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  1. I'll take that offer, he's a fud, I'm much funnier.
  2. I'm looking at the Aberdeen game ra morra, Hibs could be in with a shout tonight. 11/1 for that result. Morleos out is a bonus for Hibs right enough.
  3. If I give you all my likes Bazil will have a meltdown.
  4. There is proof. You wouldn't went me to publish private messages would you? Never done, that never will. PS Someone has already posted today they didn't agree with it, do keep up.
  5. Who, where? I barely scan this utter twaddle, can't see it.
  6. Well, a great 3 points against Hamilton (TBH ANY points right now are great) and next up another team many think are worse than us. Another tough game.
  7. Why is this thread still going..................................oh, sorry, just noticed.
  8. 2 points I never seen coming so, 5 games remain, it's as important St Johnstone & Hamilton DON'T pick up any either although Hearts are not making that move most people thought they would.
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