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  1. Doakes

    Flags & banners

    We wanted to do something like that before, similar to what you see in South America! But sadly surfing flags isn't permitted. Here's the stadium policy
  2. Doakes

    Flags & banners

    Can never say no to a FTOF flag Yeah I'd like to get the scarf thing going! Would look brilliant if the whole ground got involved
  3. Doakes

    Naming the Stands

    I'd like to see us approach airlines that fly out of Glasgow airport. Could have the Emirates stand, the Easyjet stand and the British Airways stand. Nothing visible inside the ground, but would make us some extra cash for a player or 2 - and make our ground more eye catching, huge amount of people flying over it on a daily basis. Could even have it lit up at night
  4. Thought it might be a nice change to have a positive thread about flags and banners! Anyone got any stashed away in a drawer? If you were to make one, what would you have on it? Feel free to post designs, ideas, pictures etc!
  5. Doakes

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    I'd like to see us try playing 2 holding mids and 3 attacking mids today. Cammy Smith and Jackson could cause them problems on the counter, can see Killie having a fair amount of the ball, will be keen to dominate the match which could work in our favour...
  6. Doakes

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Not confident No reason to believe we will win Playing poor 4-0 Saints
  7. Doakes

    Hayden Coulson - Confirmed

    Agreement wasn't working for either club involved so the decision to let him go makes sense. Boro wanted him to gain experience at left back but he proved himself to be rotten at defending. Decent going forward but we definitely have a better option now in Hammill
  8. Doakes

    RIP Morton - Mike Ashley in the mix

    His pleasure in other peoples leisure
  9. Doakes


    Great news, thought he would be out for longer
  10. Former Rangers chief Derek Llambias and Graham Carr close in on potential Morton takeover alongside Easdale brothers Carr is the father of chat show host Alan and joined Mike Ashley's right-hand man as they were given a tour of Cappielow alongside James and Sandy. Llambias with the Easdale brothers (Image: SNS Group) Easdale brothers James and Sandy have reunited with Mike Ashley’s right-hand man Derek Llambias and the father of chat show host Alan Carr as they close in on a potential takeover of Morton. Record Sport can reveal former Rangers chief executive Llambias – run out of Ibrox along with the Easdales by Dave King’s boardroom coup more than three years ago – has been back in Scotland this week for a tour of the club’s Cappielow Stadium. He was accompanied on the visit by former Newcastle chief scout Graham Carr – a 73-year-old entrusted by Ashley to oversee player recruitment at St James’ Park between 2010 and 2017 and whose son is the host of TV show Chatty Man. The Easdales last night confirmed they were shown around the ground on Monday, meeting with boss Jonatan Johansson and chief executive Warren Hawke. Graham with son Alan The Easdale brothers Family spokesman Jack Irvine said: “Yes, they got the grand tour and met the CEO and manager. And yes, Carr, Llambias and the Easdales are close to Ashley. “They believe Morton has potential with serious investment. It would not be sold for £1.” The move comes as Morton chairman Crawford Rae is believed to be considering selling the family stake after the death of his dad Douglas, who stepped in to save Ton from financial oblivion in 2001. Derek Llambias is in the mix The Easdales are believed to be muscling into pole position, with the help of two of Ashley’s allies Llambias and Carr. In a bizarre twist, it’s claimed Carr may also be engineering a transfer to an unspecified English club for Alexander Easdale, son of Sandy, even though he’s yet to play for Ton.
  11. Doakes

    Scotland Football Club

    Who would you prefer? Griffiths dropping out leaves you with J Russell (MLS), Naismith (old, Hearts), Matt Phillips? (WBA, second touch is a tackle), McBurnie (Barnsley) We've not exactly got an abundance of top level strikers...
  12. Doakes

    Scotland Football Club

    I'd like to see Harper get a shot, keep seeing highlights of him on twitter, looks strong and direct. Maybe even Mallan. Maybe I'm just biased but he's looked in great form for Hibs I'd like to see us go for pace on each wing - McGinn & Cairney holding with Morgan McGregor and Forrest attacking. Griffiths/Harper Morgan McGregor Forrest McGinn Cairney
  13. Doakes

    Scotland Football Club

    I'll guess 1-1 Ryan Fraser and Griffiths both out. Should be calling up Morgan and Patterson
  14. Insist that any money we get for players is transferred to us in Bitcoin. Once the value skyrockets, cash out