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  1. We should have some sort of St Mirren club card system where all tickets can be loaded on to. Could just top up your account, even link it to Paypal. Sort of like a St Mirren Oyster card where you can add games and use that for entry/club shop/1877 club. Golf clubs have them for spending at the bar or pro shop. Not sure why football clubs haven't made use of that tech.
  2. Just read the report. He didn't seem the type to be scrapping in nightclubs Guess that's what happens when you start hanging about with Cummings and Gowser
  3. Bit of a weird one, you'd expect them to play decent football with some of the players they've got - seem more keen to put the boot in than play attractive football In other news, mind when people said losing Alex Jakubiak was the worst thing ever? doesn't even get a game for Dundee Wouldn't take any of their players in our first 11 as it stands
  4. Only change I'd be looking at would be to counter Ross Callachan, always causes us problems. Hopefully an in form Alan Power will sort him out. Would like to see Flynn get a chance to start at some point
  5. Yep 100% got to be McCarthy, has earned his right to start. Dunne will need to play his way back into the team. Not a bad thing to have competition for places
  6. Brown risking a second yellow there, should never risk the wrath of Willie
  7. what are you doing 😐 delete this
  8. Long balls to Brophy don't work. Sky stats had him down as only touching the ball 8x at around the 35th minute Ronan and McGrath need to start combining
  9. Aye, you can forgive a fortunate goal, but you can't expect to win games if defenders aren't holding shape, midfielders not tracking back and ball watching at set pieces. Lucky not to be further behind. Not good enough towards the end of that half
  10. Goodwin must be raging. He was talking about keeping it tight at the back recently but all over the place at the moment, basic errors like ball watching
  11. What were the defence playing at. Brutal. Free header
  12. frantic pace. some decent quality from both teams so far
  13. We're better when we pass it around, long balls don't work
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