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  1. Baccus and Mandron doubtful for tonight - late fitness tests
  2. Something like that Bhoys wear all black, they had a scrap with each other once upon a time but I think they are more or less aligned these days
  3. Yep, but they sit at the other end Think we can expect some form of protest from their fans tonight, a quick look at social media shows that they are a bit divided over it Suspect Rodgers might rotate a few players too with how many games they've played recently Tough game as always but we may as well have a go
  4. Delighted to read this. Sitting 3rd in the league Finances looking better AW has decided to relax All is well! 😎 Now of course in true St Mirren fashion, WWIII will break out and our good season will be made null and void
  5. We'll have to agree to disagree on that. Largest St Mirren fan forum outside of Facebook. I strongly oppose the actions of the Israeli government, but to label Israeli's as "scum Israeli cnuts" when we have an Israeli player who's close friend died due to the actions of Hamas (who's actions I also strongly oppose) - is a very bad look and should be moderated - imo.
  6. I just think a St Mirren forum allowing thread title references to "Israeli scum" or "Hamas/Palestinian scum" is an extremely bad look on the club and its supporters It's something you would expect to see on either side of the OF, but not on here Regardless of political leanings or which side you believe is in the right/wrong - it's all a bit horrible
  7. I like Wim Hof Cold showers are class
  8. Referring to other humans as "scum" was enough to get the singing section a ban several years ago - and that was a light hearted joke about folk fae Greenock In this far more serious context - I'd suggest changing the thread title or deleting this thread. A bit embarrassing to have on a St Mirren forum Hitler de-humanised the Jews using similar language
  9. The only flag we should be flying is one that promotes a peaceful resolution Taking sides on this is like throwing petrol on a fire
  10. From BBC The Israeli military says hundreds of thousands of troops are near the Gaza border "ready to execute the mission we have been given" Israel is expected to launch a ground offensive on the Gaza Strip soon - it says the mission is to "make sure Hamas won't have any military capabilities" The death toll in Israel has reached 1,200 - while more than 900 people have been killed by Israeli air strikes on Gaza The head of the Palestinian Energy Authority says Gaza's only power station will run out of fuel today Earlier this week, Israel announced a "siege" of Gaza - cutting its supplies of electricity, fuel, and water Details of a massacre in an Israeli village have emerged - with an Israeli general speaking of babies killed in their bedrooms Israeli soldiers also told BBC International Editor Jeremy Bowen that some of the dead in the village had been beheaded Can't see Biden having much influence to halt anything, guy can't string a sentence together. The world is in a dangerous place right now
  11. Difficult to put into words how depressing this is I noticed on instagram that one of Stav Nahmani's best mates girlfriend was killed - if you're Stav - you're thinking that your homeland is under attack by terrorists who are willing to murder, rape and kidnap innocent people at a concert If you're a Palestinian, your homeland has been turned into an open air prison that is currently being flattened by Israel By applying empathy, you can easily make a case for both sides to be absolutely f**king seething inside There is no obvious route to peace and that is extremely concerning
  12. Name the good guys, name the wanks
  13. All Scottish refs are shite, Walsh is no exception
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