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  1. Xtreme codes got taken down so likely to be that way for a while sadly
  2. Maybe we'll see Djorkaeff at some point today
  3. Point is a point Think if you look at our management / coaching staff Goodwin - strong defensive knowledge Langfield - strong goalkeeping/defensive knowledge Lee Sharp - defensive knowledge Could really benefit from doing a few sessions with a proper attacking coach! We're not losing many goals, just not managing to break teams down
  4. Tried to watch a bit of that "debate" last night Boris trying to speak and all you could hear was opponents drowning him out. It was like one of those weird videos you see from America where protesters decide someones speech should be "shut down" / "cancelled" Embarrassing that these c*nts have actually been elected to represent us. You get better debates on here
  5. I will try one on Saturday and report back
  6. Expecting a good turnout, sold a lot of tickets, so it should be a fun event for those who enjoy a bit of fun
  7. Pre match event in Rock’n’rollas, all welcome. £5 ticket gets you a free drink and entry to the raffle Dj’s, the drum and Saints songs, should be good fun. Send me a pm if you want sorted with a ticket
  8. I'd agree with that, I prefer the 4-2-3-1 however would like to see Magennis play in the 2 , I feel like Magennis and Foley would dominate a midfield battle. Maybe play Flynn further forward, great player but sometimes gets bullied against more physical teams
  9. Thought this was worthy of a debate. Does anyone else agree that Kyle Magennis has been somewhat wasted by playing out wide so far this season? No question for me that his best position is in the middle of the park as a centre mid...
  10. Clearest evidence yet that the stretchy one is shull
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