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  1. Is the Paisley Centre still owned by the same company who own piazza? No, Piazza are owned by the same company that own Burns Mall in Killie and The Avenue in Newton Mearns, as well as a load of places down south.
  2. Get Jim to Google "ways to deal with an inferiority complex" Kilmarnock didn't think that way against Celtic on Sunday
  3. It might be good for us, it might not , but it's setting a bizarre precedent going forward. Are we expected to believe that no one at Celtic knew that a player had picked up his passport and left the country for 4 days? Most employers measure how long their employees have taken in the toilet ffs Imagine a St Mirren player had went to Spain after a bad result, blatantly disregarding the rules and risking the football season being cancelled. The SPFL would 100% have made an example of St Mirren. If the club had any balls they would have said that we are ready and willing to play tomorrow night - and challenged Celtic to fulfill the fixture, or forfeit the game. Because it's Celtic, we bend over - they get a slap on the wrist and the game is postponed. Does this mean that if a club want a game postponed, they send a player to Spain for a few days? Celtic now have a convenient break up until their Champions League qualifier, we end up with a fixture that will no doubt be part of a big backlog later in the season.
  4. Defo. As much as we hate to admit it, they have some elite level players. We don’t. It shows unless you get your tactics spot on (which Goodwin didn’t)
  5. Few points I noticed yesterday Rangers were very good, played the Liverpool style high press and we didn't know how to counter it Sheron was unconvincing Foley not his usual self McGrath was our best player Alnwick is impressive Hopefully learn from it and give a better account of ourselves against Celtic
  6. Well known part of Dublin
  7. This lad might be worth a look, Sean Scannell, currently without a club Represented Ireland at various levels Released by Blackpool, previous clubs include Palace, Huddersfield and Bradford https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sean-scannell/profil/spieler/61549 Right winger who can also play left wing or up front
  8. Didn't see anything special in his time with us either - decent at holding the ball up but not exactly one for the future. Kane Hemmings might be a better option
  9. Mine stuttered a bit in the first half and the commentary was quiet, but second half was perfect. Maybe just a few teething issues!
  10. On the contrary, the demand for outdoor bars and restaurant with heated seating areas has never been higher
  11. Has done the club well over the years Tough financial climate so I understand the decision, hope Gus does well wherever he ends up
  12. It sounds far better as St Mirren Park
  13. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/spfl-ready-to-use-hampden-to-get-more-fans-into-games-when-crowds-return-39281571.html Weird source but was the first I found - discussions have already taken place
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