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  1. No liking for Wales I’m afraid Switzerland [emoji1237] win hopefully
  2. At Headingley they’ve put the concession stalls outside and not opened the ones in the stands to stop gathering in enclosed spaces to negate the need to close completely
  3. Oddly enough, I was there in Teeside this morning and someone mentioned it ( I thought they must be mistaken )
  4. I won’t be able to watch this live I leave home before 5:30 every weekday and generally finish work by 2:30, however I’m doing the School run between 2:45-3:15 so will see most of the first half - pause - restart , then skip half time pish and probably be around 20 minutes behind all of you watching it Need to keep off my phone so no spoilers Czechs 1-3 Scotland [emoji2528] I think we will win 1 , lose 1 , draw 1 = 4pts
  5. Seems the bullshit ‘virus’ is spreading faster than covid [emoji2]
  6. Does anyone actually still fall for ‘clickbait’?
  7. ^^ Sounds great to be honest [emoji4] You could probably pay for it by putting a few quid on my score predictions [emoji2] There is no envy or jealousy on this thread whatsoever.,,,
  8. Let’s give the guy a chance We might just suit him Welcome aboard
  9. So , just tuned in , as said already they’re not quite the whipping boys they were, however we will win Luxembourg [emoji1152] 1-3 Scotland [emoji2528]
  10. Or I’m a wee bit jealous [emoji2]
  11. Looking forward to seeing you guys post updates on your wee projects
  12. I seen that Sevco are having ‘another’ share issue with the plan to raise £6.5M to ‘Future proof the club’ [emoji2]
  13. Hopefully we’ll get the last laugh when we play them .... He definitely deserves a good boot tae the bawz !
  14. Plus side ? You can still use me for your betting tips [emoji2] Cash out ? Or to the whistle.
  15. Shocking decision from Ref again
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