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  1. Says the guy that’s about 22 stone Chancing bastard
  2. Good point, never thought of it like that. Closing gyms probably a good shout. Was in Rimini last summer and they had a lot of outdoor gyms, they also sweat like f**k and touch each other a lot more than we do while talking - could explain why transmission is so high in that region?
  3. that's rather worrying
  4. Bet Nicola Sturgeon is feeling a bit awkward right now
  5. Usually we disagree on a lot but I think you've got a point Shull. Not saying that the virus itself is a conspiracy, but the "solution" to the "problem" is often detrimental to the public, vs. those in positions of power. I do think that this will lead to a drive towards a cashless society - perhaps even a universal basic income. Also noticed that some governments are looking at installing thermal CCTV systems that can measure body temperature - coupled with legislation allowing them to arrest people "showing symptoms". Would be very easy to profile your location & communication history via your mobile phone, along with this potentially increased amount of biometric data that they would have access to.
  6. For sure. Those who blatantly ignore advice and brag about their social life in spite of our current predicament are for the watching No surprise that the end of the Spanish flu brought about the renaissance and the age of discovery. Perhaps we'll follow a similar pattern if we can all get through this - people realising that there is more to life than working a 9-5 that you hate https://mymodernmet.com/spanish-flu-pandemic-coronavirus/
  7. Yeah I've found I've been a lot more energised and focused, particularly in work. Lost out on my holiday to Santorini & Rome which I'm a bit gutted about, but gained a promotion in work and I've networked with people I wouldn't usually network with (especially those at higher work levels than my own) - in that respect there's been a few positives. As much as it's horrible and very challenging, I feel its a good opportunity to self reflect and work on yourself, and also to find your own way of navigating things. I'm the type that enjoys a challenge, so in all honesty its probably not the worst situation to find myself in. All about choosing your state and whether you allow fear to take over - or just decide to get on with things. That's the way I'm looking at it. Like you say, that could change a few months down the line.... I think in a weird way I think this situation is showing what kind of people you interact with on a daily basis, especially the ones in your closest circle. It's easy to identify who is more interested in the "ME", (self-absorbed types) and who is more interested in the "WE" (the ones who have each others backs, try to work with others to get through it)
  8. Not really a film, but if anyone's looking for content - try watching Yes Theory on Youtube. Some of their stuff is really entertaining
  9. Mindhunter on Netflix is absolutely class Ozark also
  10. Yeah my holiday booked for start of May, nae chance of that happening
  11. My daily routine has completely changed Usual weekday Train to work early - now running at a very reduced service, weird atmosphere - folk scared to press the button to open the door etc Gym - now closed, so I'm unable to train other than jogging, going to try and develop a way to train outdoors but not sure how I'll do this yet Work - I work in an office for an insurance company so it's mostly empty, a lot of people off. Our department is ridiculously understaffed - was meant to be starting a new role (passed the interview) before all of this kicked off. Had to stay in my previous role longer than I would have liked, and still on the same wage, should really be much higher but not yet got a start date. Train home - same applies Usually I'd find a way to socialise with mates here and there, especially at the weekend, been spending a lot more time with the girlfriend, contrary to most of the memes, we've been getting on great so it's actually been brilliant in that respect! Mates and I have started having "video conferences" - basically chatting on webcam between a group of us which is a decent laugh, but it's not the same as going to the pub. Hoping things will start to improve sooner rather than later
  12. I'd find it too difficult to cut any songs out of "definitely maybe" , I'll just take that instead 1."Rock 'n' Roll Star" 2."Shakermaker" 3."Live Forever" 4."Up in the Sky" 5."Columbia" 6."Supersonic" 7."Bring It on Down" 8."Cigarettes & Alcohol" 9."Digsy's Dinner" 10."Slide Away" 11."Married with Children"
  13. A couple of guys on our bus got a limo back from Dunfermline after they missed the bus home arrived at the Bankhouse hours later to a big cheer. Shudder to think how much it cost them
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