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  1. Watched the game in the house and thought we were outstanding. 👏 Everyone played well with Main and Taylor being our stand out performers. It really does feel like this could be such a massive season. We really need to grab this opportunity of getting European football. This team are more than capable of getting a win at Pittodrie on Wednesday then take it into the last game. All assuming Hibs don't get a couple of wins in there next 2 games. I think we will get something at Pittodrie midweek.
  2. Happy with signings and movement in the transfer window this month. Tony Watt will do fairly well for us for the 16 league games he is with us for. Thierry Small comes with a very decent reputation for one so young and will hopefully push Tanser for a place on our left side. We have been lacking a bit on that side this season so hopefully he can help us push on. Just hope there are no surprises in the next wee while and club announce that Baccus has signed for Wigan or the likes.
  3. Contemplating driving through with the kids tomorrow as the deal of £17 for an adult and 2 kids under 12 is superb. Also saves me having to go to silverburn or Braehead on a Saturday afternoon. Football is an expensive business these days and especially as an away fan with all the added costs of getting there etc and the pretty hefty prices some clubs charge. The deal St Johnstone offer is terrific but just a shame the atmosphere is always pretty rank in the home end and you always see crowds of around 2700 at these games. However, I do think the away end will be bouncing tomorrow with around 800 or so buddies backing mighty mirren. Would love to get something from this one as our front 2 are starting to click while Cammy is doing really well in midfield alongside Kyle. We just need to hope P McGinn and Foley are back and fit enough to play as we looked pretty poor at the back against Livingston without Broadfoot, The Bank and P McGinn. While on I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent parking option near the ground within walking distance as don't fancy having to pay another £5 and be stuck in a car park for 30 mins after the game?
  4. This would be a great signing. A talented and composed centre half who would be a terrific asset to the team and loved by the vast majority of the support. I believe he was on about £1700 or so a week and was close to signing for St Mirren in the summer. We were going to pay 70% of this but at last minute Bucharest changed goalposts and wanted us to pay 100% as he was in last year of his contract and that just wasn't going happen. Would genuinely love to get him back on a permanent deal for say 2 and half years as at a great age and if he does well he could get himself a big move for a reasonable fee in a year or so if he does well to England. Fingers crossed we see big Popescu back doing some of his magic on Gilmour Street with the Bankhouse boys this summer.
  5. Not been on the forum for about 6 months or more but good to see you are still posting Donald. Maybe see you at tannadice tomorrow night as driving through with Graeme Macpherson and a couple of mates. In the upper tier shouting abuse down at Div and his minions in the lower tier. Get Ally along to watch a proper footbal team. COYS!
  6. My wee nephew is only 12 and is keen to go to the game today. Am I right in reading it will cost him £12 to get in? That seems incredibly expensive for Hamilton. I thought they were a good family club encouraging youngsters along to games.
  7. We will aim for the 2:04. Maybe catch you for a quick ale before the game.
  8. Provisional plan is to meet Supermac in the Horseshoe Bar about 1ish. On daddy day care this morning so it's quick as I can get away. Maybe see you in there. Where were you thinking if going?
  9. Heading through with Supermac on the train for this one. A couple of quick pints in Glasgow then train out to watch what should be a hard fought game but I think we will get something. The great performance against Celtic will definitely increase away support so wouldn't be surprised to see around the 1,000 mark in away end. Anyone else getting the train and doing some pre and post match drinking? St Mirren to win 1-0. Crowd 2,267
  10. I have a really good feeling about this appointment and what the future holds for the club under our new manager. I think this guy could be just what St Mirren need. He appears to be very intelligent, a driven individual with terrific man management skills based on what I have been reading about him. I think the St Mirren support should turn up in good voice and numbers for the Celtic game and get behind the team for th whole game no matter how the score goes. Back the team and the club and we will get the rewards in the coming weeks and months. I think Oran might just be the man to help the players, club and support find their mojo. I am very much looking forward to welcoming Oran and his family to Paisley. Would love to see the boys in W7 get a banner made up for him coming and concentrate on what is good about our club and support rather than having a pop at they did at home to Morton and away to Rangers. I have a really good feeling about this appointment and where he could take the club.
  11. Tickets bought for the lower tier. Next to the drum and the singing section. The kids are looking forward to it already.
  12. Thinking of taking my two kids through for this one as their cousin who lives in Edinburgh is a Jambo. Hopefully we can get a result and avoid getting grief from their big cousin after the game. Would like to get tickets for the lower tier as don't fancy paying £28 for top tier. That really is quite a hike in price. It's actually cheaper for kids tickets their than at St Mirren Park.
  13. I think McGinn will prove this season that he is a far better player than Scott Brown will ever be and Celtic will be kicking themselves. Celtic are so tight at times. John McGinn has been one of the stand out players in Scottish football for the last few seasons and has all the attributes to go to the top in football. I am surprised there wasn't more interest from other clubs in England for him. He is such a talented and commited player. I wonder what happened to the interest from West Ham as you feel they might have paid a significantly higher transfer fee. Maybe Moyes moving on from the hammers put at end to their interest. Like Wonky Donkey says he will be linked with premiership clubs before long after he plays a few months at Villa for ridiculous sums of money. Good luck to John McGinn!
  14. Bump! This poster knows his stuff. What a windfall this will be. A memorable day for the buds.
  15. I think one of the main factors for John McGinn will be playing time. He has played regular first team football since he broke into the first team and won't want to give that up. Celtic won't guarantee him that while I think Steve Bruce has probably said he will build a team around John McGinn. Hibs saying deal is now done and signed for Aston Villa for an undisclosed fee. Show me the money!
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