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  1. Sherlock Holmes is alive, well, barely, and having a wee episode again.
  2. Oh my goodness, a snowflake right enough.
  3. Nice response and not descending into abuse. This thread looks like a cry for help, pointless, unless the original poster is looking for some attention?
  4. You've not to be quoted, ooops.
  5. You've been demoralised, seemingly.
  6. That would only be £184, bargain, and double protection.
  7. Couldn't have been me, not on the Sabbath. 😉
  8. Anyhow, I hope the Scotland manager has learned from the last couple of games that his formation in defence left us wide open. We need to win this game against Israel, although it'll probably be Norway next, that fills me with fear although by the time that game came round I'd have some hope as usual. Roll on next Thursday.
  9. Students are the headline news item right now, haven't you noticed? Where did I say mental health isn't a real problem? This is a common tactic from you, you change the direction of a sentence to divert from the point of the post. Back to counting toilet rolls for you. You're having a nightmare. You try to be smart, and fail, when I point out the obvious from somebody else's post? Dear oh dear. PS Medical experts have made enough blunders throughout this mess, best to leave them alone, they're crying in their darkened rooms right now.
  10. Another who doesn't really care that we'd be playing against diddy teams, unable to attract decent players, well, more than now, and yeah, we would budget, but it's more than that. Our best chance of winning a national trophy is if we're in the top league, bringing in more money and having a better opportunity to sign better players, don't you understand that? EVERY team "gambles" as you put it, that's called football. As for me, what I win, and it's been considerable over the last year or so, is none of your business. It's not just people who gamble that are mugs.
  11. If I can't remember it didn't happen.
  12. Overall I agree but the main difference with the 3 other killers is they are not transferred from one person to another. Covid should be much easier to eradicate, as other countries seem to have managed.
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