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  1. Not sure if we’ll ever learn the full truth but there is definitely something weird going on behind the scenes... Robert Grieve is always bang on with St Mirren stuff and I’m sure he is in touch with GLS, so it’s a pretty safe bet that his info is close to the truth His tweets; I like Oran Kearney but spare me this notion he’s been hard-done-to by anyone at St Mirren. Gordon Scott, Tony Fitzpatrick and Gus MacPherson have done nothing but back him as manager. then replied to someone; I’m not blaming supporters for anything, Marky. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But as far as I’m concerned the demands asked of OK aren’t unreasonable. and his article; ORAN KEARNEY’S nine-month St Mirren reign is set to end today. SunSport understands lawyers from both sides will meet to thrash out a settlement deal this morning. Reading between the lines - I’d guess that Gordon wanted OK to commit himself to the task at hand. OK obviously not confident in his job security so wants the best of both worlds, with his life back home to fall back on. Not sure who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong, but seems like Kearney is now gone and lawyers are involved to thrash out a settlement - so it will be a case of moving on to our new manager in the coming weeks.
  2. Can’t wait to hear this was all an elaborate wind up, 2 get signings announced at once
  3. I heard that Gordon Scott is actually a shape shifting lizard
  4. Rumour I’ve heard Oran and GLS haven't always seen eye to eye They had a meeting, words were exchanged Oran felt he wasn’t getting enough backing from the club Seems like he is gone now so we’ll be looking for a new manager
  5. BBC reporting it too Club need to nip this in the bud
  6. Tremendous book. Should be compulsory in schools (it’s not, for obvious reasons)
  7. Cody Cooke was one of our most popular players at the end of the season Josh Heaton makes sly digs at the club despite still being an employee Easy to see who’s going to have the better career...
  8. It’s all geopolitics, always has been, always will be. War is good for business... Now would be a good time to get on a trading app and lump on to arms companies. War, or even the threat of war, is also enough to make the gullible population believe that we actually need a government to protect us. In reality, most things can be / are run privately, without much need for government influence. The only thing they really do is select where money is allocated and arrange for your bins to be collected. A full government shut down could happen (like it did in America recently over Trump’s wall) and we could probably get on reasonably if we all made the effort as a population.
  9. As far as I know everyone is on holiday until the 24th?
  10. This thread took a bit of a dark turn oaksoft likes nipple clamps i like the kits
  11. Isn't the thread title - "Who should we be looking to sign?" I have no idea if Kearney would fancy those players, but I'd say that's the level we should be looking at. (as well as guys from Eastern Europe like Popescu/Hladky) Who would you like us to sign?
  12. He is the type of player that could make an impact if we could tempt him to Paisley IMO. Grew up in Irvine...
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