from Middlesbrough this week. He is a left back.
  12. Cairters_Corner

    Cole Kpekawa

    Impressed on trial and seemingly will sign for us this week.
  13. Cairters_Corner

    Danny Rodgers

    Aberdeen GK apparently coming in on loan.
  14. Cairters_Corner

    John McGinn

    Yeah but only for the 2 corners at the away end for the moment to accommodate more away fans especially the bigot brothers When will work start on this, soon after the McGinn money comes in? Heard the club were wanting a cafe/museum at the stadium too.
  15. Cairters_Corner

    Cole Kpekawa

    Ex-QPR defender Cole Kpekawa will play as a trialist in Saturday’s friendly against Bolton.