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  1. You got me thinking, I assumed brothers ? But you might be right. Lived in middle floor, used to chuck the money out the window in an empty fag packet when he asked us to go to the van for his 5 Woodbine
  2. I think he stood corner of high st/moss st the big fella [emoji4] Wee Dougie and his brother Isaac were my neighbours in Lexwell Road - often sent me to the van for 5 Woodbine They lived in 13 I lived 15 Lexwell Rd
  3. It would actually make a good thread Childhood confessions [emoji2]
  4. That’s a response from people who want to keep having votes until they get their desired result It was said, in their own words So , twice in 9 years is ok obviously, forgive me….. lets see the 2032 result as well? [emoji2]
  5. October 19th 2023 the wee yin would like another ‘once in a lifetime’ vote [emoji2]
  6. Sadly, he is trolling all over the forum like before
  7. Won’t be too long before the ‘Good signing, but….’ Brigade arrive Welcome to our club and hope he has a good season
  8. Have Scottish school holidays started yet? If so, what chances the kids getting them before they go back?
  9. Does someone introducing Fricky to the internet count ?
  10. I particularly enjoyed the ‘we are committing financial suicide’ comment Irony [emoji23][emoji2][emoji2]
  11. Biggest home defeat since Scotland beat them 5-1
  12. But, the vote was to stay in the union No amount of word spin/stat spin changes it. That’s my point, people struggle to accept democracy and democratic results
  13. Scottish people voted against independence, but those for it still won’t accept the result Similarly, the collective vote was to leave EU and remainers still won’t accept it See, the theme is , 2 results were decisive and yet the argument seems to be ‘oh,well, lets not rest until we get our way’ from those who lost the vote We having best of 3 or is 1-1 ok ?
  14. Scotland should be careful what it wishes for Wants to leave a union to join a union ? A lot of the luxuries that Scottish people enjoy will require paying for by other means The ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’ it was labelled as ? Or is it can Scotland keep voting until they leave? Less than 10 years….
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