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  1. Aye. If McQueen and McGrain had been fit, Argentina might have been an altogether different experience.
  2. I think we’re f**ked now for top 6. I fancy St. Johnstone to win their 3 remaining games, meaning we need at least 6 points and hope our goal difference doesn’t take a doing against Rangers or that St. Johnstone rack up too many goals with their victories. on current form I can’t see us beating County or Accies. Two more draws on the way there I fear.
  3. I’ve come to a conclusion tonight that to be honest was probably pretty obvious. That’s us now drawn 4 times on the bounce with teams that look pretty shite. This unfortunately suggests we must be pretty shite too.
  4. I think I’m going to have to start just switching games off when Erwin comes on. It’s no good for my blood pressure having to watch how utter shite he is.
  5. The other wee guy that does our commentary is fine. It’s just this muppet tonight that’s shite.
  6. It’s like Groundhog Day. 99.9% of deliveries into the box being utter dogshite. That one from McGrath just before being an exception to the rule.
  7. Motherwell look like a team that are determined not to get battered again like they did on Saturday.
  8. Hmmm. I certainly don’t think McGrath will be risked until after the split. Quaner is a bit more of an unknown, but if he’s literally just started back training I’d imagine it would be Saturday at the absolute earliest before he features.
  9. Totally take your point FS, but I think we lack it in spades, comparatively speaking in relation to other teams and in relation to our efficiency in other aspects of the game.
  10. Without wishing to state the obvious, we are sitting where we are this season because we have improved in almost every aspect of the game. For me the one missing component is that crucial bit of creativity/composure/efficiency (call it what you will) required in the final third. If we can find/add that, we could be a really decent side. It’s criminal how much good work we undo due to that missing ingredient.
  11. I’ve never gone for Sky Q because I’ve been told it can’t replicate our current set up. We currently have 3 boxes, one in the living room, one in our bedroom and one in the Den upstairs. Our telly in the kitchen has a magic eye from the box in the living room, and the guest bedroom has a magic eye from the box in the Den. So we basically have 5 Sky enabled tellies in the house. I’m told Sky Q can’t replicate that. Maximum of 3 boxes and magic eyes don’t work with it.
  12. Our next two games are potentially massive. If we were to win both, St. Johnstone would need to win all three of their remaining games while we would need to lose our two remaining games. Also if Dundee Utd failed to beat Killie on Saturday they’d be out of it. IF
  13. How many of our players would, realistically, be taking holidays in Dubai? And it's not just the holiday, it's the weather you come back to. It would also change the markets you would look at for players to mainly those who also play summer football as less players are available in winter. I'm not saying the problems are insurmountable, just that summer football is not a magic cure, it brings its own problems. Unless I’m very much mistaken, oor Cookie has whooshed you big time there 🤣
  14. https://twitter.com/DB___67/status/1363584864075853826?s=20
  15. It really is quite simple oaky. It’s because of this....
  16. The only thing that it should make you suspect is that some people share a different view to you, share different standards to you, or potentially may even understand the game of football a bit better than you. Either of these will work for me.
  17. Erwin’s contribution when he came on consisted of the following. losing possession, giving away free kick, geverally adding zero threat whatsoever and accidentally nodding the ball on perfectly for McAllister after being pushed, causing his header to go in a different direction than it would’ve if he hadn’t been pushed. The guy is absolute garbage and should be nowhere near a St. Mirren jersey.
  18. So so frustrating. For the second time this week our lack of quality in the final third costs us the 2 extra points. Sick of creating so many great openings through great play in the middle of the park, only for a lack of composure or just downright shiteness to lead to things breaking down 90% of the time. To be honest it’s been prevalent throughout the season. I honestly believe if we were even half as poor in the final third we could’ve had a very very special season. Final thought for the day..... Please, please, please, please, please, please, please get Erwin to f**k.
  19. We are f**kin masters at turning promising attacking situations into desperate defending situations thru one horrendous pass.
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