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  1. Cue £25k derisory offer to conclude in January
  2. Oh, ‘not fit’ ? Sshh otherwise we’ll sign him [emoji1]
  3. We love mandalorian in our house , new series is being filmed already Going to watch the spin off as mentioned above starting this weekend [emoji4]
  4. For 2 bottles of Irn Bru , a packet of spanish gold and a bubbly
  5. Naw, because when you turn the pages over, it says SKYVIEW [emoji1]
  6. Business as usual down here in Leeds No restrictions, pubs open etc. Just back from Scotland yesterday after 8 days in a lodge in Newton Stewart. Quiet night in for us this year Happy New Year to you and your family. Happy New Year to everyone on the forum and I genuinely hope that you all have a good year ahead.
  7. More chance of a ‘Go f**k yourselves page’ [emoji1787]
  8. At my Primary school - Amochrie in Foxbar, I don’t remember football ever being discussed it was more something with family you did. We went home and away with the Rosebud bus. I’m told my first game was a 3-0 win v Stirling Albion in the old Division two Don’t remember much about it, I remember much more about the following seasons however.vivid memories from 76/77/78 etc Nae barcodes, nae replicas strip , a lift oor the turnstiles most weeks, happy days.
  9. Just arrived in Scotland an hour ago, nice to be home often again now, didnae see Nicola at the border, so staying for a week [emoji1] Genuinely hope you all have a good Christmas and naturally hope you and your families stay well [emoji319][emoji268]
  10. Did he follow the tweet up with ‘Now, let’s BRIDGE the gap as we head to Ibrox this weekend’? [emoji1]
  11. FWIW , only 3 teams have lost fewer games than us I will put the straws away now
  12. Our family are completely St Mirren fans , yet we’ve been to several hundred Leeds United games My kids all have Leeds kits , but they always support St Mirren first and anyone who knows us ALL know about St Mirren, despite us watching Leeds also. WGAF if Jim was watching or supporting them ? Our only concern should be the job he does with Saints. Not everyone who works at any club will always support they club they work at, but will want to be good at their job therefore want that team to be successful. Shite thread
  13. London mayor is similar to Manchesters A fkn disgrace !
  14. As contradictory as it sounds, I genuinely don’t mind being old, but I definitely miss my youth Growing up in Paisley for me was a good experience I can no longer visit where I lived and went to school - I hate seeing my childhood memories of areas wiped out Living in Lexwell Rd , Foxbar was great overlooking Red Rock Canyon/ Witches Dens/ Golf Course we used to cut through to go to Elderslie baths - all unrecognisable now obviously Caledonia St number 37 where we moved still stands overlooking Fountain Gardens So, seeing all the old pictures is magic [emoji4] Grateful for everyone who posts a picture or memories Still my favourite thread, never ever ruined only ever added to [emoji4]
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