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  1. It definitely wasn’t a bad performance on Sunday A couple of errors allowed the turn around We put in a decent shift, for me that definitely makes a defeat easier to take I refrained from tweeting about it though.. Anyway, Score draw tomorrow
  2. I quite liked Walter to be fair. Can’t deny he was a good manager and good guy. Was a bit taken aback when I heard this sad news One of the few that earned respect R.I.P
  3. Astonishing that this can happen inside the perimeter fence Stewards , Police , Fans around and this happens ?
  4. For a number of years, I’ve taught all my children about their ‘electronic footprint’ Naturally speaking about texts/images/social media/online posts/email etc. The ability for things to be screenshot / printed / copied / re-posted/tweeted is something for everyone to think about regardless of age. I wonder how many people who use social media live to regret comments now or will in the future It’s almost certain many on here have suffered a fate of an old text/comment Children should be taught this from a young age and throughout their school lives Thoughts ?
  5. Yes No doubt We can deliberate on this, but the head of any organisation simply cannot have this against their name
  6. We are currently all over the place Struggling all over the park to keep or pass the ball So, I expect the equaliser soon [emoji3]
  7. Mentality is of as much importance as ability Go out set up to play and win ? There’s a good chance We can win this I think we will however not lose 2-2 Oh and let’s hopefully use just this match thread and leave the bampots on the other
  8. WGAF ? We get it, you’ve been to some games ffs! We will be there next week, shall we post it multiple times? No , obviously. You’ve started yet again with your pish and multiple threads.
  9. I remember going to a cup game against Dumbarton in 70s on Rosebud bus, it broke down so they quickly sorted out a wee Grahams single decker ( can’t remember the score ) [emoji3]
  10. Ha, I remember it well I went to Merksworth after movie from Foxbar and it certainly was bizarre and on tv news [emoji15]
  11. He has reached 6 finals this season Winning 47 matches I don’t think anywhere near the same league as Murray, but certainly gives us someone to keep an eye on Add in Emma Radacanu , then been enjoyable recently for British Tennis
  12. Indian Wells - Cameron Norrie wins Definitely worth a mention [emoji4] 3-6,6-4,6-1 A set down initially I still miss Mr Murray on court, but it was good while it lasted he brought me and many others some fantastic memories
  13. So, you can only buy them in person from the ticket office That’s one game gone FFS It’s so difficult to spend money with the fkn Club !
  14. It’s October, we are trying to buy games for erm…. October [emoji3064] Crazy decision, poor planning, poor management for a 24/7 ticket management system as it says on the official site
  15. Can anyone please advise ? Trying to buy 5 tickets online for next two games at home. When I click on buy tickets, it says no events available Has it changed in last few weeks since we last bought ? Cheers ETA; Nothing loaded in system for October despite it being October
  16. Fricky ! Try using the thread already running for this game Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. https://footballbusinessawards.com/2021-2/
  18. Like a set of flat tyres Regularly getting pumped [emoji1]
  19. I knew after I edited that someone would suggest it [emoji1] Happy to take 6-2 [emoji1]
  20. Convincing home win Saints 3-1 Aberdeen
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