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  1. That one I can answer. St Mirren Active was the twitter page I started to promote active/vocal support, off the back of that a few of us got together to create the singing section. Had been standing together at away games and basically the idea was - why can’t we do that at home? A lot of folk didn’t know each other before the group section, mostly grew via the internet. Facebook and twitter in particular. When I created the page on twitter I had no idea it would turn into the “Northbank”, as it’s now called, in W7. So the fan group is the Northbank. I try to focus on promoting positive support (there is plenty) from our support as a whole. In my mind we’re all one- the Northbank (in general) start the singing, but would love it if we eventually had the whole ground going. Despite nonsense like this - I feel like it’s getting there. definitely last post this time
  2. That's like asking do you know the person who sits 4 rows behind you and 2 seats to the left Hundreds of people in there If Gordon canny take a slagging on the internet, maybe his new internet guidelines (which is a ridiculous concept) will cover it to protect his feelings I'm sure he's been called worse Threads been done to death so last post on the subject from me
  3. Private issue so will remain private with the people involved Onwards to Hamilton
  4. Notice the PDE have made it their front page this morning. Before this gets silly, again - had a conversation with the SLO last night and there's 2 issues that need to be addressed 1. the police issue - sharing of personal information - meeting now planned w/ regards to that 2. approval of banners, what's acceptable & what isn't. One thing both myself and the SLO agreed on is that the banner didn't actually break any rules, other than being asked not to display it - on hold for the moment until the police issue is dealt with I think this may result in some positivies if the right conversations take place, there's clearly issues that need to be ironed out
  5. Oaksoft to the best of my knowledge the only people in our group that have posted are myself, Suggestion and Mattman This thread has been done to death. I had a conversation with the SLO tonight, can’t go into detail but hopefully something positive comes out of it all.
  6. Agree with both of your points DJ. I don’t think anyone is saying it gives us a right to do what we like - of course none of you know what goes on within the W7 group, but these decisions are discussed at length. For anyone to accuse josh of leading some one man crusade against the club is 100% wrong. The decision to display the banner wasn’t made lightly, some for it, some against it. The fact remains that our group are treated differently to most groups. Personally I want what’s best for St Mirren and to avoid this getting worse. Arrangements being made so will have updates in due course. Hopefully can come to an agreement.
  7. That information has been out there and widely shared since the banner was displayed tbf. Here it is from my twitter post during the game
  8. I'll be contacting the SLO later on after work, see where we go from there.
  9. Anyone in the group will confirm that I disagreed with the banner, but was a majority decision and I know why they made that decision. In Gordon's statement he mentioned that they cannot stop free speech, but also said that the banner was rejected. As far as I'm aware, there's never been any clear guidelines or rules about what banners they'll decline or accept. That's something I would like to discuss in private. Needs to be some level of trust built back up. At the moment, it's not there from either side.
  10. I can see where you're coming from. There's points that could be debated in what you're saying but as I said before - my aim is to resolve this in private, with the club. Whether that's the SLO, Gordon or anyone else, it seems necessary to avoid this escalating any further than it already has...
  11. I’m saying that the SLO said the banner “should be fine”. After that we got a no from the club. We made a group decision to display the banner anyway, knowing that it wasn’t breaking any club policies. It’s more the aftermath that’s been the issue - obviously a lot of stuff has been said. Gordon replied to one of the group on Facebook which was a bit strange. This really needs to be resolved ASAP. Getting embarassing for everyone. I’ve suggested to the group that because I’m mainly only responsible for a twitter page promoting active support... I might be in a good position to provide a middle ground between W7 and the club. Whether that can happen I don’t know. Would like to avoid a further shit show if possible if anyone from the club is reading this and wants to contact me, [email protected]
  12. If you look at my post on Twitter from the night of the game- ( if Twitter wasn't blocked in work I would post the screenshot, @stmirrenactive ) I tweeted that the club told us not to display the banner, but it was displayed on principle. I still maintain that this wasn't breaking any stadium policies, the SLO agreed. The club didn't. ----------------- I've tried my best to see both sides of the debate. I've spoke with some of the guys in the W7 group and will be asking the club for a meeting. I've also asked Div if he will come along as someone impartial to ensure things are dealt with properly and as adults. The feedback I've had from the boys is that these meetings can feel like they're getting told off for being bad - rather than making any actual progress. I've never had any issues with the club in the past, so might be good to try a fresh approach. I think I'm in a good position to be able to see both sides. Won't say much more on here as I feel like this matter should now be between myself and the club, until everything has been discussed fully.
  13. Didn’t you read anything I wrote? If a banner falls within club policies, there should be no reason to decline it. Instead these “decisions” to block us are made on a regular basis, even when we play by the rules. Stop going on as if everyone in W7 is a child. The thing we have in common is a passion for getting behind our club. That mentality is exactly what our club needs.
  14. The club want customers - people who will buy subscriptions to buddievision, members bars, SMISA etc. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a business at the end of the day and we all want the club to do well. Many of the group contribute financially to the club. What the group in W7 represents is the mentality that we are supporters, (we = everyone who wears the black and white) rather than just “customers”. It’s as much our club as it is theirs. We know that vocal support lifts the team, to underestimate that impact is daft, imo. Of course there’s got to be rules in place - guidelines - apart from the Morton display which was on the edge - we’ve never really crossed the line. The SLO does a decent job on social media and prior to the “fans not criminals” banner, confirmed that there shouldn’t be a problem with it. Someone at the club disagreed but they know as well as us that it did not break the rules of the club policy. It’s being difficult for the sake of being difficult. Our club model should be promoting supporters rather than customers, at every opportunity they want to show who’s in charge and remind us that we’re only customers. By saying no to banners, it’s meant to “keep us in check”. Hence the issue with the Jack Ross banner being taken off us last season. That attitude is what is ruining the relationship between W7 and the club. They’ll say no to something without even consulting the SLO, which is literally meant to be their job. Truth is that some people at the club love it, others would rather it was back to being an easily controllable morgue. My (biased) view is that an improving atmosphere is only good for the club - they can and do use our stuff to market the clubs brand. Some of the decisions they make to “control us” are bonkers.