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  1. Mr Zo

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Thinking of taking my two kids through for this one as their cousin who lives in Edinburgh is a Jambo. Hopefully we can get a result and avoid getting grief from their big cousin after the game. Would like to get tickets for the lower tier as don't fancy paying £28 for top tier. That really is quite a hike in price. It's actually cheaper for kids tickets their than at St Mirren Park.
  2. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    I think McGinn will prove this season that he is a far better player than Scott Brown will ever be and Celtic will be kicking themselves. Celtic are so tight at times. John McGinn has been one of the stand out players in Scottish football for the last few seasons and has all the attributes to go to the top in football. I am surprised there wasn't more interest from other clubs in England for him. He is such a talented and commited player. I wonder what happened to the interest from West Ham as you feel they might have paid a significantly higher transfer fee. Maybe Moyes moving on from the hammers put at end to their interest. Like Wonky Donkey says he will be linked with premiership clubs before long after he plays a few months at Villa for ridiculous sums of money. Good luck to John McGinn!
  3. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    Bump! This poster knows his stuff. What a windfall this will be. A memorable day for the buds.
  4. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    I think one of the main factors for John McGinn will be playing time. He has played regular first team football since he broke into the first team and won't want to give that up. Celtic won't guarantee him that while I think Steve Bruce has probably said he will build a team around John McGinn. Hibs saying deal is now done and signed for Aston Villa for an undisclosed fee. Show me the money!
  5. That's my thoughts too. Hoping for a home win but wouldn't be massively disappointed with a draw. Dundee are a funny one at the moment as don't know a great deal about them but they do seem to be treading water with not too much excitement about them at the moment. Don't rate Neil McCann too much as a manager so would like to see them struggle this season starting today.
  6. I think it will be a hard fought 1-0 win with Kyle Magennis getting the winner. Think he might enjoy this game given them kicking him off the park last pre season. I have a feeling the young lad from Man Utd will play a blinder today and stamp his authority on the game. I also think the crowd should be quite decent too with close to 5,500 in attendance creating a decent atmosphere. Dundee don't often bring a big support but expect about 1300 come down for the 1st game of the season as 1st game of season always draws abig crowd. Kids are going to panda club today and very excited about it and looking forward to the card display before the game. It's going to be a very tough season and the support are going to have to stick with the team and i have a feeling they will this season. I think success this season will be staying up ahead of teams like livi, Hamilton and Dundee. Bring it on!
  7. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    Scoring tonight can't have done his proposed move to Celtic any harm. Hopefully Celtic get a deal sorted with Hibs asap and increase our coffers to the tune of a cool £1 million. come on Celtic get that biscuit tin opened!
  8. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    I think John McGinn will move to Celtic for around £2.5 million before this transfer window closes.
  9. Mr Zo

    Speculation Thread

    Liam smith on loan would be a very good for for him and saints. Can't imagine he would want to head to Ayr in the championship instead of trying to play at a higher level and test himself further. I am sure someone will ask tonight at q&a. He might not be someone on Stubbs radar but think he would be a valuable addition to the squad. I just have this feeling that should John McGinn move on to Celtic for £2.5 million or so in the next few weeks then you will see a number of players of a pretty decent standard arriving at St Mirren. I am not saying we are going to spend a large chunk of fee received but just think there will be some cash added to player pot for this season.
  10. Mr Zo

    Welcome Matty Willock

    Welcome to St Mirrem Matty! A very interesting signing and one that should get the juices flowing for the new season. Don't think we have ever signed a player on loan from Manchester United (biggest club in the world). Onwards and upwards!
  11. Why would a club like St Mirren offer any manager a 3 year deal? Ross had developed God like status at the club and I can't recall him being offered a 3 year deal. Utter madness! I can't believe how quickly Stubbs has ripped the heart out of our side. Heard rumours he had told the players to forget all the success of last season as it counts for nothing. Every player talked how Jack had brilliant people skills but it would seem Stubbs isn't quite cut from the same cloth. The players all seemed to chuck it on Saturday after Sunderland went 2-0 up. Worrying signs for any team to give up so easily. All very depressing stuff and it looks like even a few marquee signings won't help out the team spirit which has been so lacking in last 3 games.
  12. Mr Zo

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    Saints to turn in a much more professional performance and win 2-0. John McGinn will move to Celtic and the signings will start arriving at St Mirren as a result of our significant windfall. onwards and upwards!
  13. Mr Zo

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Taking my two eldest kids to the game today and they are both very excited about seeing the return of Jack ross as am I. His team gave us 18 months of genuine real excitement of attending games the likes of which I haven't experienced on a weekly basis since1999/2000. It was a joy to be part of and they played their part in galvanising our great club again. I will forever be grateful for that. Taking my kids and a pal each to enjoy what should be a decent encounter with a large vocal home and away support. I think there will be a lot of love from all the stands. I think the pubs in Paisley before and after the game will busy and fun with some good banter between buds and mackem fans. Slightly disappointed that the club are charging £6 for kids got this one surely u12's could have been free of £2 as I am sure this will stop a few people attending. saints to edge it 2-1 assuming Stephen starts. PS I think both home and away kits are terrible and won't be buying one this year.
  14. Mr Zo

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    I always anticipated a large travelling support but to sell out is impressive. Should be a decent turn out in the home end so might well see over 4,000 for a friendly. Going to take the kids down to this one as they are keen to see Jack Ross and beat his team.
  15. Mr Zo

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Looks a good solid appointment. I think the quick hero to zero from Hibs to Rotherham will stand him and St Mirren in great stead. I think we all feel like it's been a hard month or so since we won the league with all the speculation about Jack leaving then finally heading off to Sunderland. I think Stubbs will be a good fit at St Mirren given where we are and where we want to go.