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  1. https://footballbusinessawards.com/2021-2/
  2. Like a set of flat tyres Regularly getting pumped [emoji1]
  3. I knew after I edited that someone would suggest it [emoji1] Happy to take 6-2 [emoji1]
  4. Convincing home win Saints 3-1 Aberdeen
  5. What kind of bucket ? KFC bargain or ? …,
  6. https://www.skysports.com/football/story-telling/11095/12037286/sir-alex-ferguson-at-st-mirren-the-story-of-fergies-furies
  7. To confuse them First half we play displaying Digby Brown , second half we pull that off to display Skyview So when the commentators say, ‘’St Mirren really were a different team in the second half’ it bares some credence [emoji3]
  8. IF I was a mod , I’d Whiskye aw away from this thread….
  9. We struggle to sell home tickets for home fans, away is a step too far [emoji2]
  10. I’m not certain, but if he goes to a fine eatery while there, I think he’ll need to be flush. Hibs 3-1 Saints Or is my prediction pish ?
  11. If football didn’t learn much from Covid, surely it should have learned ‘Football needs fans’ ?
  12. I lived in Lexwell Road overlooking Red Rock Canyon and the Golf Course till 1979 and never heard it called ‘The Rivers’
  13. Similar situation with us Can’t get tickets, can’t get answer on phone, can’t get to stadium midweek 5 of us travelling from Leeds Look at the state of last weeks game !! 3:20 and stuck outside stadium in very long queue !! We need to purchase with confidence AND be able to gain entry prior to game starting
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