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  1. I completed the survey If you can call it that It’s structured in such a way basically to keep 2 Glasgow teams in 2 stands I strongly believe this is effectively lip service and decisions have been made
  2. Agreed oddly enough. I’d rather just get an announcement that a player has signed as opposed to the pish spouted on here ( including me ) [emoji2]
  3. Started watching it last week - only on episode 4 Quite enjoying it
  4. Indeed, I watched Sunderland getting promoted Quite enjoyed it
  5. You really do enjoy a Sevco win [emoji2]
  6. When you consider it’s our national stadium plus 40% superb Goal coming soon I think
  7. Also looking at the stadium, shows Hampden is looking outdated
  8. I’m quite enjoying it whoever scores next will win I think
  9. Good run from half way line but keeper reacts really late
  10. They’ll be rolling out that excuse after the game [emoji2]
  11. I think the fixtures over the weekend will go - City & Liverpool both win City champions Burnley and Leeds draw Leeds relegated Sunderland promoted Heart win Scottish cup
  12. We do in our family Always will
  13. I haven’t read any stories, but seen plenty of headlines It’s happening in England between fans/players/managers 3 stadiums this week alone Mental [emoji15]
  14. A quick Google found multiple reports
  15. There was violence before and after the game in Seville and violence between themselves in Glasgow
  16. So, Sharp headbutted , Viera kicking a fan to the ground last night, Swindon players fighting with Port Vale fans - Sevco fans fighting themselves the other night Jeezo, violence everywhere
  17. Aye, no messing around, caught , charged, jailed. Seen McBurnie allegedly giving a guy a kicking at the same time Defies logic
  18. I was driving earlier today in outskirts of Leeds. Here’s a good deal on season tickets Wasn’t aware that Mark Hughes was their gaffer. I think they average 13,000 ish Decent prices can entice a few extra
  19. I had a wonderful feeling, when Ramsays penalty went astray [emoji2]
  20. Certainly a wee bit of drama at the end Massive club, be good to see them in top flight
  21. Ach well [emoji1787] Night night [emoji2]
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