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  1. Doakes

    New Revenue Streams

    What would our capacity be with all 4 corners filled in? 11,000 or so?
  2. Doakes

    New Revenue Streams

    Not a bad idea if both clubs could chip in for the hybrid turf like at Murrayfield
  3. Doakes

    Video Converter

    try this https://www.videohelp.com/software/SolveigMM-Video-Splitter
  4. We could play the worlds best formation and still lose For Livi they have players like Halkett who could easily walk into the first 11 of some top teams
  5. Haha, true enough. Only criticism so far would be picking Edwards
  6. Oran is getting his tactics right, just doesn't have the players to implement a game plan
  7. Doakes

    Jai Quitongo

    It's becoming noticeably more common for footballers to be accused of various types of assault. Always liked the guy as a player, can't imagine him doing something like that, got to trust the police to get to the bottom of it. Not saying he's innocent or guilty, but there have been cases where people have tried to get their partner into trouble, especially when they have a bit of a public profile. Innocent until proven guilty
  8. Doakes

    Motivation Required

    On a serious note Wasn't there a witch that put a curse on Paisley using a horseshoe? Rumour has it that moving the horseshoe would eternally curse Paisley. Pretty sure it was removed, not sure if it was ever put back... edit: here it is https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/were-doomedso-says-ancient-witches-11120855
  9. Doakes

    Motivation Required

    Close, but no cigar
  10. Doakes

    Motivation Required

    No I didn’t..
  11. Heaton and Cooke won't leave. Heaton contracted until 2021, Cooke until 2020. Got a cracking big flat in Glasgow and seem to enjoy the nightlife
  12. Doakes

    the midfield

    McGinn needs someone next to him to do the dirty stuff, he always plays better with Magennis next to him. Need to get rid of deadwood and dare I say it, bring in a centre mid. I fear we've got too many to offload though so not sure how practical this would be.
  13. Doakes

    60% of Britons believe conspiracy theories. .

    In fairness, there are conspiracy theories that 100% turned out to be true. Accepting an “official” story of events without question is very naive, especially when there’s profit involved. MK ultra - 100% true Operation Northwoods - 100% true PRISM/mass surveillance of population - 100% true Best to keep an open mind.
  14. I'd be tempted to go 3 at the back with Jones and Baird, Anton as almost a sweeper role. Means we could have attacking full backs joining in when we go forward without being too exposed at the back. Noticed a few times against Hibs that we got left with only the 2 defenders sitting deep
  15. Think we really need to have a gameplan for this one. We know exactly how Livi are going to play, we know where the danger will come from. Question is, how to stop it? I'd say we need to control the midfield, not give away anything stupid and stop getting needless yellow cards. Our yellow card record this season is shocking