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  1. Oddly enough, they haven’t been moved away , the police are ‘monitoring the situation’ as they have been for over 2 hours ffs ! No COVID restrictions in Glasgow apparently
  2. I wasn’t aware yellow cards could be appealed [emoji15]
  3. Since when can a yellow card be appealed ? Morelos yellow rescinded [emoji15]
  4. ‘Look Nicola, during this week you’re giving evidence against me, do you not think we should await the outcome before you sneak into bed with me’
  5. Cheers, I honestly haven’t read/watched this story, however It was on the news banner all yesterday. I wasn’t sure if her job is genuinely at risk.
  6. Incidentally, will Scotlands first minister be keeping her job ? I’ve genuinely not followed this story. So just wondering is her job at risk of this enquiry ?
  7. I hope when it’s time for us all to contribute to paying it back, people’s accept this is an acceptable necessity. Covid-19 isn’t free, it comes with huge personal cost to families & loved ones and of course sadly all that have died linked to Covid-19. I will have no complaint when we are presented with our share of the bill.
  8. That’s my uncle on the left and cousin on the right.
  9. I think we are definitely capable and upsetting them, but we will have to play well just for a draw based on their form. But you know what, somebody will beat them in the league this season, might as well be us [emoji16] Saints 2-1 Sevco
  10. County are capable of getting results as we have seen (beating Celtic twice this season). We definitely have what it takes to beat anyone in the league depending on formation as much as anything. 3-5-2 this weekend, play to win Saints 2-0 Ross County
  11. Overall, despite a disappointing performance, it’s a nice change to have something positive to play for. Only had radio commentary tonight but I’ve quite enjoyed the season. If we can draw 4 in a row but still be in top six despite below par games? Personally I’ll take it.
  12. I’m a wee bit more reserved with my predictions [emoji3] Roll on Saturday, convincing home win. [emoji6]
  13. I reset it , also disconnected it from wifi says connection very good to wifi , open app and error screen with 4 options Will try again half time
  14. Bottom of Moss St just before the bridge. The cars look stunning, always really enjoy seeing old cars.
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