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  1. Met her once in Paisley town centre before a game, right outside the banky, she held a St Mirren scarf for a photo always seemed alright tbf Think she has allowed herself to be dragged into the "woke" debates a bit much in recent years Should always reserve the right to say "I appreciate the question, but today we're talking about ferries/roads etc" rather than getting dragged into debates that only impact on a minority Can't say that I'm overly upset, no closer to independence and some fresh ideas and a new perspective might be a good thing
  2. they've just lifted the figures from football manager pinch of salt
  3. Fill in the corners, add a roof and call it the Feegie Dome
  4. We should be having a look at Simon Murray from Queens Park. 15 goals in 21, 7 assists also. Not sure if we can afford him but if we get some budget might be the solution we need
  5. Genuinely not that worried If this was a court case, everything posted so far would be shrugged off as "objection, hearsay" I recently visited Kibble through work. Without going into specifics of a business relationship, they were thorough on due diligence, professional and pleasant to work with Not sure why a long-established organisation would jeopardise their reputation to mess with a local football club If the annual accounts cause alarm, I'll be out with the pitchforks like the rest of us. Until then, bit of a non-issue If our good form continues, I have no doubt that we'll be in a great financial position, and we'll look back on this thread as nonsense
  6. This game gives me the absolute fear, we've got a terrible record at Ibrox and they will smell the opportunity to give us a doing and get one over celtic
  7. On the flip side, if we've signed these players and we're within our budget, it's been a f**king brilliant use of the budget available
  8. Not saying this is the reason, but if the club wants to go in a certain direction but the current staff don't fit that model, perhaps a decision was made to change it up? Results on the park have been good, perhaps the manager wants to change the youth structure to match his philosophy? Without reasons being given by the club, that's just a theory - but that would be how any well run business would look at it
  9. The youth academy fairly recently achieved elite status, (previously classed as "progressive"), so I'm sceptical of anyone who suggests the club would put that status in jeopardy About Us (stmirren.com)
  10. You can't leave us hanging like that. Who's next to go? Is it individual(s) that are responsible? Or a collective group? Can you tell us where you're getting the info?
  11. Outdoor pitch and robots with laser guns to stop the vandals
  12. Apparently Che Adams will be fine to play
  13. Surely best to invest in a good quality outdoor facility rather than needing a roof on it. First strong winds and a shelter like that is gone
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