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  1. Feeling like we might sneak a wee surprise result tomorrow Going for a home win Saints 2-1 Sevco VAR to play it’s part , Very Acrimonious Referee
  2. On loan from Exeter until the end of the season Then he will sign permanently
  3. Anyone who has in interest in this shite can get their arse over to Palestine and demonstrate there. This crap has no place in this country.
  4. Starsky and Hutch 9.25pm BBC1 Saturday night was magic [emoji4] Bits of our childhood’s are disappearing fast …. R.I.P
  5. We were at the Leeds 3-0 Birmingham game yesterday, wasn’t a great game but Birmingham were woeful Rooney will be on this thread shortly Seemed a ridiculous appointment in October when they were 6th in the Championship
  6. We were blessed to have such a great wee town growing up 70s/80s in particular
  7. Jesus Christ, shoddy is an understatement, borderline unsafe [emoji23] Never thought the cladding would be removed I guess? Cover it in Woodchip , overs a multitude of sins ( according to decorators ) [emoji3]
  8. Games room ? More like ‘Swally Alley’ [emoji3] Looks great !
  9. Clean sheet 3 points 3rd In the league What’s not to like about it?
  10. A wee bonus upon checking, all our games are 8pm kick off [emoji4]
  11. Scott McTominay Worthy of a wee mention Having a fantastic season
  12. I’m hopeful that we will return to winning ways. Still a good season so far, now a test of character to steady things. Playing poorly and being 4th ? Certainly not the worst position we have been in over the festive period Saints 3-0 County
  13. I’m not sure when they’ll get their nailed on penalty….or two Sevco 3-0 Saints
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