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  1. You could argue that there’s more value to locals in having wide open green spaces, rather than decrepit run down shopping centres. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world and Paisley is fast becoming a bit of a culture hub. Like it or loathe it, Braehead and Silverburn is the best type of place for shops
  2. Excuse my horrendous annotation, but bulldozing the existing Piazza building and all the shit that comes with it would open up the river to the high street and county square. You could have a nice grass area for concerts etc, assuming we get rid of covid!
  3. Pretty sure I did this daily over the course of 2 weeks when I was around 19/20 on holiday in magaluf Of course I wasn’t actually sober, but felt more sober than drunk those were the days
  4. Rules that only come to light if your fixture isn’t fulfilled. Meaning squad size is a very important factor.
  5. Other clubs fans who are laughing at St Mirren and Kilmarnock should really be cautious. If the 40k fine and points deduction becomes the standard for having a game called off then this winter will be a shitstorm. In more ways than one
  6. Only the SPFL could turn a pandemic into a disciplinary issue. They should be assisting clubs during a difficult time, not turning it into a grassing contest with eye watering fines if you get caught. That said, the club have been truly truly negligent - they knew the rules, and blatantly ignored them. The full transcript is a difficult read. St Mirren FC can’t seriously put out statements saying we’ve done nothing wrong and call for fans to be back in the stadium whilst they know this shite is going on in the background... Add that to financial irregularities, the Magennis exit farce and a complete lack of transparency about who is actually running the club. All things considered, I’m pretty pissed off at the way our club is being run at the moment.
  7. Why blank out only one name and address but leave the rest in? Must be bored if we’re bringing up old rammys Might start a Northbank ultras are wee arseholes thread to liven this place up a bit
  8. Biggest change I’ve noticed is the communication from the club. Big change to the style of the communication, the way things are worded. Every tweet seems much more scripted, the official account is no longer replying to fans or attempting to bring in humour. Communication seems much more guarded - perhaps trying to be more professional? there’s been a definite change in social media and communication
  9. What a list You forgot the chairman arguing with a supporter using the clubs official Facebook account
  10. Worrying that the clubs first motivation in that statement was to protect their own arse. Surely they know that Kyle’s family are all on Twitter and would very quickly reveal the truth? Mental. As Oaksoft says, some video highlights and a thank you would have been fine. When is the next chairman’s update? Do we still have a chairman?
  11. I've been trying my best to put my trust in the government and NHS, but there's a load of stories you hear that raise eyebrows. A local lads 92 year old grandfather (family of buddies) recently got sent to the RAH for a fracture after a falling during the night. He also suffers from respiratory problems. Upon arrival at the hospital, the nurses insisted that he might have covid as he has some of the symptoms - however, he was tested and came up negative. Despite this negative test, he was moved to the red covid ward. His family got in touch with the hospital but they are not allowed to see him for at least 2 weeks, due to the fact he is in that ward. He is to be tested again in 4 days time to make sure he is still negative. Not sure if it's just incompetence, a lack of available beds, or something more sinister - but the way this man has been treated is wrong and is putting him at severe risk. All he went in for was a fracture
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