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  1. The lack of a leader struck me as I watched most of the game against Hearts. No one seemed capable or willing to take responsibility and push us on. Could be a lack of confidence, who knows but we need a win, a draw isn't enough, on Saturday. Night night all, beddy baws.
  2. I think you are having hallucinations, none is the correct answer. ha ha
  3. How many interesting St MIrren related threads have you started, big ears? ha ha
  4. If he's injured surely ha can't play? Has he the longest injury ever in the history of football?
  5. You're dead right there, it's crap we're looking at the 9th game of the season as such an important game to survive. I dread to think what could happen if we lose, with two games after this game that we'll be lucky to get a sniff never mind any points.
  6. I've had a couple of PM's that indicate you have to be led very slowly through posts, let me try again.............. You asked who he was, he has a username, what else do YOU really need to know, the size of his penis? It's none of your business who he is, alias or not. You, and here's where your infamy for being rather simple is showing, also asked why people would grass and I posted another members posts which I thought was quite obvious, obviously not to you. Thanks for the time, I won't be playing with you anymore as it only serves to boost your fragile ego.
  7. It says almost 8,500 mate. ha ha Wonder how many are legit and are still actively using the forum?
  8. Pardon me for stating the obvious but what do you think the above post suggests? As for who he is, he has a username, what more do you want, his birth certificate? ha ha
  9. I'm not getting into anything with you, there's enough people who have you sussed as a simple soul. Really, there's plenty of help out there now, no need to be an idiot all your life. ha ha
  10. Just back from the pub, orange juice, working later, and was well pleased with the result. Sure San Marino are poor but we done a professional job on them, especially in the conditions. I'm not getting into the Shankland for St Mirren debate but to me he was superb tonight. Good touch, not overly selfish and got a goal his play deserved. As the post above says, great free kick and reward for a player that's keen enough to travel from America to be sub. Todays game, and the next two, are all about building confidence for the play off games. Cannot ask more from today.
  11. I've done a bit of looking back, ha ha, and it seems there's a drop in the regular match day threads. I'm sure there's people better placed than me to suggest the possible reasons, age of members, mainly oldies ha ha, lack of moderation, no new ideas in this day of instant commutation. Hi ho, off to work we go.
  12. Unless you let the power that rules know your opinion there will be no change. Anyhow, back to work, lunch break over.
  13. Hi there, fairly new, interested to know who, in your opinion, these posters are? If you say me I'll run away and cry. ha ha
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